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All screened on ITV, see local listings for times.

The 11th series of the LWT drama London’s Burning started on Saturday 12th September at 9pm.

Episode 1 - first screened 12th September 1998

The first episode introduced three new additions to Blue Watch, Leading Firefighter Dan Barratt, Firefighter Sally Fields, and Firefighter Joe Walker. Pearce has been made up to acting Station Officer while Nick Georgiadis is acting ADO. Sicknote has also been made up to Leading Firefighter.

The episode starts with Sally Fields arriving late for duty, and before Pearce can discipline her, both appliances are called to an explosion at a sluice gate in Cannon Wharf. On arrival, they discover one man is unaccounted for, so Brad leads a team to rescue the man, who is trapped under the sluice gate with the water level rising. when they released the gate, the man is swept under the gate with Brad diving under to follow. But the action isn’t over yet, tension flares between Dan and Joe, to see who can win Sally over. Meanwhile, a huge warehouse fire at Blackwall Trading Warehouse pushes the crew to the limit and puts new kid on the block Dan Barratt under the spotlight, when he is forced to make important decisions.

Georgiadis returns as ADO to supervise the location of an important Fire exit, while Dan and Jack argue about Dan’s orders. The episode ends with the team facing an all too common sight to today’s firefighters, a huge flashover.

Episode 2 - first screened 19th September 1998

The second episode begins where the last left off, with Jack and Recall trapped. After Dan is dragged out by Joe and Sally, Sally risks her life by driving a fork-lift into the blaze to free the burning crates to free both of the trapped firefighters. Jack and Recall are rushed to Hospital, Recall sustaining light injuries while Jack has lost a lot of blood. Meanwhile Blue Watch is stood down from the scene, and Joe confronts Dan about the orders given.

While at the hospital, Sicknote goes to complain about the Hospital Radio station, and ends up becoming a DJ for the radio station, under the handle “Whispering Bert Q”! Also, Recall sets up a double date for him and Jack with a couple of nurses.

On the next duty, Dan is put under pressure again at a Chinese restaurant blaze. A mother and child are trapped in upstairs rooms, so Dan and George are tasked with going in. Both are rescued and Dan’s mind is eased. When back at the station, George finds out he has failed the fitness test that Pearce has demanded and has one month to get into shape or else face a medical.

Episode 3 - first screened 26th September 1998

The episode starts with Joe and his girlfriend Jacqui, arriving at the station whilst discussing buying a flat together. As other members of the watch arrive in the yard, they discover Pit Bull talking to reporters about recent arson attacks on the watch's ground by "The Torch".

After stand easy, some members of the watch work out in the gym with Sally taking the lead and in turn offering George help with his fitness. Upstairs, Dan offers Pearce help with the computer as they talk about settling in after Geoff convinces himself that Nick's priorities now lie elsewhere. Meanwhile a BA exercise in the yard once again causes tension between Joe and Dan. Dan then apologizes to Jack for the mistake at the trading warehouse shout.

After the exercise, Dan questions his abilities with Pearce in the BA room, whilst the others eat, but this is interupted by a shout attended by both appliances to assist police with a burglar who is stuck between two walls. As they go out of the station a mysterious car pulls up outside. On arrival at the shout, the only way to get this man out is to cut a hole in one of the houses, through the kitchen. While making up the equipment, tension flares when Dan pins Joe up against the appliance for his cheek. A mysterious onlooker enters to break up the dispute, but before too much is said, Pearce intervenes, little does he know that the onlooker is Blue Watch's new commander Acting Station Officer Chris Hammond.

After they get back to the station, Dan Joe and Pearce are summonded to the office for a repremand. Pearce is accused of not doing his job properly. The watch have a laugh about Sally's idea of a charity calender, when the new watch commander joins the rest of the watch for their meal, and his past is brought into the spotlight, although he doesn't give much away except that he was involved with the Kings Cross Underground fire.

After work, Jack and Recall go clubbing with two nurses, Dan and Geoff share a takeaway and Kelly gets a job from one of George's mates working behind the bar at a club.

On the watch's next duty, they attend a shout at the Georgetown Road church, at first appearing derelict, Pearce is sent to do a recce, and they soon discover that someone is inside. Sally and Joe are sent to the crypt to rescue the dosser, while Pearce and the others tackle the blaze. But a collapse leads to Chris withdrawing the crews, a little to late for Sally who ignores orders to withdraw and gets trapped whilst trying to rescue the dosser with her air running low. Dan, Joe and Sicknote have to clear rubble to get through to Sally and pull her clear of the church.

The episode ends with Chris coming face to face with his daughter, after she goes round to his appartment after some years apart.

Episode 4 - first screened 3rd October 1998

Chris finds out that his daughter Lisa wants to stay with him as her mother is away or so she says. George starts his fitness regime with Gracie, by leaving his car at home and jogging to work much to the amusement of the rest of the watch.

At Roll call, Chris exerts his control over Pearce, but is interupted by a shout to a man in a precarious position. After arrival, Blue Watch meet up with Clingfilm, the annoying firefighter who is in charge of Borough's Hydraulic Platform (HP). Dan is tasked to go up on the HP to get the man. When he gets up there he finds out that the man is deaf, so he tries to communicate while Clingfilm is thinking how the man got up there. Down on the ground, Joe asks Sally if she wants to go for a drink after work, but she is hesistant. A cock up by Clingfilm on the HP controls almost results in tragedy, but Dan is able to grab the deaf man and pull him to safety. After getting back down to earth, Dan confronts Clingfilm, but Pearce supports Clingfilm making Dan angry with Pearce.

After work, Jack meets up with his ex-wife, Joe, Dan, Sally and Recall go to the pub but Sally and Recall leave soon after to go to a club. Chris finds out the real reason for Lisa's appearance.

Jacqui leads Joe to look at flats but Joe has other things on his mind (Sally!). Sicknote gets a shock when his wife announces live on his Hospital radio show that she is pregnant! George and Kelly go to look at Kelly's new workplace.

Back at Blackwall, DO Chapman arrives to see Chris but talks to Dan first. Pearce finds out that dan's father was a firefighter who died at a shout.

A shout at a fire in a scout hut pulls the crew away to where a elderly woman is trapped inside. Sally moves a van parked nearby with ease after noticing it has a handbrake lock..... Pearce and Sicknote find the woman and bring her out alive. Dan has words with a group of kids nearby but Pearce interupts and scares the kids away.

On arrival back at the station, Chris has a visitor who demands money, Pearce asks the man to move on and Chris has a go at Pearce threatening him with a transfer.

Episode 5 - first screened 10th October 1998

Sicknote arrives in a happy mood to start work, making the others wondering why. Maggie persuades Recall to join a dating agency. Just as Sicknote is about to announce his news, the bells go and they are of to Millbrook Community Farm.

On arrival, some straw is alight and Joe is told to spray the straw instead of using the jet, but he disobeys Dan's orders. George and Recall rescue two ponies from a stable near the blaze. Joe has a go at Dan, but Pearce reveals all about Dan's father, which makes Dan mad as hell. While making up, they hear of two piglets missing. Pearce finds them and as he puts them back in their pen he falls over into the pigs muck! Dan gets the hose reel from the appliance and hoses him down.

Back at the station, the calendar photographer arrives and Dan has an idea of Mr January, Pearce taking a shower! Chris walks in and goes mad at Pearce and questions his discipline. Sicknote finally tells the watch about the latest member to his family, which brings shock to the watch. Recall tries to get a date with the photographer, but Chris gets in first.

Joe and Sally go the pub (again) and Joe admits his love for her. Sally admits she likes Joe but too many people would get hurt and leaves it at that. Recall goes to the dating agency to make his video and makes a complete cock up of it all! Jack meets up with his ex-wife again and gets confronted by her husband.

While working out at the station gym, Joe and Sally almost kiss but Dan walks in. Jacqui also arrives so Joe makes excuses for shouting at Dan.

A young girl sets her ex-boyfriends flat alight because he is engaged to someone else, making Blue Watch rush to the rescue, but a security gate hampers efforts to go through the front door. George goes in through a window and rescues the female occupant, the ones at the front door get the male. While on the ground someone notices a girl up on the edge of the roof. Sally rushes up to try and get her to come down and hears all about another woman coming in between the young girl and her boyfriend (sounds familiar!) Sally attaches a line to herself and just as she goes to get the girl, the girl jumps taking Sally with her. Both hang over the edge until the others get up to pull her to safety.

After hours, Jack's ex-wife visits him and they discuss running away together with their son. Recall goes on a blind date with a weird woman at the bar where Kelly works. While there the bar manager tries to touch Kelly but Recall intervenes and promises not to tell George, as long as Kelly doesn't tell George about his blind date.

Episode 6 - first screened 17th October 1998

Episode 7 - first screened 24th October 1998

Episode 8 - first screened 31st October 1998

These episodes will be reviewed after I have found the video they are on!

1998 CAST LIST: (main characters only)

FF Stewart McKensie BEN ONWUKWE

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All screen shots are Gareth Perkins. Please contact me at the above email address if you want to use them!