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Name: George Green  
Rank: FireFighter
Age: late 30s
Lives: London
Married: Divorced
Children: 2 (Shaun and Ruby)
Previous Postings: None Known

George is the longest-serving member of Blue Watch having been stationed here since 1988, and with the Brigade for 20 years. He used to be a boxer, and occasionally stil gets involved with the sport. George is married to Kelly (who he met after starting ballroom dancing!) and has 2 kids. George is a regular driver for the pump, and is now often to be found near the appliance instead of getting into the fire first. This has lead to George failing a fitness test but came up to scratch after help for Sally. He is also a part-time boxing coach at a local gym.

He seems to always having marriage problems due to his out of touch attitude over Kelly's independance, and left her after he found out about her affair with Chris Hammond. He is now filing for divorce, and seems to be happy with Andie, the gym owner.

Early in Series 13, George is accused of theft from a woman he helped on a shout. Luckily though, a member of Shadbrook admits to the theft, just before George is due to be transferred away from Blackwall. Then Unlucky George is trapped in a warehouse fire, and subsequently collapses at the station with swelling on his brain.

George Green Photo Gallery

The Actor - Glen Murphy:

Glen Murphy is the typical East End lad, a keen supporter of West Ham United and works out in the gym. Glen was awarded the freedom of the City of London in 1995. He currently lives in Essex with his wife and children.

He is also patron of "Careline"

Other TV credits include Casualty, Doctor Who, First Love, Harry Carpenter Never Said......., Murphy's Mob, Prospects, Rockliffe's Babies, Shine on Harvey Moon, The Bill, Tuckers Luck and others. He has also appeared in two films.

His father was Terry Murphy, a British champion boxer.

Agents Details: Hillman Threlfall, 33, Brookfield,, Highgate West Hill, London