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Episode Guide


Episode 1 - first screened 7th July 2002

Written by: ED McCARDIE
Produced by: SVEN ARMSTEN

Recall looks out of his bedroom window, staring into space as Elaine calls him.  She talks to him about the country pub they are planning to run and asks him if he will miss being a firefighter.  We cut to the Watch speeding through Blackwall to a shout.  New-boy Frank asks Pearce if the police are on scene, Pearce radioes Station Officer Mick Callaghan who replies negative.  Recall is on a high as they speed through the Blackwall Tunnel.  They arrive at the scene of an RTA, where a motorbike is stuck under a truck.  The crews soon get to work on the truck driver who is stuck.  The motorcyclist is pulled out quickly, but Mick finds something unusual at the quayside.  He investigates and sees a car submerged in the dock.  Frank and Mick tie lines to themselves and lower themselves into the dock.  They dive underwater to find two people trapped in the car and the doors are jammed shut.  Control contacts the pump to tell the crews that they are in contact with the couple via a mobile phone.  Recall tells Mick that their legs are trapped under the steering column.  Mick calls for BA to be lowered into the water, but Pearce protests saying regulations forbid this. "Stuff the regulations" calls back Mick and he dives back under to help Frank.

The car jolts downwards, with the tide running out fast. Recall suggests using a hose as a snorkel for the trapped couple.  Callaghan agrees and a cylinder is attached to one end of the hose.  Frank and Mick dive under again as Recall is lowered in with the snorkel.  Recall dives under but its too much and Adam and Charlie are told to get him out as its freezing.  A line is attached to the pump and George slowly reverses to keep the car steady.  The couple are surviving in their air pocket, but the water level is rising.  Mick manages to get the passenger out and gets him to the ladder.  Frank gives the woman driver air from the hosepipe whilst reassure her.  The car jolts again, with the woman totally submerged.  Frank gives her some air by kissing her.   Mick swims back and between them they manage to free the woman.  Suddenly a line snaps and the hose drops into the water.  The Watch look into the dock as Mick surfaces, but no sign of Frank and the driver.  Two seconds later they emerge much to the relief of the watch.  

After shift, everyone heads for the Oliver Twist for Recalls stag night.  Pearce is already being the wet blanket that he usually is!  Andie, Fiona, and Elaine are already in the pub while the Watch start their fun.  Adam is all over his new girl Maddie.  Mick tells the Watch that his wife is working late and will meet them later.  Elaine seems a bit cautious over Maddie.  Frank turns up late not wearing his "Recall All Fired Up Tour" t-shirt.  Mick comments "if he has to look like a tit so does everyone else".  Recall introduces Frank to Elaine, who is very wary of him.  The girls head off to a club, leaving the lads to enjoy the pub.  While the girls play "shag or die" the lads are busy with truth or dare.  Pearce is the one caught out and has to give Fiona's pet name for his tackle. "Mister" Geoff is forced to reply much to the amusement of the Watch.

Shauna (Mick's wife) arrives at the club with the unsurprising fireman stripper! Adam is the next one for truth and dare, with Maddie being the object of interest, but Charlie is the one with egg on his face! Shauna is the life and soul of the party, but by the time Sally arrives back at the Twist, Pearce is in a corner, Frank is being a loner and Adam and Charlie are drunk. Charlie tells Adam about his fantasising about Sally much to her disgust. Everyone tells Charlie he is out of order and he almost starts a fight with frank before Recall breaks it up.

The next morning, Recall is nursing a hangover, while Elaine worries about Adam. At Blackwall, Mick challenges Frank to a race up the tower. Pearce comments to George how they will soon be the old men of the Watch which he doesn't take kindly! At the top of the tower Mick asks Frank about his attitude and loner status. Frank says he'll try to be part of the "team". Sally and Recall are up next and race off. Pearce has a word with Mick telling him of Sally's rape last year at the hands of Bateman. Sally reaches the top first followed by Recall, but he collapses out of breath....

Adam chats to Maddie via the internet, and Elaine walks in just as she is showing him her bra! (Surely this should be before/after work....) Sally goes to see about Recall, but Mick dismisses it as Recall winding down. Sally tells him its his job to sort it out! Creepy Frank interupts Sally in the gym telling her Recall is passed it. He says he will keep Sally's secret to himself (hinting at Sally and Mick) Recall is hosing down the appliance when he spots Pearce taking some things to his car (he can drive at last!) Pearce shows him a model fire engine made out of matchsticks he was planning to give to Recall as a retirement present but thinks he wont bother. Recall is chuffed by this and thinks its very thoughtful.

The bells go off and Charlie is excited as he grabs the printout. "Both to an Adult Entertainments Shop" yells out Pearce, much to the amusement of the Watch! After the shout, Mick talks to Recall about the drill and hit fitness. Recall tells him he is fine, so Mick agrees to let him continue. Charlie is mucking about with some of the "toys" when he straps a imitation penis onto his head! Mick is not amused and tells him to respect the uniform and the livlihood of someone else. Mick then tells Sally about Recall being ok. Sally disagrees with him, and tells him she can handle Charlie's comments without his help. Mick syas he doesn't agree with Charlie about her being unattractive...

Back at the station, the Watch have a shower before leaving off. Adam tells Recall he is going to pop the question to Maddie, but Frank tells him he'll never cut it for her. Recall tells him thats a bit hard, but Frank doesn't seem to care. He says everyone has little secrets, but Recall warns him to stay clear of his family. Shauna is at the station when Mick leaves off work she tells him she has quit her job. He is shocked as they are skint before he heads off to a building site. Adam gets a lift in the pump form Charlie to outside Maddie's work. He sweeps her off her feet before getting down on bended knee to ask her to marry him. She says he must be off his head since they have only been going out 5 weeks and leaves him.

Adam arrives drunk at the restaurant where Elaine and Recall are having a meal to tell them the bad news. After almost starting a fight, he leaves. Creepy Frank finds Sally waiting at the Twist for her flatmate Debbie. He tells her that the bad thing that happened to her will never happen again (the rape), she asks him how he knows but he leaves sharpish. Recall finds Adam at Blackwall depressed at Maddie leaving him. He apologises and heads home while Recall heads down the shop. George and Andie discuss marriage, but both agree over their chips that they like being unmarried! Recall's trip down the shop finds him in the middle of an armed raid. After almost collapsing again, Recall punches one of the boys but the other grabs the gun threatening to kill Recall. Recall shows no fear and walks up to the other one, wrestling him down.

Adam arrives at Blackwall to apologise to Recall the next morning. Recall tells him he will always be there for him. As its his last day, the lads are gathered in the locker room as he arrives. He opens his locker to find a live chicken inside! Pearce does his usual Health & Safety disapproval but Mick tells him to lighten up as he is in on it. recall tells Mick he wants to withdraw his retirement but is interupted by the Watch. Elaine arrives to give Recall his wallet and to have a word. She tells him that she would be happy if he kept being a firefighter. The bells go off and he goes out of the station....

The crews arrive at a severe house fire. The crews get into action but Recall spots a child at the window and goes in without BA despite Mick's orders. He crawls through the first floor and finds a baby in its cot. He brings it out and down the ladder as an explosion rips through the first floor. He tells Mick theres another kid and gas cylinders. Mick pulls him back as Woolwich and Blue Watch rig in BA and search for the kid. Recall is given oxygen but is gasping for air as Adam brings the kid out. Adam calls out to him just as he keels over, with the Watch rushing to help him. Adam and Sally try resusitating him but it is too late, as Charlie points out he has had a heart attack....

Back at Blackwall, the Watch gather round the mess table in a sombre mood. Pearce throws his matchstick fire engine on the floor in anger. Mick says someone should call Elaine, and Sally tells him he was responsible. Elaine gets the call and is naturally upset and stunned. Mick tells the Watch to stow the appliances and one by one they reluctantly file out. Pearce steps on the matchsticks as a final gesture.


Geoffrey Pearce - MICHAEL GARNER
George Green - GLEN MURPHY
Sally Fields - HEATHER PEACE
Shauna Callaghan - LIZA WALKER
Charlotte - LUCY ALLEN
Paramedic DUAD SHAH