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Episode 11 - first screened 1st April 2001

Written by: TOM HIGGINS
Directed by: ROB EVANS
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER
Estimated audience: approx 10.5 million

The Watch is having role call when Pearce goes through a checklist he has made for Eve's christening. Adam asks if they can bring a guest, as Recall might want to bring Elaine if he hits it off that night! Pearce asks all of them to wear full uniform! Luckily, the Pump Ladder gets called out to someone trapped in a house. They arrive to find a woman worried about her daughter whos trapped in the bathroom. Pearce tries to talk to her through the door, but theres no reply. Hi-Ho climbs up a ladder outside and manages to open the window to find the young girl is fine. She says the door is stuck, but Hi-Ho realises that shes hiding from something.. She explains that her mum wants her to do laods of Irish dancing, but she doesn't. They go out, but Hi-Ho explains about her not wanting to do competitions. Luckily, her mum doesn't go ape and Hi-Ho has another fan :)

Back in the mess, Maggie gets a bit stressed with Pearce who is trying to go over everything again and again. Pearce then goes to help Hi-Ho with his assessment in the gym. While he's talking Sally comes in and starts making signals at Hi-Ho by yawning! Pearce tells her to stop mucking about and follow Hi-Ho's excellent example. Coleman has Adam and Recall in his office and tells them that the police want to go through some mugshots with them after work.. DO Griggs arrives and Pearce asks him if he would like to join them at the christening (creeper alert!). Adam tells Recall that he grew up with Frank and couldn't turn him in, Recall tells him they dont have a choice. The DO has come to see Hyper about a magazine article on gay firefighters. Hyper refuses and doesn't want the other Watches to look at him by his sexuality. Pearce, snoopin as always, asks if he could help..... Pearce says to Coleman that he hopes him and Maggie haven't gone overboard with the present for Eve. Coleman suddenly realises he hasn't done anything!

Sally tries to persuade Hyper to do the article, and Adam joins in saying it could help someone through a tough time. Hyper finally decides to do it. Coleman goes to see Maggie, and she suggests a joint present, saving Johns blushes :) Hi-Ho phones Kate to ask her to the christening but she tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore. Awwwww! Pearce comes into the mess to taste Maggies food, telling her her guacamoli (sorry cant spell!) needs salt. She suggests he takes a big dollop of another dip, she tells him that to be a lesson to him as the dip was spicy! The pump ladder is called out again, this time to the church where the christening was going to be...... When they arrive the vicar tells them that he thought it was the end of the world. Pearce walks in to find the roof has collapsed. Oh bugger!

Hyper cordons off the street and Pearce starts to worry. Maggie goes to visit Fiona, but Fiona looks tired because of all the preparations she is doing. Zoe and Maggie tell her to sit down while they sort it out. Back in Blackwall's locker room, the whole Watch vow to help out with everyone checking various halls. Adam is confronted in the yard by his grandad who explains that Frank was doing a favour for a local family of "not very nice people". At the Twist, Adam Hyper and Hi-Ho have had no luck. Sally thinks she has somewhere but Hyper says hes already been there. Sally realises they have been working from the same list! Recall is getting ready for his date, but looks more like he is off to a funeral! Ben tells him this and suggests something more casual. Pearce arrives at the Twist, with no-one having anything. Elaine offers the pub, but Pearce rejects it. He goes home to tell Fiona, but after hearing the laughter from the front room decides against it and goes to see Eve instead.

Adam tells Elaine that Recall is on his way, but she's worried about what she is wearing. George arrives at the Twist, and announces that he will be at the chrsitening as a surprise for Pearce. Coleman arrives at the Pearces and puts his foot in it by saying they've run out of options, Pearce has to tell Fiona the bad news.... They then have an argument in front of Coleman, Maggie and Zoe. Maggie tells them to stop it. Elaine and Recall go to a posh restaurant, but they are refused entry cos Recall isn't wearing a tie!! They share fish and chips and a couple of bottles of cheap plonk on a bench in the rain and eventually kiss (awwwww no.2). George shows Sally an engagement ring he's bought for Andie. Adam wakes up and walks into the living room to find Recall and Elaine on the sofa :) Maggie calls round to see the Pearces at a late time and announces she has found a hall, theres a do on in the evening, but they can have the christening there! Andie finds the ring in Georges pocket and naturally is delighted. She waits for him to tell her himself though. Recall, Elaine and Adam go to the police station, and Adam finally tells the police the truth. As he walks out, he spots Frank being arrested and brought in.

Its finally the day of the christening, but Pearce is busy rechecking everything when Maggie arrives. Adam goes to give Elaine breakfast in bed, and finds Recall there as well :) Kelly arrives to help at the Pearces, much to Pearce's shock. Elaine and recall are having a coffee when Adam walks in, and its as if they are two teenagers before big daddy!! Adam takes the mick out of Recall calling him lover boy. Zoe and Maggie arrive at the hall to find something not quite right. Pearce tries to phone someone urgently, but theres no reply. When he arrives at the hall, he is shocked to find the hall is part of a Sci-Fi set! Everyone except Pearce bursts out laughing. The small children play with the daleks models, while Maggie keeps apologising. Pearce is still sucking up to Griggs, who is a fan of Sci-fi. Hyper tells Coleman he will do that article for the magazine. Maggie and Coleman give Fiona and Pearce their present, a silver napkin ring engraved "To our godaughter Eve on this special day, with love from Maggie and John Coleman"!! Fiona asks them if they aren't telling them something............

Adam gets a phone call and has to leave quickly, telling Hyper to back off when he asks if something is up. Sally spots someone who arrives, Chris Hammond! The Watch stare in disbelief, and Chris clocks Kelly. Fiona and Kelly soon realise he is here. Sally tries in vain to contact George but its too late. Fiona walks over to talk to Pearce and Chris, and tells him she was delighted when Pearce told her he was inviting him (as if he told her!) Chris has a talk to the Watch and says he's sorry about Sicknote and Joe. Sally says its a pity he wasn't at the service as it was lovely. Chris says he knows as he was there but kept a low profile. Its obvious the Watch is uneasy about him. The Pearces are having another barney when the vicar interupts them and tells them there is no font. In steps Colemans fire helmet as a make-shift one! George and Andie arrive and are looking at the Watch to say hi, but George then notices Chris. They lock eyes, and Chris looks uneasily away.

Adam arrives at the hospital to find cousin Frank has been done over by the Holts. George has a word with Kelly and accuses her of setting it all up. Andie tells him to rise above it, but he's furious with Chris coming to rub his nose in it. Chris finally talks to Kelly and she says she may have made the wrong decision. He puts his hand on Kelly's shoulder, George sees and tells him to get his hands off his wife. He then flattens him with a single punch. Hi-Ho and Recall grab him and pull him back. George walks out, with Andie soon after him. She finds him sitting on the stairs, and asks him to ask her to marry him. He doesn't and Andie runs off crying. (You idiot George!!)

George.................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Maggie................. SHIRLEY GREENWOOD
Fiona..................... HELEN ANDERSON
Elaine Reeve........ SHARON DUCE
Andie..................... JOANNE ADAMS
Zoe......................... HEATHER JAY-JONES
DO Griggs.............. SIMON MERRELLS
Kelly....................... VANESSA PETT
Ben......................... FRASER AYRES
Frank...................... DAMIEN NASH
Tess........................ ANNA LIVIA RYAN
Caitlin................... SHANNON BRIARLEY-GARDENER
Vicar...................... ROGER BRIARLEY
Martin Benjamin.. JACK CARR
Stunt Performer.... BILL DAVEY

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