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Episode 5 - first screened 18th February 2001

Written by: JEFF DODDS
Directed by: GED MAGUIRE
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER
Estimated audience: unknown at this time. please check back in about a week!

George is feeling depressed up in the roof garden when Adam comes up all excited, telling the crew that "Superwoman" Melissa is putting on a floor show by beating Hi-Ho on the weight machine. The Pump Ladder is called to a report of flames in a flat on a nearby estate. Adam gets the sledgehammer, but they try and find out whats going on first. The neighbour has reported that a man is trying to set himself alight. George seesflames round the back, so the crew force entry, Sally and Hi-Ho rigged in BA. What they find is something a bit different, a man dressed up as a viking dancing about his living room! He explains that he is "Erik Hot Helmet" a stripper who uses a flaming helmet as the finale to his act.... Superwoman suggests she talks to him about Fire Safety, and gives Erik a lecture while Adam and Hi-Ho look on.

Back at Blackwall, Pearce has a word with Superwoman, with Hyper asking the crew what they think of Superwoman, as he is feeling threatened... Recall looks at the share markets, and then Bob-a-job Benjamin challlenges Recall to make more money in 48-hours. Recall starts talking about his new dot com business, and George asks for a word outside. He asks Recall to invest a bundle of notes for him, of course Superwoman notices. Hyper is still moaning about her to Sally when she walks into the Mess, with Pearce close behind. Apparantely, she's been going through incident reports and he hasn't filled them in correctly, now go to the back of the class Rob....... Coleman walks in and asks Hyper for a word, Superwoman asks if George is alright as he seems down especially after Kelly left him. After their little chat, Hyper asks Sally how Superwoman knew Kelly's name. Superwoman then goes and tells Pearce about George (those two should get on well!) Down in the bays, George is by himself checking the pump with the rest by the ALP, Melissa and Adam are trying to outdo each other with stats for the ALP when Griggs arrives. Maggie isn't pleased though when she discovers fish in her fridge, and George admits they are a surprise for Andie. Coleman asks George to see him in his office. Griggs tells George that the complaint stands, and that he is to be transferred to Staff Duties.

As you can imagine, George is a bit miffed with the decision and as usual takes it out on the punchbag. Pearce tells Coleman about what Superwoman saw. Coleman has a word with George, telling him he is there if he needs him. Adam asks Coleman if he wants to come for a drink, but Coleman says he is going ballroom dancing! The others go to the Twist, where Adam tries to "help" Melissa with her pool technique, and gets a cue in the stomach for his trouble! Elaine tells Adam that the food poisoning started at the pub with a batch of dodgy sandwiches, just as Maggie walks in. Adam tells them to patch up their differences and Maggie gets the wrong idea by thiking Elaine is going Ballroom Dancing with Coleman!! Sally hadn't got to the pub, but Sean Bateman has a problem with his car, so Sally has to fix it. Unfortunatly, she cant fix it (shame!) so Sean misses his date. He tells her about the time he was jilted at the altar. Pearce arrives home to find Eve and Fiona asleep upstairs. Coleman takes Alison to some ballroom dancing, but strangely Maggie is already there..... She takes John for the first dance, much to Alison's relief! But Alison starts the second one, with her telling him to get his feet insured! Pearce takes Fiona out for a meal, but she seems a bit edgy, and wants to go home quickly. George cooks Andie the fish, and gives her the necklace. But she realises somethings wrong with him. He wont tell, so she says as long as they have secrets they dont have each other. Alison invites Coleman home, but he is a bit hesitant as its been a long time, but she kisses him anyway, awwww!

The next morning at Blackwall, Adam is bragging about making 300 last night. Maggie tells the Watch that Fred Astaire found his Ginger Rogers! They enter the locker room to get ready, but George is already there in a bad mood. Adam starts to take the mick out of Hi-Ho when george snaps and tells him to shut it. Now that he's got the Watch's attention, he announces his move to Staff, leaving the others baffled. Superwoman is taking role call when the bells go off. The Pump Ladder is called out to an RTA. As they turn the corner to see the scene, they realise that its one of theirs.... its a TL! Pearce goes to look for casualties and finds Flatty and another firefighter trapped. Shadbrook arrive and Steve Prentiss realises who it is and naturally is horrified. The other firefighter (Liam) is in a bad way, a scaffolding pole has gone through him. George has to cut the pole, while Flatty is hysterical. George tries to get Flatty to calm down by getting him to answer questions about West Ham. Flatty finally admits to George that it was him who stole the brooch.

The pump ladder arrives back, with Coleman apologising to George for doubting him. Up in the mess, the crews talk about it, with Hyper completely in the dark. Recall and Sally also apologises for thinking George did it. He explains that he sold his wedding ring, to pay for stuff. HiHo informs the Watch that he has pulled. Melissa invites everyone for a drink, but Hyper says he has to do the Iris reports. Hi-Ho and Adam are walking out when Alison arrives to see Coleman. They then click who Ginger Rogers is! She tells Coleman to wear loose fitting clothes and not to eat too much....??? Maggie is just leaving when she spots Elaine dumping a load of food into the skips outside. She goes into the pub and confronts Elaine, who is forced to admit the food poisoning. Elaine says she'll never have to buy another drink, but Maggie says shes not open to bribery, and orders a Gin and Tonic! Hi-Ho's date arrives (Kate) and asks Adam or Hi-Ho which one is Hi-Ho. Adam immediately butts in as always, and sits down with Kate, but she walks away from Adam and takes Hi-Ho away for a chat!

Adam after being rejected for the first time, is ready to give Melissa a thrashing, but she has to go somewhere first. Recall comes in really worried and tells Adam he needs bailing out after the shares have bombed, losing Blue Watch their money! Adam has to tell him that he was lying when he said he made 300.... Hyper is still going over IRIS reports when he spots a blue file in his intray. He looks inside to find written reports about each firefighter. Melissa walks in, and Hyper asks her if they are for Pearce, with comments like "undermotivated" describing Sally. He tells her the Watch is a team and storms out.

George................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Maggie.................. SHIRLEY GREENWOOD
Fiona...................... HELEN ANDERSON
Elaine Reeve........ SHARON DUCE
Andie..................... JOANNE ADAMS
DO Griggs.............. SIMON MERRELLS
Alison Hemmings... LIZ CROWTHER
Melissa.................. KATY ODEY
Kate...................... NATALIE ROBB
Sean Bateman..... DOMINIC TAYLOR
Flatty...................... MARK LEADBETTER
Steve Prentiss....... SCOTT LANE
Mr Eliott.................. MICHAEL MAWBY
Erik Hot Helmet ..... MARK SPALDING
Liam........................ GUY LIST

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