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Episode 4 - first screened 11th February 2001

Written by: LEN COLLIN
Directed by: SUSAN TULLY
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER
Estimated audience: unknown at this time. please check back in about a week!

MAJOR DISASTER! I missed the first few minutes of the programme due to a dodgy TV :( Luckily, Kaz of Blackwall Online has sent me a guide of what I missed! Cheers Kaz!

A bloke is being chased by some heavy looking guys and legs it into the Crovja Embassy. Coleman phones Steve Prentiss at Shadbrook to moan about the relief who hasn't turned up yet! Hyper comes into the office and Coleman reckons that a call to the Shadbrook Station Commander would be in order! George notices Adam's locker is open and decides to take a peek inside in the hope of finding any incriminating evidence, Adam catches him. George demands to know if Adam nicked the broach, Adam wonders what he should think of George, who is the prime suspect and going through the stuff in his locker! He threatens to tell Coleman about it.

Maggie brings up some Angel Cake for Coleman and Hyper, neither of them are too keen on it!  Maggie reckons they must still have that bug, but Coleman tells her that it might not be a bug and he's called for Environmental Health to take a look around the kitchen. Maggie is upset that he thinks it might be food poisoning, even though Hyper tries to reassure her. She takes the cake away again. Hyper reckons she took the news well! Hi-Ho reads the local news paper which is talking about spontaneous combustion, he reckons it must be true since it's in the local paper. Adam tells him all newspapers are rags! Recall then wants to know when they are going to get paid for the modelling job, Adam tells them that there has been a bit of a hitch and the magazine aren't going to publish the photos. He assures them that they will still get paid.

Pearce finds Fiona scrubbing the oven, she reckons she has to get things done while Eve is sleeping. Hi-Ho takes delivery of the DreamCast and Adam attempts to set it up. Sally sticks her head in a training manual, Hyper reckons she's after his job! George tells Recall about the incident with Adam's locker and then tells him about Andie, who wants a bit of romance in her life. He reckons he should get her some chocolates, but Sally tells him that romance isn't about chocolate - unless it comes in a tub with a little brush! She asks when was the last time that George told Andie he loves her. George is stuck for an answer until he remembers this gorgeous steak and kidney pie which Andie made for him once! Sally reckons it would be better if next time George made the steak and kidney pie, he isn't too sure about that! Then she adds that he should also do the washing up!! He wonders if that would really work, Sally says it does because Joe did it for her once.

Recall asks Adam about the incident with the locker, and points out that he's known George a long time. Adam asks how well Recall knows George, but he also says that he decided against telling Coleman as he didn't want to be the one to stick the knife in. Then Flatty arrives from Shadbrook, he quickly clocks the DreamCast. Hyper takes him up to Coleman's office, where Coleman demands to know what took Flatty so long to get from Shadbrook to Blackwall. Flatty reckons the traffic was bad, Hyper points out that he could have walked in twenty minutes!! Recall, Hi-Ho and Adam finally get the games machine up and running and try to figure out the internet. Sally and Maggie are still giving George some tips on his love life in the kitchen, and Sally reckons George should get in some practice by peeling some spuds! Pearce worries about how the Watch are coping without him, he reckons Hyper isn't experienced enough to take command!

As Pearce is at home with the baby and Fiona, Flatty of all people is sent from Shadbrook as cover! Coleman reprimands him for being an hour and a half late. He also tells Hyper to keep a lid on the banter going round accusing people. George is getting tips off Sally and Maggie about what a woman needs, and between them come up with a way George can impress Andie. Meanwhile, Adam has finally brought in the Internet machine, and him, Recall and Hi-Ho are looking at (How about looking at this site!)

At a foreign embassy, the ambassador's brother has locked himself in a room to stop everyone killing him, or so he thinks. The Ambassador and some of his guards try to open the door, but to no avail so one of the guards tries to shoot the lock of the door, igniting some handily placed paint tins inside! When they do open the door a huge fireball rushes out.. The pump ladder and ALP are called upon, and both rush to the scene. The embassy staff have to try and get the confidential documents. When Blackwall arrive, Hyper tries to get permission to enter, as its technically foreign territory. The only person who can give that is the Ambassador whos inside....... Coleman arrives, and tries to explain to an interpreter that they have to save these people, just as the Head of Security arrives, but he refuses entry. He sends in two of his goons, but not to save people, but to cram as many automatic machine guns as possible into a bag! Back at Blackwall, Maggie gets a visit from Environmental Health. Shadbrook also arrive, as the two goons get onto a balcony. The Head of Security finally gives permission to enter and the crews start up. George and Flatty go in to try and find the ambassador, while Sally crews the ALP and goes up to get the two goons. One tries to go back for the bag of goodies, but he almost falls from the ALP, so he has to drop the bag, revealing the contents to nearby police... George and Flatty find a body, but when they get outside they realise its not the ambassador, and so Hyper and Adam have to go in and get him. Its tough going, but eventually they get him. They are taking him out when Hyper kicks a grenade, oh bugger! Luckily for the team, it had the pin in it, but as they rush down the stairs another goes off above them, sending Hyper flying. Luckily, they are near the door and get out quickly. The ambassador is a little miffed to say the least. He explains to Coleman that they were selling arms through the embassy. The crews arrive back at Blackwall to find Hi-Ho listening to a radio controllers voice, who he thinks is sexy. George is on the phone trying to shift some jewellery. Maggie tells the Watch that the kitchen has been closed down. Aaaaah!

Off-duty at the Oliver Twist, George meets a bloke to sell the jewellery. Recall goes back to Blackwall to check the markets to find the games console gone! Hi-Ho is still going on about the controller, Adam says he knows all the girls at Control, and promises him an introduction to Donna. Recall arrives back at the pub to find the others laughing over the photo shoot pictures. Adam suggests Flatty nicked it and thinks they should liberate it from Shadbrook. While Adam, Recall and Hi-Ho raid Shadbrook, but are found by Steve Prentiss, George goes round to Hyper and Sally's to cook lasange. Unfortunately, George mistook the red wine for vinegar, making Sally almost sick!

The next morning, Pearce is making breakfast when he hears a radio news bulletin, and is upset when Hyper is commended for his actions at the embassy. At role call, Coleman bollocks the Watch for the actions at Shadbrook. Pearce then takes Hyper to one side, and tells him not to be too bigheaded, and congratulates him before giving him some boring tasks. Adam phones Donna, and arranges for her to come down to Blackwall to meet Hi-Ho. George and Sally are working out when George drops his bag, and an expensive necklace falls out.... Sally jumps to conclusions as always. Coleman takes Pearce into his office and tells him about one of Griggs high flyers is visiting. He also hands him a list of things Maggie has to do in the kitchen, and tells him to use some tact. Pearce notices the games machine on Colemans desk. Flatty did take it, but Coleman isn't going to give it to Blue Watch just yet......

Adam tells Hyper and Sally that Donna is coming. Pearce talks to Maggie and starts quoting the rules and upsets her. Pearce tells Hyper about a visitor to the station, and he assumes he's on about Donna. WHen Donna arrives he has to give her the tour. Fiona phones Pearce and tells her they're missing him. He fronts a different story in front of Coleman. Coleman offers him more time off, but he says he doesn't need it. Wake up Geoffrey!! As Hyper shows Donna around, another woman arrives at the station. Sally greets her and thinks shes Donna so starts talking about Hi-Ho, this woman seems to be a bit confused. Hyper sees the other woman, and him and Adam work out the truth.... The other woman is Melissa Clark, Blackwall's new crew commander..... Oooops!

George................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Maggie.................. SHIRLEY GREENWOOD
Fiona...................... HELEN ANDERSON
Elaine Reeve........ SHARON DUCE
Zoe......................... HEATHER JAY JONES
Flatty...................... MARK LEADBETTER
Steve Prentiss....... SCOTT LANE
Vaclav................... JULIAN RIVETT
Vitaliy..................... HARI LAZAR
Leni........................ ANA SOFRENOVIC
Gegori. ................. YURI STEPANOV
Health INspector.. PAUL MIHELL
Donna................... JOANNE FARRELL
Melissa.................. KATY ODEY
Security Guard ... DORIN HIMBU

Please do not use any of these images on any other web sites or commercial use without permission from me!