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Name: Melissa Clark  
Rank: Crew Commander
Age: late 20s
Lives: London
Married: No
Children: None
Previous Postings: ?

Melissa joined Blue Watch in the fourth episode of Series 13 as a new Crew Commander. She is one of DO Griggs' "high-flyers" so she isn't expected to stay at Blackwall long.

She seems a right goody-two shoes, but Hyper finds her files on the Watch, which we think shes doing for DO Griggs.... We find out this is right, but Griggs denies he asked her to do it. She has now fitted in a lot better and even has the support of Hyper!

Melissa Clark Photo Gallery


The Actor - Katy Odey:

Katy was trained at the London Studio Centre, and has appeared in many stage productions, more recently with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has also had minor parts in Casualty, The Bill, Crimewatch and Strange but True. Her voice as also been heard on numerous occasions on BBC Radio.

Her skills include rock climbing, stage-fighting, juggling, caving and professionally trained dance, a busy girl by the sounds of it!!