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Episode 12 - first screened 22nd April 2001

Written by: JOE TURNER
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER
Estimated audience: ?

Adam is asleep at the Twist when the phone rings. He gets up and answers it but theres no reply, its obvious that someone keeps ringing and hanging up. Recall emerges from Elaines bedroom not happy at being woken up. At the Pearce's, Eve is awake and so is Fiona and Geoff. Geoff takes Bruno for a walk as he wont be able to sleep again. George goes down to the gym to talk to Andie and finds her taking her frustrations out on the punchbag. He tries to apologise but she's having none of it. He shows her the ring and asks her to marry him. She says he's not fooling anyone and says no. Pearce is worried about Bruno as he looks a bit "peaky".

At Blackwall, Hi-Ho is practicising his knots with Pearce. Hyper and Sally arrive, with Hi-Ho testing Sal on driving. George arrives to restart work. In the locker room, the Watch take the mick out of Recall and dating the older woman :) Andie calls round to apologise to Fiona. Coleman calls George into his office and asks him if there is going to be a repeat performance of the christening. Sally tells Recall that there will be wedding bells for George and Andie, but Recall tells her he's been sleeping at his for the last week..... Fiona goes to look at Bruno and realises he's not breathing. Adam is cleaning some BA when he spots a police car pull up outside the Twist. He rushes over to find the pub smashed up, luckily Elaine is ok.

Elaine is taken to Colemans office to recover, while Recall accuses Adam's family of doing over the pub. Pearce gives George a load of cleaning to do. George tries to apologise for the christening, but Pearce is having none of it. Fiona and Andie arrive at the station and Fiona asks Andie to look after Eve while she and Pearce go to his office. She tells him about Bruno being dead, he can't believe it and is very upset. Awwww! George and Andie chat uneasily about whats happened, she invites him round for a meal. Hi-Ho tells the Watch he knows how Pearce feels when he lost Scottie, his goldfish!! Hyper cant believe he called his fish Scottie! Andie runs Fiona and Eve home. Sal goes into Pearce's office to give him some reports and spots the assessment questions on his desk.....

Pitbull arrives at the station and accuses Pearce of killing his Tyson. George overhears and stops Pitbull. Sal talks to Hyper about seeing the questions, and tells him she almost looked at the questions. She thinks he's cracking up. Adam comes in and Hyper asks him if everything is alright. Sally shoots him a warning glance, and when Adams gone he has to admit he has a crush on him. Talk about wanting what you cant have! Pearce calls Sally for her test, but just as they're about to start, the bells go off and both appliances are called out to a flat fire in the Rosedale Estate.

As the appliances pull up they can see smoke issuing from the first floor flat, with neighbours saying the flat is empty. The flat is like Fort Knox, with bars on the windows. Hyper clears a neighbour out of the way, who asks if they are out. Hyper says its empty but the neighbour says a young couple moved in yesterday.... Sal and Hi-Ho go round the back and find a young woman smashing the window. Sally tells Pearce whats going on, and goes to get a ladder. Hi-Ho climbs up to the window and finds the woman. Back round the front, Recall tries to cut down a hefty grille that is over the door. Hi-Ho tells the woman (Rachel) to block the bottom of the door with a wet towel. Hi-Ho has to go down and get the angle grinder to cut the bars from the window, but Rachel is really scared and starts panicking. Sally gets George to bring a resusitator round and Hi-Ho goes back up the ladder and helps her breathe easier.

Adam gets the grinder from the back and Recall uses it to get in. Adam and Hyper get into BA and go in. Rachel hears the crew coming in and goes to open the bedroom door, causing the flames to shoot over her and out of the window, almost knocking Hi-Ho off the ladder. When he realises Rachel isn't responding to him, he rushes down the ladder and gets into BA. He rushes to the front door and tries to get in. George stops him and Coleman tells him to calm down. Hyper brings the young man out, still alive, while Adam brings Rachel out, but she's stopped breathing. Sally gives her mouth to mouth and they gives her to the paramedics.

Fire Investigation arrives, with Chris Hammond (I thought he was in Western Command!) Chris walks uneasily past George, with Recall watching closely. Coleman asks Sally to check on Hi-Ho inside, but talks to Chris about the start of the fire. The crew climb back into the appliance, and Sally says OK. George explodes saying he "didn't hit Hammond did he?" But all Sal meant was ok they can go... Back at Blackwall Coleman tells everybody well done for a hard shout. Hi-Ho is still up for the test, but Sally thinks its a bad time for Geoff.

Adam is standing up on the roof when Recall goes to find him. He suggests that if Frank tells the cops about the Holts setting him up to do the arson, it all might stop. Hyper gives Coleman the article for the brigade magazine, but Coleman asks him to keep an eye on Hi-Ho. In the mess, Sal says the test was hard, but... she passed! Hi-Ho also passed and Hyper tells him theres every chance that the two from the shout will pull through.

After the shift, Pitbull gives pearce "Tyson's" collar asking for it to be buried with him. Pearce asks Pitbull if he'd like to be there when he buries Bruno, but he says no. Pitbull apologises for what he said earlier and shakes hand with Pearce (a sign of mellowing?). Pearce then apologises to George for being unprofessional and picking on him. The Watch go to the Twist or a drink, with Adam a bit chirpier. George tells Sal about Andie cooking him a meal, and she tells him to get home and sort it out! Chris is busy cooking when Kelly comes to see him.........

Recall apologises to Elaine, and she explains she's not used to someone doing the worrying for her, but she could get used to it :) Adam tells Hyper he is off to the hospital, and Hyper offers to come along and then maybe they could have something to eat. "You fancy me don't you?" replies Adam, much to Hyper's shock. He has to admit it, and Adam tells him he's not gay and says he doesn't blame him, but he can't touch his bum!! Hi-Ho arrives and asks Adam for a lift to the hospital. George and Andie have their meal, and George tells Andie that he doesn't want to lose her.

Kelly tells Chris she doesn't want to leave things the way they were, but Chris says there is no "us". She asks for a second chance and a fresh start, but Chris tells her he's moved on. She kisses him, but he tells her she better leave. Pearce and Fiona bury Bruno in the garden. Adam goes to visit Frank, but he calls Security to get Adam taken away. Hi-Ho has bought some flowers for Rachel, but the nurse has to tell him she died. Hi-Ho goes to see her body. Outside the Hospital, he smashes the flowers against a wall, saying "Why, Why?"

George.................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Maggie................. SHIRLEY GREENWOOD
Fiona..................... HELEN ANDERSON
Elaine Reeve........ SHARON DUCE
Andie..................... JOANNE ADAMS
Pitbull..................... AL HUNTER ASHTON
Kelly....................... VANESSA PETT
Frank...................... DAMIEN NASH
Luke....................... SCOTT NEAL
Rachel.................. AMBER EDLIN
Edna..................... VERA JAKOB
Tom........................ BERNARD LAWRENCE
Nurse..................... HOLLY HUTCHINGS
Security Guard.... JIM TANFIELD
Paramedic . ........ STEPHEN PERRING
Stunt Performers... SEAN ADAMES, LUCY ALLEN

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