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THE UNOFFICIAL London's Burning Chat with Heather Peace:

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Comments by echo441 and littlemissjigglypuff

All comments are ours and are intended to brighten up your dull day, we are not being nasty to anyone
and if we have insulted those who took part in the chat, then we are sorry, its just a laugh!
This page has nothing to do with any of the LB websites!

moderator : Hello everyone and welcome to London's Burning LIVE star chat with Heather Peace. Heather is here and ready to answer your questions, so let's get started straight away.  

Well there wouldn't be any point in starting if she wasn't here would there!!!

Any serious questions will be ignored.........

tracyillow : How long have you been a professional singer?

Heather_Peace : I started singing when I was 10 years old at church, then I started singing jazz 5 years ago in Manchester.

Since I stopped being an unprofessional singer!!

is there such a thing?

webster : Who is your favourite London’s Burning character of yesteryear?

Heather_Peace : My favourite character is Sick Note on London's Burning

I don't understand the question so I'll give a stupid answer

I have only watched it since episode 1 Series 11

Jabe_Helo : Have you done any theatre work and if so what was it?

Heather_Peace : I did theatre for 3 years before getting into TV, my first TV job was Emmerdale!

well nothing you'd 've heard of!!!

Eee by gum, I was on this here farm, Emmerdale Farm

hohhil : Did you have to have any special fire training before you could start work in London’s Burning?

 Heather_Peace : I did 3 weeks training when I first joined, with the The Fire Brigade Cadets, we also did 3 overnights at Euston fire station.

They had to tell me how to dress myself does that count??

They taught me what a hose looks like

harry_nun : What has been the high point of your career so far?

Heather_Peace : The highest point of my career so far was last night! It was a benefit concert at the Astoria in London for the victims of The Admiral Duncan Bombing last year.

the top of the Ladder!!!

HaHa! Her high point has been meeting echo441...

foxer : Is the jokey atmosphere between the characters in London’s Burning the same when you are all off set?

Heather_Peace : We all go out for drinking sessions with the cast and the nature of the show is that it's an ensemble piece.

Big words - doesn't really answer the question does it??

ensemble - thats a matching clothes thing aint it?

Estelle : Hi, what was it like recording your new single, and would you ever consider leaving the show in order to pursue a singing career?

Heather_Peace : I'm a Gemini, with fingers in all pies, and everything is an adventure. Work is work!

Well lets hope she has more luck if she does!!

I too have fingers in all pies, cos I'm hungry

Looocy : Are you nervous about releasing your single tomorrow?

Heather_Peace : No I'm not nervous about my single coming out, if it doesn't do well, it's been a lot of fun and I still have a job!

Don't let the record company hear you say that

Why worry about something with hardly any publicity - thanks RCA Records

Elmo : Heather in the series you portray a girl from Leeds: Are you a true northerner?

Heather_Peace : I'm from Bradford, West Yorkshire, northern through, and through and pleased about the Bradford City result today!

For further questions for Heather please not the last line!!!

Since when has Sally been from Leeds? Its Fiona that came from Leeds!

Sanayha_Patel : Do you play any musical instruments to accompany your singing?

Heather_Peace : I play the piano and the guitar.

multi-talented then

the wobble-board, didgery-doo, Jim Alexander's hair........

Darren_Sparkes : If you could co-star with anyone in a film or series who would it be?

Heather_Peace : I would love to play in Cagney and Lacey, with Jodie Foster.

Edward Peel, Michael Garner, Connor Byrne, well I think u get the gist!

come on, if the money's right, she'd do anything! We can hope eh lads!

Oma_Opa : In your early years as an actress, did you ever appear in any other programmes or films as an extra?

Heather_Peace : I was a model for Naf Naf when I was 14, on the Hit Man and Her show, Michaela Strachen said I wasn't old enough to be in the club!

What club????  Not @ 14 your not wait till at least legal (16)

Heather pregnant? Form an orderly queue....

BigBird : Do you fancy Joe in real life!!

Heather_Peace : He's my best mate and he's very sexy

like she'd admit to that

What makes you think most girls in here are more interested in Jim Alexander instead of Heather?

fire_cadet : If you weren't an actress would you like to join the fire brigade for real

Heather_Peace : It is an eye opener, they do more than anyone knows, it takes more guts than any other public service, I couldn't do it because I'm too squeamish!

Sales assistant is a pretty gutsy job too (but she wouldn't know about that would she!)

gutsy? doubt it! Firefighting is actual work, dont want to do that!

grumper : Have you ever done any other job besides acting and if so, what was it?

Heather_Peace : I nearly owned my own pub, and would have been employed by Bass!

Well I did the prostitute thing but I didn't like it very much all those men - yuck!!

All comments by jiggly are hers, don't sue me for libel! How about that plug for Bass?

ronan : Who cuts your hair (it always looks brilliant)?

Heather_Peace : My make-up artist cuts my hair every 2 weeks

It comes back from the dry cleaners just before that

a blind man

Tracyann : Was 'The Rose' a script choice or yours?

Heather_Peace : Both, it had to fit the script and I had to feel okay with it, I sing jazz normally and I suggested 'The Look Of Love' by Burt Bacharach but they said it was too jazzy, so we compromised.

Ouch! At least I can spell Bette Midler....

Please I pray question askers take note of the underlined section of text!!

joe : What is it like to snog Jo on-screen?

Heather_Peace : Joe is a great snog, so is Dan (perks of the job)!

The same as snogging him off-screen

Well she obviously doesn't have a boyfriend/ lover/ fiancé/ husband (this won't be brought up when she does of course)

aceman33 : What is it like acting and knowing millions of people are watching you?

Heather_Peace : Scary at first, but becomes quite boring almost like looking at holiday photos.

Holiday photos of what I wonder?

Pretty much the same as acting and knowing 9999 people are watching me

Hunnybunny2k : I heard that London's Burning is moving from Blackwall into a modern station in East London. Is there any truth in this?

Heather_Peace : Yes we've changed stations we are now based in Leyton in a very modern building


Yes and no.  Yes we have moved but no it's not to a station we are now based in a hospital operating theatre.

copus : I love the new single, it made me cry when I heard it, what made you choose this song?

Heather_Peace : That's a lovely thing to say, unfortunately I didn't write it; I wish I had because I think the lyrics are poetic.

cry? with laughter or with fear?

hasn't she just answered this question?????

catherine : Are you planning an album?

Heather_Peace : It depends how well the single does and I would rather write my own stuff than do an album of covers.

Well, we won't see an album then....

Maybe all the cast could do one...Pearce sings "London's Burning, London's Burning, Fetch the engine..........

Sarah2000 : Is Joe as cute in real life?

Heather_Peace : Joe is cuter in real life, because he is not as moody as he is on the show.

Nah, he takes off his mask and becomes a right minger!

Joe might be cuter - IF HE WAS REAL!!!!!!

isaac : Do you do your own stunts?

Heather_Peace : Yes, most of them but sometimes for insurance purposes it's too dangerous

and squashed cast members is not to be advised

You mean that roof didn't really collapse on Andrew!!! But he died so it must have!

catherine : Would you ever marry a fireman?

Heather_Peace : No, because women throw themselves at firemen too often!

Well, I wouldn't know, I'll ask some females that throw themselves at "imaginary firemen"

can fireman not say NO????

johnjch : How long do you plan to stay with the series

Heather_Peace : I am thinking of leaving at some point this year, just so I don't become typecast, but I've had a fabulous time

So that's why you've signed up for the whole of the series??

Well since Nick left everyone seems to be leaving - did they only stay because they fancied him or something???

AnotherDave : Do you do any live singing work? If so where do you play?

Heather_Peace : I only sing live, and I'm really bad at miming: I've played jazz for 4 years!

Miming is for the teenie boppers like Lolly who haven't learnt to read yet....

I would like to sing dead but unfortunately I have a tiny problem there...

Natalie_1 : What advice could you give somebody who wants to pursue a career as an actor/actress?

Heather_Peace : Believe in yourself and don't rely on doing drama at school; you have to be in an amateur group outside of school. Just work very hard.

Maybe know that actress is so passé. Get a job on The Bill/ Eastenders/Grange Hill and go to some stupid county and do charity work.

Have friends in high places and wear revealing outfits... also helps if you know who Shakespeare is

Fusssy : What's your idea of Heaven?

Heather_Peace : Eating your favourite food non-stop and never feeling sick.

Pearly gates, angels.  It's a chocolate cake isn't it?

Imagine that, Heather fat and ugly. Vanessa Feltz better watch out!

SAnTA : Hi, I am from Leeds. Being from Bradford are you a fan of Bradford City, local rivals of my football club Leeds United?

Heather_Peace : Yes, I'm a massive Bradford City fan...I still felt for you during the Galataseray incident. Football is only football after all!

Football! How dare you talk football on a LB Chat Room D'Oh!

Thought we'd already covered this as well!!

Sarahgirl : Hi, do you like being the only girl on the show apart from Maggie?

Heather_Peace : It's the best of both worlds - football and pints, then cuddles when you've got PMT!

For younger readers, PMT means being grumpy 99% of the time, that's why 99% of females over 15 have it...

Well I get the same treatment as a man but 8 months off for Maternity Leave!!! (N.B.  I don't get angry...I get even!!!!!!!!)

DJ : What was the first acting job you did?

Heather_Peace : Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady at The Harrogate Theatre.

Oooh, a cockney accent from Yorkshire... somehow not!

It was when I was 5 I was a sheep in my schools nativity play!!!

buns : Do you feel you could handle a real emergency more confidently now?

Heather_Peace : I'd rather not, but given the situation, yes!

Yep, I'd still run like hell, only quicker

Yea, Having finally learnt the number for 999 will be a great help!

catherine : Do you see yourself as a role model to hard-working women like us?

Heather_Peace : If I am, that's very flattering; I'm only an actor but if it inspires women to get what they want, then brilliant!

Mmmmm, why is people getting another question answered, its a conspiracy!

Yes I'm brilliant everyone respect me I'm only doing London's Burning to be a role model to people I don't know (it's nothing to do with the money, fame etc.)

Dave.m. : Where do you expect to be in 10 years time if you are still acting?

Heather_Peace : I class myself as a jobbing actor, and if I can pay the rent doing what I love, then I've made it!

At home with my feet up, I'll be 35 so I'll be knackered. I'll have 7 kids, 3 husbands, a drug addiction and lots of regrets

Right that's another homeless person to take out taxes!!

johnjch : We saw Kevin - Ross Boatman, in the current series, will there be a comeback for him or any other member from the series?

Heather_Peace : No, it was a guest appearance, he's now a professional gambler!!

Who gives a monkeys! Kevin has gone!

Hardly any of the cast will remember the originals anyway - how many of them know who Tate is?????

elvis : Who is your favourite singer?


means he has left the building!

Heather_Peace : My favourite singer is Anita Baker.


My thought's exactly!

moderator : Okay, we're almost out of time. Can we take one last question please?

answer mine pleeeease!

calmond : Have you had any accidents on set?

Heather_Peace : We wear the full fire proof gear, but Brad, who plays Dan, singed all his hair and eyebrows off...which stuffed up filming for the next 3 days!!

Unfortunately, I met a girl called Lucy Smith who made me crack a camera lens...

(ooohhh bitchy) Yes I stubbed my big toe on a fire-engine someone had left lying around very inconsiderate!!!!

moderator : Let's finish on that last great note. On behalf of Heather Peace and G-WIZZ, thanks for joining us tonight.

And on behalf of BT, thanks for making our profits soar

I bet Heather got paid £500 for sitting doing zilch for an hour - she probably wasn't even there!!!

Heather, we wish you every success in the release of your new single tomorrow. Don't forget to purchase your own copy, which you can do online at G-WIZZ.

If you really want to, or you could actually leave the house and buy it from a shop

But I wouldn't bother it still won't reach the top 50!!!

that was fun must do it again :-0

wow, I must sit there and waste my phone bill again sometime

do we press the backspace key now?

nope, we say "Why the hell did I bother?"