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Name: Geoffrey "Poison" Pearce  
Rank: Sub Officer
(Watch Commander)
Age: early 40s
Lives: London
Married: Yes - to Fiona
Children: One - Eve
Promoted to Sub O June 1998
Previous Postings: LF - Blackwall
Sub O - Bristol area

Geoff moved to Blackwall in 1993, demoting from Sub Officer to leading hand, from Bristol. He has the nickname of "Poison" due to his unfriendly and inquisitive nature. In the early episodes, he was a complete suck-up to any officers, and wasn't afraid to stab people in the back to get up the ladder to Sub Officer. Geoff was married to Patti, and she was the reason why he left Bristol, but she left him and he turned to Bruno, the boxer dog for company.

After Carol Webb's departure, he was promoted to Sub again, and was acting Station Officer until Chris Hammond arrived. His love life has recently been thrust into overdrive, by the return of University researcher Fiona, who he met while she was trying out some equipment on Blackwall's appliances. She brought with her her long-time partner Barry, who punched Geoff in the nose, and so she left Barry for Geoff. Aaaahhh! He has just got married, after Fiona surprised him with a proposal. Unfortunately, Fiona's supposed allergy to Bruno meant that Geoff had to give him to Pitbull! He eventually finds that she was allergic to a stray cat, but Pitbull wont let Bruno be reunited with Geoff. After the watch intervene, Bruno is once again reunited with Pearce

In the last episode of Series 12, Fiona drops the bombshell that she is pregnant, so Geoff is to be a dad! So at the start of Series 13, Pearce delivers a baby in an RTA, unaware that Fiona is being rushed to hospital herself to give birth to a baby girl.

Also in Series 13, Pearce has been promoted to Watch Commander, which means he is in charge of the Watch with Coleman "upstairs".

Geoff Pearce Photo Gallery

The Actor - Micheal Garner:

Micheal is married with two kids. He has appeared in other TV shows such as Goodnight Sweetheart and Dangerfield