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Episode 15 - first screened 13th May 2001

Written by: DANNY McCAHON
Directed by: NIGEL DOUGLAS
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER

Adam is going through a load of drawers in the middle of the night when Elaine walks in. He tells her he is curious about why Frank dropped the charges. Elaine suggests he forgets about it and gets on with his life. Early morning at the hospital sees Hyper visiting Luke again, suggesting he lives with him and Sally for a while. Hyper says Sally would be cool about it. One of the nurses talks to Luke about a charity go-kart race, with Surgical unable to make it they are looking for another team. Hyper jumps at the opportunity!

At Blackwall, Sally asks Hyper where he got to so early. He explains that he's asked Luke to stay, even though Sally isn't keen. He then goes to see Coleman... At role call, Pearce tells the Watch that Eve is through to the final of the baby competition, a straight vote-off between her and another baby. Adam asks Recall if he's noticed Elaine acting strange. He says he hasn't. Adam then arranges to meet someone later, Hyper asking who the lucky girl is! Adam explains he wishes it was a girl.... George tells the others about his anniversairy gift to Andie of a romantic meal at an expensive restaurant. Hyper comes in and tells the others about the go-kart race, everyone except Pearce is up for it. He asks what the station commander will think as its a bit childish. Coleman walks in and says he already knows about it and that Pearce can sort out the team! Ben also pokes his head around the door and says count me in, but he's here to see Coleman not Recall.

Meanwhile, a young man named Barry is starting his first day at a food warehouse and is told to shift somethings into the freezer. While he's in there the door closes on him and he cant get out. He tries to phone for help using his mobile. Ben finishes talking to Coleman, with Recall finding out that Ben saw Coleman six weeks ago! The bells go off and the PL is called to the warehouse. They arrive, and they explain they've had a report of someone trapped. The crew checks the place out, but they cant open the freezer doors, and they assume there is no-one inside. Suddenly, Barry is able to bang on the door, just as the crew has walked out of the door. The manager runs back to get the Watch, and they start to try and get the doors open. The crowbars are no use, and they think he's been in there for an hour! They get the spreaders and eventually prise the door open, luckily Barry is still alive, just a bit cold!

Back at Blackwall, Pitbull is about when Maggie serves lunch. Pitbull is gloating about Dexter's boy Jack being the other baby in the competition. Hyper tells them that the Watch MUST win. Pearce goes to see Coleman about his vote, but Dexter and Pitbull come in with Jack. Pitbull says the paper is sending a photographer down to photo both the fathers at Blackwall. Pearce runs out and gets Maggie to get Eve. The rest of the Watch are standing on the sidelines with the usual comments by the time the photographer arrives, and Pearce is in full dress uniform! Pearce stops the photo shoot to polish his shoes, to kill time just as Maggie brings Eve in. While the photos are going on Andie arrives to tell George that her rates have gone up and she has to shut the gym, the only way to have a gym is to move away from London. Pitbull swaps the voting numbers around on the notice boards, and also draws on little Eve's picture! George tells Sally about Andies problems, and wonders what he'd be like without Blue Watch.

Coleman has reconstructed the race track on the mess table and is telling the Watch how to race. After shift, Pearce finds Hi-Ho and Hyper trying to phone the voting lines. He tells them that she will win on her own merits. He then sees the picture and goes mad, accusing Dexter of not running the Watch properly. Dexter says he will sort it out and he wont tolerate it. The Watch are in the Twist when Pearce arrives and tells Hyper and Hi-Ho to make the calls. Adam goes down by the river to see Martin Benjamin to discuss whats going on between Elaine and him. Martin tells him Elaine is blackmailing him and that she's good at keeping secrets.

Hyper takes Luke home, and then goes for a Chinese for two. When Hyper comes back, he finds two other people there! George goes to take Andie to the meal, but shes still worried, he tells her that she shouldn't turn her back on the gym. She says that is it then, but George doesn't lose her and will move out of London to be with her. Adam arrives back to the pub and tells Elaine he knows about her deal and that she should have nothing to do with Martin. She agrees. Elaine then talks to Recall about Ben, with Ben overhearing the "back in Scotland" bit. Ben shouts at Recall saying he will be a firefighter and theres nothing Recall can do about it!

The next morning finds Recall telling Elaine about Ben not talking to him at all. The Watch congregate at the Twist, when Pearce comes in with the paper. Dexter and Red Watch have won! Adam goes to collect his things as they all start off towards the track. He goes upstairs to find Elaine on the phone to Martin. He quickly goes out. They arrive at the track to find Coleman having fun watching some practice laps, and Hyper introduces the to Tom, the nurse who set it all up.

While they are having a drink before it startsblonde and is instantly attracted to her. Adam and , Hi-Ho spots a Hyper egg him ontells them he's made the move so hands off. Adam . Adam asks Tom who is he, but Tom asks goes to talk to her, but Tom comes over and starts "so?" and tells Hi-Ho to get in there! He eventually telling Hiback off and Adam jumps on the offensive asking Tom -Ho that he is sitting there. The girl tells him to what his problem ishim that it isn't worth it. The girl tells Tom to forget . Hi-Ho cools Adam down and tells about it cos there will never be anything between them. Hyper asks Adam whats wrong, and Adam tells him . he thinks Elaine and Martin are having an affair behind Recalls back. Hyper cant believe it.

The race starts with Sally and George up first. Elaine comes along and tells Recall Ben is at the pub so Recall rushes off. This leaves a problem as the Watch is a man down. They try to get Elaine to do it, but the cavalry arrives in Maggie and Derek (Welcome back!). Hyper suggests Derek has a go, and he jumps at the chance saying he feels like a teenager! Tom starts to get mouthy saying it'll be the cart with the zimmer frame, but Adam says it doesn't matter as he will be racing too. Tom takes up this personal challenge. Hi-Ho manages to find the girl alone and they start to talk, she introduces herself as Naomi, and apologises for earlier.

The heat gets underway with Adam and Tom jostling for position at the front. Adam nudges his way past Tom and then slows down to block Tom. This allows Derek to sprint past the pair of them and take the lead. Derek wins the race, but Adam and Tom are still nudging each other and Tom forces Adam into a spin making Adam crash into the side wall and collapsing some fake walls around him! The Watch spring into action, Hyper crawling underneath to see. Adam says he has hurt his foot, but is otherwise ok. Adam is sent in an ambulance, with Elaine accompanying him. Coleman tells him that he is not expected in later that day. Luke is in a bit of a state, with Hyper comforting him. Hi-Ho has a go at Tom, telling him he is stupid and could have got Adam killed.

Hi-Ho waits outside the centre, while the others climb on the minibus. Naomi runs after him, and hopes they will run into each other and gives him her phone number and a small kiss, much to the cheers of the watching others! Recall has a heart to heart with Ben and explains that he wanted to be mates, but was afraid of him not liking his fresh start. They patch up their differences, awww! George brings in a silver plate to the gym saying its Edwardos meal. Andie pulls the lid off to find a cheque. George explains that the radio station agreed to change the holiday in Italy for cash so he wants her to have the moeny. Andie makes him a deal that he should get something in return. George likes the sound of that, but Andie tells him he is buying into the business! She says she cant believe he gave the season tickets back too, and he has to admit he didn't want to be under her feet every Saturday afternoon!

On shift later that day, Hyper is still worried about letting Luke stay. Pearce takes the Eve picture down and realises that the numbers have been swapped. He goes to see Coleman, and Dexter is called in and tells them there was a voting scam so Jack has been disqualified. Coleman says they should find out who swapped the numbers. Dexter says "Theres only one person at Blackwall daft enough" and the two Watch Commanders says in unison "Pitbull" Pitbull is called in and has to buy a years supply of nappies for each contestant!!

Elaine and Adam arrive back at the pub and Adam is still in a mood with her. He tells her he knows about her secret. He then tries to leave with Elaine saying he doesn't know what it was like for her, how there isn't a day goes by where she hasn't regretted it. Adam is confused and asks what she has regretted. "Giving you away" she replies. "You're my mother?" he asked and she sobs "yes" He is naturally in shock.......

George.................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Maggie................. SHIRLEY GREENWOOD
Elaine Reeve........ SHARON DUCE
Andie..................... JOANNE ADAMS
Pitbull..................... AL HUNTER ASHTON
Ben......................... FRASER AYRES
Derek...................... ARTHUR WHITE
Martin Benjamin.... JACK CARR
Dexter..................... JOHN ASHTON
Luke....................... SCOTT NEAL
Shaw..................... ROBERT MOUNTFORD
Pettigrew,,,,..........STACY DAVIES
Barry...................... CHRIS THOMPSON
Peter..................... STEVE CHAPLIN
Naomi................... KEELEY FORSYTH
Todd..................... SIMON FIELDING
Stunt Performers.. DEREK LEA, MARK LISBON

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