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The London's Burning
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The Birthday Kiss
By Jen Lobley (

Starts off in Hyper and Sally’s flat. Hyper’s just woken up and makes his way downstairs rubbing his eyes. Wearing just his boxer shorts he finds Sally in the kitchen making his breakfast. Hyper seems shocked by this

Hyper: Wots all this for? Have I missed something?

Sally Laughs and turns round

Sally: Wot is it a crime to make my flatmate a nice fill breakfast on his birthday?

Hyper: Oh god yeh it’s my birthday isn’t it? I must be getting old if i’ve forgotten it

Sally: No don’t you mean you’ve been trying to forget it, and you reckon you could get it past us lot?

Hyper laughs and begins reading the post that woz on the table. He spots one addressed to him and he begins opening it, and reads the card inside

Hyper: I don’t believe it

Sally: Wotsup who’s the card from?

Hyper put the card in his pocket and begins making his way out of the living room door

Sally: Hyper?

Hyper: I’m going to get ready for work, I don’t feel like a breafast sorry

Sally: But Hyper wotsup?

Hyper: Sally please just leave it yeh?

Hyper then leaves the room leaving Sally feeling very confused.

Sally and Hyper are approaching the station, Hyper spots Adam, smiles and nods at him.

Sally: You still got a chrush on him?

Hyper stares down at Sally and frowns

Hyper: Just leave it out Sally, I bet your all having a laugh about this arn’t you? Oh Rob fancies Adam but oh no he’s straight

Sally: Hyper I woz only asking, wot is wrong with you today?

Hyper: It’s none of your buisness just please leave me alone

Adam and HiHo approach Hyper and Sally, Adam playfully pushes Hyper

Adam: Hows the birthday boy then? So 35 eh? Only 5years off the big 4 0 eh?’

HiHo: Yeh mate your getting old

Hyper: Look can we please not talk about my birthday, i’ve had 34 of them b4 they are not anything special

Hyper storms past them and up the stairs. Adam pulls a face and looks towards Sally

Adam: Ok Please tell wot is wrong with him?

Sally shruggs her shoulders

Sally: I don’t have a clue, he turned funny when he got a card off someone, dunno who

HiHo: Probably the mid life crisis

Adam and Sally stare at HiHo and both crack up laughing

HiHo: Wots so funny?

Adam: Nothing HiHo, your just a joke sometimes

HiHo: Why? It could be the mid life crisis, I knew someone who went through the crisis at 35

Sally: Yeh ok mate, but not Hyper, trust me. Anyway hows that girl? Wot woz her name Rachel or something?

Adam: Not a good subject i’m afraid Sal, she died

Sally looks towards HiHo who’s head is hung low

Sally: Oh HiHo, i’m so sorry

HiHo: Nothing anyone could do about, anyway come on we will be late for roll call

Adam: Yeh

Sally and Adam give each other weird glances and all three of them make there way upstairs.

About Ten minutes later during roll call

Pearce: Firefighter Green?

George: Sub

Pearce: Firefighter Fields?

Sally: Sub

Pearce: Firefigher Sharpe?

Hyper seems to be a world of his own and doesn’t hear Pearce, Adam turns to face Hyper, Pearce seems to fume and raises his voice

Pearce: Firefighter Sharpe?

Hyper suddenly comes back to earth and looks around at everyone and then back to Pearce

Hyper: Sorry, Sub

Pearce: Thank You Rob, maybe next time you could be paying abit more attention

Hyper: Sub

Pearce: Ok, Blue Watch, Blue Watch Shun for your duties fall out

Everyone moves out and Hyper sneaks off on his own awy from everyone, Adam follows in concern

Adam: Rob?

Hyper ignores him and carries on walking

Adam: Rob? You alright mate?

Hyper stops and begins taking off his uniform

Adam: Come on Rob wotsup? You’ve been in a weird mood since you’ve walked in the door, you don’t seem to be with it today

Hyper looks at Adam and smiles

Hyper: I’m fine honest, don’t worry about me

Adam: It is the midlife crisis isn’t it? HiHo woz right

Hyper laughs and playfully pushes Adam

Hyper: Nah mate i’m not that old yet, give it a few more years

Adam: Oh good, I knew HiHo wasn’t right, I thought it woz too good to be true, I mean HiHo been right

In the distance HiHo can be seen turning round from talking to Recall and staring at Adam

HiHo: I heard that

Adam turns around and gives him a cheesy grin

Adam: Oh Good

Adam turns back round to Hyper

Adam: You are going to be alright for tonight arn’t you?

Hyper pulls a face

Hyper: Tonight? Wots happening tonight?

Adam: Oh come on Hyper, you really think that you would get away with not having a party for your birthday?

Hyper: Oh i’m not to sure Adam, I just fancy a quiet night in, but thanx anyway

Adam: Don’t be stupid you are coming and that’s an order right?

Hyper: Yeh ok you’ve twisted my arm

Adam: Cool and plus I need at least one person in the pub who fancies me eh?

Hyper throws a tshirt at Adam and laughs

Hyper: I’m beginning to wonder wot I actually see in you, I mean ya nought but a pratt

Adam: Thanx mate

Hyper: No problem

Pearce appears from the doors and looks around until he eventually spots Adam

Pearce: Firefighter Benjiman

Adam quickly turns around and stares at Pearce

Adam: Yes Sub

Pearce: Can I have a word with you please in my office

Adam nods and looks back towards Hyper and shruggs his shoulders, then faces Pearce again

Adam: Yeh sub just coming

Adam hangs his head low as he begins making his way to Pearce and follows him upstairs.

All the crew are sat in the kitchen just chatting and having a conversation. Adam walks in looking terrified. Hyper looks up at Adam

Hyper: Hey mate ya alright? Wot did Pearce have to say for himself?

Adam walks over to the counter obvs avoiding the qustion, he grabs a cup of tea and sits down.

Adam: Oh he didn’t say much, nothing important

George: You look terrible, he must of said something, oh your not getting sacked are you?

Adam shakes his head and takes a mouthful from his tea

Adam: No, well not yet anyway

Sally: Wot do you mean not yet? Wot’ve you done?

HiHo: I think the mid life crisis is effecting everyone today, i’ll tell ya i’m staying young forever

Everyone: Oh HiHo Shut up

HiHo looks hurt and walks out of the room, Hyper shakes his head as he leaves and looks back towards Adam

Hyper: That lad sometimes, I think he’s worried about the mid life crisis himself, that’s why he keeps going on about it. Anyway Adam come on tell us wots happened.

The Bells go down. All the crew rush downstairs, Hyper rushes into the watchroom the read the emergency.

Hyper: Suicide attempt at Grape Lane School, Boy 15 on top of the school roof.

Adam: Right Come on guys

They all get in the Fire Engine and set off down to the school. As they approach the school they can see the boy on top of the roof, and loadz of people gathered round him on the ground. They all get out and look around

Pearce: Rob, Sally can you both go round the back and find a way up

Sally: Sub

Sally and Hyper run round the back

Pearce: Adam, HiHo can you try to get the ladder up without starterling him

HiHo: Sub

Adam: Do I have to work with him, all he’s said all day is about the midlife crisis

Pearce: Stop been unprofessional Firefighter Benjiman

Adam puts his hands up in defence

Adam: Joke Sub Joke

Pearce: Well wotever, come on get on with it quick

Adsm: Sub

Adam and HiHo run and get the ladders and gently puts them up at the front of the school. Adam looks towards a young woman who looks like a teacher

Adam: Wots his name miss?

Teacher: James, James Carter. He’s been up there for 15mins and refuses to come down, something about some bullies. He says if anyone goes near him he’ll jump. I mean I knew he woz a little different from the other kids but I never knew it woz this bad.

Adam smiles at her gently and places a hand on her shoulder

Adam: Don’t worry love, we’ll get him down unharmed

Adam looks up at the boy, he seems to be staring into thin air not really acknowlegding wots going on below him.

Adam: James can you hear me? James? We are here to help you, don’t be scared.

James looks down towards Adam and begins panicking

James: Just leave me alone, do you hear me? Just leave me, I will jump I swear to god I will, if you come anywhere near me

HiHo: We are not going to hurt you James, please let us come up, come away from the edge

James: No just leave me alone, I warned them if they got you lot out I would jump

James goes to jump, the whole crowd turns deadly silent. Hyper manges to catch him in time, having crept up on him.

Hyper: Your not going anyway mate, come on

The crowd cheer from down below, Hyper pulls James away from the edge, James struggles with Hyper but Hyper keeps good hold of him

James: Leave me alone, get off me

Hyper: Now come on, you don’t really want to take your own life do you?

James: How do you know? You don’t know wot it feels like

Hyper: Wot, wot feels like? Come on

Hyper pulls him further away from the edge

Hyper: Come on please away from the edge, wotever it is it can’t be the end of the world, if you have problems they will sort them self out, it’s not worth taking your life, think about your parents and friends how will they feel if you take your life? And plus we don’t fancy having to scrape your splattered body off the floor, it won’t be very nice for us will it now?

James laughs and looks at Hyper and smiles. He sits down and begins crying

Hyper: Look please don’t cry, you’ll have me going in a minute, wots your name?

James: James

Pearce radio’s Hyper

Pearce: Rob how are things up there?

Hyper: Fine Sub

James stands up in fear

James: I don’t want anyone else up here otherwise I will jump

Hyper: Now you don’t mean that, I can tell now come on sit back down and tell me your problem, i’m a good listener

James looks back at Hyper, tears are rolling down his face

James: You won’t understand, no one does

Hyper: Try me, go on

James: Wots your name?

Hyper: Rob, Rob Sharpe but the guys call me Hyper

James wipes his eyes and looks off into the distance

Hyper: Are you ready to go back down yet?

James: Your not interesting in my problems at all are you? All your interested in is getting me down so I don’t waste anymore of your precious time

Hyper: That’s not true, yeh I do want to get you down where you will be safe, but I am interested in your problems

James looks back at Hyper and looks him up and down

James: R you married?

Hyper laughs

Hyper: No i’m not

James: Y not? I mean you must be about 33, y arn’t you married with kids? I mean that’s what normal people do

Hyper: It’s my birthday today and thanx for the compliment, i’m 35, wot do you mean normal people?

James: You know wot I mean, straight people, I’m gay, and I can’t take the pressure anymore, those pricks down there alwayz having a go at me and all that, threating to kill me

Hyper: You still are a normal person James, even if you are gay, don’t care wot anyone else says

James: It’s easy for you to say, you’ve probably never had anyone look at you like your something rare, like you’ve got a fatal disease or something, it’s alwful

Hyper looks off into the distance obvs thinking about his pain he’s had about been gay, he looks back down at James and sits down, James also sits downs

Hyper: I know exactly how you feel James, i’ve been through it all, at school, in the brigade, you name it i’ve had the grief

James: Wot you saying that your gay aswell?

Hyper nods and smiles at James

Hyper: Yeh I am, but you’ve just gotta ignore wot everyone else says, i’ve left a brigade once cuz of the hassle I got for been a gay firefighter, but i’ve learnt to not listen to other peoples nasty comments, they are the ones who are different, not us they just can’t take the fact that not everyone’s the same

James: Do you get hassle at the station?

Hyper: Wot Blackwall? Yeh I did but not anymore, when I first told everyone, obvs it came as a shock and it woz basically cuz they didn’t know how to handle it, but everyone’s accepted me now, and i’ve even written a article on been a gay firefighter

James laughs and stands back up, Hyper stands up aswell and stands next to him

James: Don’t worry i’m not going to jump

Hyper: It’s ok I trust you, are you ready to come back down, they will all be wondering wots happening

James takes a deep breathe, wipes his eyes and nods

James: Yeh i’m ready

Hyper smiles and puts his arm round his shoulder. Hyper radio’s Pearce

Hyper: Sub we’re coming down

Pearce: Ok, Rob good work

Hyper helps James get down and round to the front of the school, James’s teacher runs up to him

Teacher: James wot the hell did you do that for, scare us all half to death, come on let’s get you inside.

James looks back at Hyper and smiles

James: Thanx Rob

Hyper smiles at him and puts his hand on his shoulder

Hyper: No problem mate, you take care of your self and remember wot I sed, if you ever need to talk just come to Blackwall station, oh and call me Hyper

James: Ok Hyper, thanx, I may be around

Hyper nods and walks away. Adam comes running up to him

Adam: Hey Hyper how did you mange to get him down?

Hyper turns a faces Adam

Hyper: He just need someone to talk to who had been in the same situation where people are pure evil and don’t give too shits about other peoples feelings.

Hyper walks away leaving Adam feeling confused. As they approach back to the station Pearce notices two Policemen stood at the entrance doors. Pearce walks over to them

Pearce: Hi Can I help you?

Policeman 1: Yeh we are looking for a Adam Benjiman

Pearce: Well you’ve come to the right place.

Pearce turns around and spots Adam

Pearce: Firefighter Benjiman you have some visitors

Everyone turns to face Adam and then the policemen. Adam walks over to them feeling confused

Adam: Yeh hi, i’m Adam

Policeman 2: Adam Benjiman I am arresting you on suspicion off assaulting Frank Benjiman, you do not have to say anything but anything you do say may be taken down in evidence and later used in court.

Adam stares at them in shock, Pearce is just as shocked

Adam: Wot?

Policeman 1: You heard come on.

In the police station Adam is sat looking stressed, he brushes his hands through his hair and sighs

Adam: Look i’ve told you before, I wasn’ the one who beat up Frank, he’s my cousin

Policeman: Yeh this is your cousin who you grassed up to the police, you must have so much love in your family

Adam: I did that to save my job, if they found out that I knew who it woz who set that building on fire I would of been sacked insantly

Policeman: Do you like your job Mr Benjiman?

Adam pulls face and stares at the policeman

Adam: Of corse I do, I wouldn’t of done it otherwise, Look you have no evidence it woz me so why don’t you stop wasting mine and yours time and let me go. Go find the lunatic who did it

Policeman: We have the Victims statement and he seems pretty certain it woz you who did it, wot did he say? Oh yeh he’s my cousin I would recognise him anyway

Adam: Look he’s saying that to get back at me for telling the police it woz him

Policeman: That’s a pretty pathetic game to play isn’t it? Now why would he do something like that?

Adam: I don’t know why don’t you ask him? Look wot reason do I have to beat up my own cousin?

Policeman: I woz hoping you would tell me that Mr Benjiman, why did you go to the hospital the other nite?

Adam took another deep breathe and puts his head down

Adam: I went to see if he woz alright and maybe get him to tell you who put him up to the arson, but then he gets the security to throw me out saying I woz the one who did that to him

Policeman: So you didn’t go to tell him or maybe plead with him not to tell us that it woz you? Cuz it’s strange how he told us that you woz asking him to keep his mouth shut or you’ll do something worse

Adam: NO look i’ve told you will you just listen to me for once?

Policeman: Well i’m sorry Mr Benjiman we don’t believe you and we will be keeping you here with us until you decide to tell us the truth, now come on why did you put your cousin on the crictical list in hospital? I don’t want anymore of your pathetic lies, we know you did it, so why don’t you just tell us the truth.

Adam stares hard at the policeman, not knowing exactly wot to say.

Meanwhile back at the station, George and Sally are working out in the gym, Sally is on the bike and George is punching the punch bag

Sally: How are things between you and Andi? Are things working out?

George: Yeh things seem to be getting back to normal, at last, we’ve got past the ignoring stage anyway

Sally laughs and gets off the bike and wipes her head on the towel. She takes a drink of water and looks back towards George

Sally: So then have you asked her yet? Ya know to marry you?

George shakes his head and takes his boxing gloves off, Sally throws him the towel and they both sit down

George: No not yet, I woz thinking of asking her again tonight at Hyper’s party, I just gotta make sure she is gonna say yes, I mean I don’t fancy been turned down in front of all you guys

Sally: I’m sure she won’t turn you down, she loves you and you love her, so I think she will say yes

George: I wish I woz as confident as you

Sally: You’ve just gotta forget about Kelly, she is not your wife anymore, remember that?

George looks at Sally and smiles, he take a mouthful of Sally’s water

George: I know that Sally, I don’t know wot came over me that nite, it’s just how do I know how i’m not going to act the same if I see them together?

Sally: Just think of Andi and hopefully that will stop ya

George laughs. Sally looks behind George onto the foreground, she spots a lad looking round. Sally stands up and stares at him

Sally: Who is that?

George stands up and looks to where Sally is looking and shrugs his shoulders

George: Dunno

Sally looks at George again and shruggs her shoulders as she begins making her way to the lad. He doesn’t notice her approaching and jumps when Sally speaks

Sally: Hi, can I help you?

He turns round and stares and smiles at her for a few minutes, he looks around the station again and then back to Sally

Lad: Sorry i’m Tom

Tom sticks his hand out and Sally shakes it still feeling confused

Sally: Hi Tom, well i’m Sally, now can you please tell me wot your doing here?

Tom: Well I woz hoping whether you’d be able to help me, i’m looking for someone I woz told he woz a firefighter here

Sally smiles at him

Sally: Well we have quite a few Firefighters here so which one are you looking for?

Tom takes a deep breathe and looks around again, he then turns back round to face Sally

Tom: Yeh, erm Rob Sharpe, he does work here doesn’t he? I went to Euston Enfield, where he used to work and they told me to come here

Sally: Well you’ve come to the right place, he sure does work here. If you just wait here I will go up and get him, do you want me to say it’s you?

Tom shakes his head and rubs his face

Tom: No best not, he may not come down if he knows it me

Sally: Oh right, well hang on a second then

Tom: Thanx

Sally runs off upstairs to find Hyper, Tom is left down on his own, He begins walking away obvs changing his mind. Hyper turns up from behind him and seems very shocked

Hyper: Tom?

Tom turns around and smiles at Hyper

Tom: Hey Rob how ya doing? Happy Birthday

Hyper: Don’t give me Happy Birthday, wot the hell are you doing here?

Tom moves closer to Hyper and goes to kiss him, Hyper pushes him away

Tom: Come on Rob, wot ya been like this for. Did you get my card?

Hyper: Yes I got your card, now if that’s all will you please go

Tom: Please Rob, i’m sorry about wot happened. I’ve come to give it anotha go please Rob, I love you

Hyper stares at him hard in disbelief

Hyper: It’s too late to be saying sorry now isn’t it? You come back out of the blue after two years and think I will fall back in your arms, well i’m sorry Tom but you made your desicion, I have a brand new life, i’m not interested in you anymore

Tom: Is there someone else?

Hyper: Not that it’s got anything to do with you but yes there is, sorta, well if he wasn’t straight there is

Tom: Your chasing after a staright guy? Don’t waste your breathe Rob, come on please give me a second chance

Hyper: I gave you chance after chance Tom, no i’m sorry, now will you please leave I have work to do

Tom: But Rob..

Hyper: Tom just go now before I have you chucked out, I never want to see you again right?

Tom looks hurt, tears begin to fill his eyes

Tom: I really hurt you didn’t I? I’m so sorry

Hyper doesn’t say anything, just stares at him as he slowly turns around and walks out of the station. Hyper puts his head down for a few seconds, looks back up and sees Tom turn round and wave at him. Hyper turns around and makes his way back upstairs as the bells go down. Hyper runs into watch room

Hyper: Fire at numba 17 flat on Station Road, Both

Pearce: Hyper can you take Adam’s place at driving?

Hyper: Sub

Recall: Hey isn’t numba 17 on Station Road, Chris Hallams flat?

George stares across to Recall and smiles

George: Yeh it is, yeh it bloody is

Everyone gets in the engines and drives off to Chris Hallams flat.

Flames are pouring out of the windows and doors as Blackwall approaches the flat, everyone jumps out.

Pearce: Recall and Goerge can you check if there’s any person’s reported, HiHo and Sally can you start with the hose, Hyper can you check round the back at the state. And i’ll get onto Chris to let him know

Everyone moves into place and do what Pearce tells them. Suddenly inside the building a womans scream can be heard. Hyper comes running from the back

Pearce: Hyper, George, get your BA on and get inside there now

Hyper and George: Sub

Hyper and George get into there BA stuff and make there way into the flat.

George: I wonder who’s wife he’s got in here now, probably DO Griggs, oh that would go down well

Hyper: Oh yeh, I bet, I’ll go upstairs yeh?

George sticks his thumbs up at Hyper and makes his way into the living room. Meanwhile back outside

HiHo: Have you got in touch with Chris yet sub?

Pearce: No not yet Ronnie, you keep to your work and I will deal with it.

Pearce radios George

Pearce: Hows things going in there George? Any luck yet?

George: Not Yet sub

After about 5mins Pearce has got hold of Chris and he is on his way. Hyper eventually finds the trapped person and is very shocked by who it is

Hyper: Kelly? Wot are you doing here?

Kelly begins coughing and choking, she grabs hold of Hyper by his neck

Kelly: Hyper just get me out of here please, Hyper

Hyper takes off his breathing thing and puts it over Kelly’s face and then places back on him and carries out into the fresh air, as he places her down Chris Hallam is storming down the road, he stares down at Kelly in shock

Chris: You did this didn’t you? You set my flat on fire didn’t you? All cuz I turned you down didn’t you?

Kelly doesn’t say anything just stare at Chris as tears roll down her face. Chris grabs her hand and pulls her to her feet

Chris: Answer me! You did this didn’t you?

George appears from the front door and stares at Chris and Kelly

Chris: Kelly answer me, you are not going to get away with this, I want her arrested now

Chris says looking around. Kelly grabs him tighter

Kelly: Please Chris, don’t have me arrested i’m sorry please Chris, I Love you.

George shakes his head and walks over to the engine and begins taking his BA stuff off. Hyper walks over to him

Hyper: Ya alright mate?

George: Yeh i’m fine mate, she’s not my wife anymore she can do what the hell she likes, I hope they throw away the key

Hyper laughs and shakes his hand

Hyper: Good on ya mate

In the distance Chris and Kelly are still argueing

Chris: You are a pyhsco cow that is all you are now get out of my life, it’s been over for monthes Kelly and you know that, I hope you know you are going to pay every little penny for the damage

Kelly: But Chris will just listen

Kelly moves closer to Chris but he pushes her away

Chris: Kelly Leave me alone 4eva

An hour later they had just returned to the station and woz enjoying a nice cup of tes in the kitchen

HiHo: Does anyone know why Adam got arrested?

Recall: Something to do with his Cousin I think, he told me that Frank woz saying it woz Adam who beat him up

HiHo: Ya joking? Why is he saying that? I mean it’s his cousin, he wouldn’t do that to anyone never mind his own family

Recall: We all know that, Adam knows that but obvs the police don’t see it that way, they won’t have any evidence

Hyper walks into the room, gets a cup of tea and walks back out, Sally jumps up and follows him

Sally: Hyper are you alright, come on it’s ya birthday your supposed to be happy

Hyper stops and turns round to face Sally, he smiles at her

Hyper: Some birthday it’s turning out to be, look i’m sorry for snapping at you today, it’s just that card I got this morning woz far more than a surprise to me, it just threw me back

Sally: Don’t worry about it, I mean i’ve had my fair share of biting your head off recently, Look tell me if i’m sticking my nose in but is it something to do with that lad turning up today

Hyper turns back round and walks into the changing room as Sally follows, Hyper sits down and takes a mouthful from his drink

Hyper: Wot Tom? Yeh you are been nosey

Sally sits down next to him

Sally: I’m sorry Hyper, I just care about you that’s all, I don’t like seeing you upset over anything

Hyper looks at her and gives her a cuddle

Hyper: Ya a good mate did you know that? I’m lucky to have you

Sally: Well I try my best

Hyper stares off into thin air

Hyper: He’s my ex boyfriend, the first proper one I had, he ment the world to me, I couldn’t live without him, ya know how it is?

Sally: Yeh I do, did he really mean that much to you?

Hyper: Well just how much did Joe mean to you? Alot well it’s just the same, we had everything planned out, I woz going to stay at Enfield, then we woz going to move in together and everything

Hyper looks back at Sally, tears rolls down his face

Sally: Wot happened?

Hyper shruggs his shoulders and takes anotha mouthful from his drink

Hyper: I don’t know for certain, i’d come home from work one day, he wasn’t there, he’s left me a note saying he’d gone out for a quick drink, we woz staying at his brothers house, until we found our own place, his brother sed he didn’t look happy when he left, he didn’t come home, I waited and waited for mths, still no sign, his brother claimed to have no clue where he woz, but I knew he woz lying, I had to eventually come to terms with the fact he’d left me, it tore me appart, so I decided it woz time to move on. I woz getting shit from Enfield for been gay so that’s when I decided to applie for a transfer, that’s when I came here to Blackwall. I’ve haven’t heard from him in 2years and now he turns up like nothing’s happened wanting to give it anotha go

Sally put her arm round Hyper’s shoulder

Sally: Oh Hyper i’m so sorry, I never realised, why didn’t you tell me all this before?

Hyper: We never really had a conversation about my past love life and it’s not something I like to talk about much, and now i’ve got all this with Adam

Sally: You really like him don’t ya? It’s not just a chrush

Hyper: I wish it woz Sally I really do, but ya right it’s not, ya some part of me is saying he is really gay, ya just hiding it, but we all know for certain he’s not, it’s tearing me appart. I mean have you ever had a chrush on a celebrity that you know you can never have?

Sally nods but keeps quiet

Hyper: And I bet a part of you is heartbroken when it actually sinks in that you can never have that person eh?

Sally: Yeh well I suppose your right

Hyper: That’s how it is with me, appart from I work with this person and it makes it ten times worst

Sally: I know Hyper,oh come here you big softy

Hyper laughs and wipes his eyes. Sally and Hyper cuddle

Hyper: Thanx Sal, I mean for listening and alwayz been there

Sally: No problem

The pub is very packed. Adam is stood talking to Elaine at the bar

Elaine: So where is the birthday boy then? He better turn up after i’ve been to all this trouble

Adam: Hey stop worrying he’ll turn up, I mean he’s gotta come and see his big love. Me eh?

Elaine: Your really getting big headed now about all this

Adam: Me? Don’t be silly

Elaine shakes her head as Adam walks away as Hyper and Sally walk in the door

Adam: Here he is the birthday boy, wot did I say Elaine eh?

Hyper: I see they let you out then?

Adam: No I escaped

Hyper: You did wot?

Adam puts his hand on Hyper’s shoulder

Adam: Your getting more gulible than HiHo, corse they let me out, had no evidence the stupid sods and never will have any evidence cuz hey I didn’t do it

Hyper: Well your the only one who thinks that, we all think you did it

Adams mouth drops open and stares around at everyone

Adam: Is that right? Fine

Hyper begins laughing and playfully pushes him

Hyper: Your getting more gulible than HiHo you

HiHo: Why am I alwayz seen as the dumb one?

Hyper looks at HiHo sympithecially and then looks back towards Adam and winks at him

Adam: If it wasn’t your birthday mate, i’d i’d do something really bad

Hyper laughs at him again

Hyper: Yeh right mate

Hyper walks past him smiling and goes to the bar, Elaine gets him is usual

Elaine: This is on me, Happy Birthday

Hyper: Oh thanx I think i’m gonna have a birthday everyday, I could get used to this

Hyper gets his drink and takes a mouthful as he looks around the room.

Meanwhile at the hospital, the police are questioning Frank again

Frank: I can’t believe you let him go, I told you it woz him

Policeman 1: We have no evidence Mr Benjiman, for all we know you could be lying, to get back at him for getting you arrested

Frank: Don’t be stupid i’m not that pathetic, i’ve told you who it woz and if you can’t be bothered doing anything about it then I can’t be bothered with you lot, I will sort it out my own way

Policeman 2: And wot way is that then?

Frank: I believe I have finished talking to you now bye

Policeman 1: Ok Mr Benjiman, but we will be back, you can be sure of that

Frank: Wotever

The two policemen leave,

Frank: Nurse? Nurse? Can you bring me the telephone please?

The Nurse takes the phone to Frank and stands over him

Frank: Do you mind? This is a private call

Nurse: Sorry sir, just checking your blood pressure

Frank: Yeh well hurry up about it will ya?

The Nurse quckly finishes taking his blood pressure and quickly moves away. Frank looks around and picks up the phone and dials a numba

Frank: Hiya mate it’s me Frank, Look I need you to do me a huge favour, It’s our Adam ya see, the police have let him go, cuz they have no god damn evidence. Yeh he’ll be at the Oliver Twist, be there 10pm, no later. Cheers mate, I owe you.

Back at the pub and 9:45pm everyone is having a great time and most people are pissed. Elaine spots a young lad walk in the door

Elaine: I’m sorry love I can’t serve you with no ID

James: I didn’t come in for a drink, i’m only 15, I woz looking for Hyper, I woz told he might be in here

Elaine: Oh Hyper? Sorry love yeh he’s just over there. Hyper, someone to see you

Hyper turns round and smiles at James, he walks over to him

Hyper: James wot are you doing here?

James: I came to give you this card, as you said it woz your birthday and to say thank you

Hyper takes the card and opens it. He looks back down at James and smiles

Hyper: Thank you, that’s very thoughtful of you, and theres no need to say thanx it’s all part of the job, do you want a drink? I’m sure Elaine won’t mind you staying for one coke or something will Elaine?

Elaine: Seen as though it’s for you no I don’t mind at all

James shakes his head

James: I’ve gotta get off but thanx anyway, enjoy the rest of your party

Hyper: Ok well you know where I am if you ever need anyone to talk to

James: Yeh, thanx Hyper, I best be going

Hyper: Ok seeya mate, Take Care

James then turns round and leaves the pub and Hyper walks back over to the rest of the guys

HiHo: You’ve got yourself abit of a admirar there

Hyper: Shut up HiHo, you don’t know the half of it

HiHo: Sorry mate

Hyper: Yeh well, just watch wot you say yeh? And don’t even think of mentioning the mid life crisis right? Adam can I just go upstairs and use the phone?

Adam: Yeh sure mate, nothing to serious I hope

Hyper: No just a family call I must make

Adam: Ok well go straight up you know the way

HiHo: Oh Yeh?

Adam: My god HiHo, you are really pushing your luck today arn’t ya?

Everyone laughs and Hyper makes his way upstairs.

Uptairs in Adams bedroom Hyper sits down and pulls out the card from Tom. He picks up the phone and begins dialling the numba, he stops half way through and places the reciever back down, he takes a dep breathe and lays back on the bed for a few mins. Theres a knock at the door

Adam: Hyper can I come in?

Hyper sits back up

Hyper: Yeh mate it is your bedroom.

Adam walks in and sits down next to Hyper.

Adam: You made that phone call?

Hyper: No I changed my mind, just thought i’d sit up here for a few mins to clear my head that’s all

Adam: Well I can leave you to it if you want?

Adam stands up, Hyper grabs his arm

Hyper: No you don’t have to, I wouldn’t mind the company to tell you the truth,

Adam: Ok well as long as you don’t keep me long there is a party getting right into the swing downstairs

Hyper smiles at him as he sits back down

Hyper: I won’t keep you long I promise

Adam: So wots been wrong with you today? You haven’t been yourself at all, I mean come on Rob it is your birthday

Hyper: My ex boyf turned up today out of the blue, I hadn’t seen him for 2years, and he sent me this card

Hyper passes the card to Adam, Adam reads it and looks back towards Hyper

Adam: He hurt you eh?

Hyper: Yeh you could say that

Adam: Hey don’t worry about it mate, plenty more fish in the sea, plenty more slugs in the mud. You’ll find someone else, I mean a good looking guy like you, you should have the lads crawling round you

Hyper laughs and takes the card from Adam

Hyper: I woz going to ring him, that’s why I came up here but I changed my mind, ya see there is someone else, and they mean to much to me for me to even think about anyone else

Adam playfully nudges Hyper

Adam: Good on ya mate, so come on spill the beans who is this guy? Anyone I know?

Hyper stares at Adam, nods but keeps quiet

Adam: Well come on then tell me, don’t keep me in suspense........Oh hang on wait a’s not me is it?

Hyper stares at him again and nods his head

Hyper: I’m sorry Adam I just can’t help the way I feel, it’s killing me. I know your not gay and all that but I can’t help the feelings

Adam: Mate i’ve told you before i’m flattered, I just didn’t realise I woz stopping you seeing anyone else that’s all.

Adam moves closer to Hypers face and smiles

Hyper: Adam wot are you doing?

Adam: I’m going to kiss you wot does it look like? I mean this is what you want isn’t it?

Hyper: Yeh but Adam your not gay, your pissed, your going to regret it

Adam: Just shut up

They kiss, just as the door opens HiHo stands staring at them in shock

HiHo: Oops sorry

Adam pulls away from Hyper and stares at HiHo

Adam: Jesus Christ

Adam stands up and walks out of the door obvs very much regretting wot he’s just done

Hyper: Shit

Hyper looks up towards HiHo

Hyper: You’ve really done it now ain’t ya?

HiHo: Rob mate i’m sorry I just came up to say sorry about before, I didn’t realise that lad woz gay otherwise I would of never had said ought

Hyper stands up and moves inches away HiHo

Hyper: Ok wotever but remember one thing Adam’s not gay right? If this gets out your life won’t be worth living right?

HiHo nods nervously at Hyper

HiHo: Yeh sure

Hyper: Good

Hyper storms past him and back downstairs into the pub.

Hyper walks back into the pub and looks around for Adam he’s no where to be seen.

Elaine: Rob wot happened upstairs? Adam’s just run out of the pub saying he doesn’t want to talk about it

Hyper looks towards Elaine

Hyper: Nothing, nothing at all. Can I have a drink please?

Elaine: Yeh sure

Elaine gets Hyper his drink. Hyper sits at the bar on his own drinking his drink. Sally walks up to him

Sally: Hyper you alright?

Hyper: Yes I’m fine, please just leave me , I want to be alone

Sally shrugs her shoulders and walks away. George gets hold of the mircophone from the karoake and looks around

George: I would just like to make a little annoucment.

Sally looks towards George and smiles. Georges nods and her and continues

George: I would like to say that me and Andi have decided to get married

Everyone except Hyper: Oh congragulations you 2

Tears roll down Hyper’s face

Recall: We wish you all the best mate

George: Thanx mate

Elaine notices Hyper crying

Elaine: Rob are you sure everything is ok?

Hyper ignores her and runs out of the pub to look for Adam.

Elaine: Sally, wots wrong with Rob?

Sally: I don’t know Elaine I really don’t know, anymore I wish I did, where’s he gone?

Elaine: Just run out

Sally: Shit

Sally takes a mouthful from her drink, puts it on the table and runs out to find Hyper. Hyper walks through a backstreet, he see’s two shadows in the distance. He picks up his speed

Voice 1: That’s for grassing Frank up, you bastard, I bet you wish you never did it now don’t ya?

Voice 2: Come on just leave him now, someone’s coming come on

Hyper: Oi you two

The two shadows run off into the distance, Hyper begins running until he approachs Adam laying on the floor, Hyper bends down in front of him

Hyper: Adam? Adam can you hear me? Adam?

Adam doesn’t move, his face is covered in blood, Hyper puts his head in his hands and begins crying again

Hyper: For crying out loud, Come on Adam wake up please

He screams at the top of his voice.

The End!!!

Well Until Next Episode

Will Adam Survive?
Does He Really Regret Kissing Hyper?
Find Out Next Week

Written By Jen Lobley

25th April 2001.