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Episode 13 - first screened 29th April 2001

Written by: COLIN STEVEN
Directed by: TINA MITCHELL
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER

George is sitting on Andie's sofa as she walks in and makes no effort at all to speak to her. She is upset and walks out. Kelly is outside in her car watching this and goes to see George after Andie has left. She asks him to call round that night to see the kids. She offers him a lift to work. Hyper and Sally talk about going to see Luke (Rachels brother see episode 12) and invite Hi-Ho whos a bit unsure. Pearce sees Kelly and George arriving at the station, and sees Kelly give him a kiss on the cheek. But he's not the only one, Pitbull has seen all. Coleman is off to see DO Griggs, and gives Adam and Recall Hyper's "fanmail". Adam has an idea how to bring him down a peg or two.....

Pitbull sees George and starts rubbing him up the wrong way about Kelly. Pearce stops him and tells George to be careful. Chris arrives to see Coleman and tells her about how the investigation is going. A young girl is cooking some bacon when some clothes nearby catches fire. She foolishly throws water on it causing an eruption of flame. Coleman is passing by when a passer-by stops him and he calls it in. He then rushes to help. The pump ladder is called out as well with Hyper telling Adam to get a move on! Coleman stand under the balcony, but another fireball comes out of the flat. The girl tells Coleman to take the baby and drops her over the side. Luckily Coleman catches her just as the Watch arrives. Coleman gets a ladder from a neighbour and climbs up to get her down. She explains to George afterwards that the baby is her sister, and her mum would have killed her if Coleman hadn't of caught the baby.

Back at Blackwall, Hyper reads his fanmail, including a wierd one which makes him queasy. Pearce tells the crew that they need to do a hose drill in the yard. Pitbull tells them that Pearce is still in mourning, and Hyper and Sally look at Adam for a solution. Hyper gets a call from the mysterious fan, which is actually Recall in the lcoker room with a phoney Welsh accent! He announces to the others that he's pulled a gorgeous sounding kinky bloke. He says theres one problem, Elaine might not be too happy that her boyfriend is asking him out!! Pearce finds Pitbull still at Blackwall, just as Andie asks to see George. Pitbull says he's not surprised after Kelly gave George a lift and a game of tonsil hockey! "You Bastard!" she screams at him, and tells him to go back to his wife.

George goes to Andie's after work to find his bags packed. She tells him its over between them and to leave. Adam arrives at the pub in an upbeat mood after sorting out a dog for Pearce. Elaine talks to him about going to the Police and she offers him an alibi. Sally and Hyper find Luke in the hospital and talk to him about the fire. Sally asks him if they can tell them anything. He tells them about Rachel and some oil burners that were in the living room...... George calls round to see his kids and talks to Kelly, while Chris goes to Andies to try and find George. She tells him that her and Lenny are off to Glasgow the next day and that George has gone back to Kelly. Chris cant believe it. Meanwhile Kelly and George talk about messing up what they had and eventually kiss....

Hi-Ho arrives at the hospital and tries to explain about what happened. Luke shouts at him that he didn't do enough and Hi-Ho storms out. Sally tries to run after him and explain that he doesn't blame him, but Hi-Ho says he should. Luke tells Hyper that he doesn't blame Hi-Ho, and that Rachel was the only thing he had. Adam goes to speak to the police about where he was when Frank was assaulted. Chris arrives at Kelly's to find George just leaving and Kelly asking him to stay a bit longer. Oops!

Chris accuses George of getting revenge on him and tells him about Kelly asking him to go away with her. George realises he's been a fool and says he's welcome to the Blackwall Bike! Kelly tries to get back with Chris but he's not having any of it. He tells her not again and leaves her crying in the street. The next morning Coleman arrives at Blackwall to find George. George has to explain that he's made a right mess and had to sleep at the station. Coleman tells him to go home and not come back till he's decided what he wants and sorted it out. Hyper asks Hi-Ho if he's ok, but gets a mouthful for his trouble. Hi-Ho goes into the locker room very upset and starts crying again.

Chris is at Blackwall to tell Coleman and Sally that he is moving on. He explains that him being around is not good for him or Blue Watch. George meanwhile goes to Sean and Ruby's school and takes them to the park to feed the ducks. Sally conducts some experiments with the oil burners, with a sceptical Hyper and Adam watching. Hi-Ho has to see Pearce about his actions at the hospital. He tells Pearce that he just needs to get on with his job. Sally's experiment is successful as one of the burners goes up, me thinks shes taking this a bit too personally....

Chris finds George and the kids and tells him Kelly almost called the police. He tells George that him and Kelly are over. Back at the station, the Wtach is trying to come up with a name for Pearce's new dog, but have to move quickly when he walks in. Chris tells George he is sorry, but his marriage was a sham and Kelly would have found someone else if it wasn't him. Chris manages to get George to agree to take the kids back and try and sort it out with Andie. At the station, a white van arrives and Pearce goes to investigate. Adam tries to tell him he'll sort it but Pearce is adamant that he will do it. Coleman then asks Pearce for a word just in time as the van contains Pearce's new dog! Coleman has set up a load of clearing up that needs doing as a diversion so Adam can put the dog in the Mess, and asks Pearce to get someone to clear it up. Pearce arrives in the mess to find the Watch with the dog. He assumes that the dog is Adam's and tells him to get rid of it before Coleman sees it. The Watch burst out laughing and Coleman walks in to ask Pearce if he likes his new dog! Pearce is astonished, and Coleman names the puppy Blue after the Watch. awwwwwwww!

Kelly has a go at George for taking the kids and says she doesn't know what she wants. George announces that he doesn't love her. Chris asks George what he's going to do now. George says theres no point to sort it with Andie. Chris tells him to get in the bloody car as he knows where she is! Pitbull arrives at the station and starts to annoy Pearce about Blue, saying she's an insult to Bruno's memory. George arrives at the coach station to find Andie already on the coach. He tries to tell her that he loves her, but she says theres no second chances. Sally tells Hi-Ho some good news about the investigation. She says that she needs his testomony, but he lashes out saying that she couldn't care less what he's been through. By this time George comes back onto the coach and tells Andie that he's not going to give up and lose her. He shows her a coach ticket and says he will go to Scotland if thats what it takes. The coach pulls out, buut Andie Lenny and George aren't on it, with Chris watching it all. George and Andie go home.......

George.................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Elaine Reeve........ SHARON DUCE
Andie..................... JOANNE ADAMS
Pitbull..................... AL HUNTER ASHTON
Kelly....................... VANESSA PETT
Lenny...................... LIAM KERSEY
Luke....................... SCOTT NEAL
DS Mortimer.......... SUSAN TERDOFF
Ruby Green.......... HARRIET PRESS
Sean Green ......... MICHAEL GIBBONS
Anna..................... JILL COOPER
Billy......................... NOEL FITZPATRICK

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