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Episode 5 - first screened 25th February 2001

Written by: DOUG BRIGGS
Directed by: GED MAGUIRE
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER
Estimated audience: unknown at this time. please check back in about a week!

The Watch is involved in some ladder and hose drills, with Hyper and Melissa racing each other. Of course, the rest of the team are egging them on! Hyper wins, but Coleman picks up a mistake about a steep ladder. Hyper asks Sally to have a word with Melissa, but she refuses. Elaine comes across to ask Adam for a favour, she has a birthday party and she needs "The Benjamin Touch"! He reluctantly agrees, after all he does owe her one. Recall is still worrying about the share crash. Pearce asks Hyper what has got into him, but Hyper reacts! The bells then go off, and the pump ladder is called to a person trapped. When they arrive, Adam sees the woman who called and is attracted to her. The woman explains to Pearce that Mr Tompkins is under the floor, The crew can't imagine what he's on about, but Pearce explains Mr Tompkins is a cat! When they get inside, they have to rip up some floorboards, while Adam chats to the woman. When they realise the cat has gone further back, Adam suggests the "Benjamin Sonic Cat Rescue"!! What it really is, is a DSU attached to a coathanger. He switches it on and the horrible wailing noise frightens the cat out to Recall. When Adam tries to retrieve the sonic rescue, he drops it off the coathanger!

Adam finally gets the DSU out and promises to return and see Mr Tompkins......... Coleman is giving a presentation on Fire Safety to pensioners and meets an old Blackwall firefighter who was stationed there in 1954. he says he should pop in and discuss a possible museum in the new station. The PL arrives back, with the crew still teasing Adam for his "generousity". He asks Geoge to give him a hand reflooring Mrs Tompkins' kitchen, George agrees for a price. Adam talks the lads into a birthday bash job, but Hyper has a bad feeling about it. Maggie visits Fiona, and sees Eve and Fiona are in a bad way, Geoff comes home and insists its nothing. Meanwhile, Kate and Hi-Ho are in the Twist, while Adam goes with George to fix the Kitchen, but ends up going upstairs to do another job with Mrs T, leaving George to do the work! Andie goes into the Twist looking for George as he's supposed to be taking a class, but instead ropes in Hi-Ho to do some of his Kung-Fu stuff! Alison finally reveals to Coleman their mystery date, at a bowling centre! After getting a half strike, Coleman is set to follow Alisons example, but rushes out. Alison calls after him, but hes gone.

Back on Station, Adam pays George for his services, and Hyper tries to talk to Coleman about Melissa. Coleman tells him to grow up! Griggs arrives and has a chat with Melissa. It appears Griggs asked for her comments on the Watch, but Melissa thought he meant a formal file! (Knew Slimey had something to do with it!) Coleman gets a phone call from Alison, but hangs up.

At Blackwall pumping station, Blue Watch and Coleman are on an inspection when a teacher from a visiting school party reports one of his kids has wandered off. The kid has wandered down to a basement level and fallen from a ladder. George puts in a runnning call to control and the crew splits up to try and find him. Hyper, Pearce go down to look, and find the boy fallen. The rest of the crew finds them and helps the boy out. Hi-Ho gets some site plans, and suddenly relises that where the boy has fallen is a sluice gate, which should open about..... Pearce had just got the boy up to the others when a torrent of water rushes in and Pearce is swept down a flume to a hold. Hyper decides to go in after him, and jumps into the freezing water with a line attached. Pearce drifts out of conciousness, and goes under....

The boy is taken out into an ambulance, while Hyper finds Pearce and gets him onto a ledge. He finds Pearce is almost hypothermic, and has to rub against him to get him warm. Pearce is a bit uncomfortable with it all. Melissa and Adam lose radio contact with Hyper and go in after him. Adam and Melissa find them and get them out, Pearce is in a bad way, but he will be fine. Pearce thanks Hyper as does Melissa. After shift, Melissa explains the file situation to Hyper, and gives him the file to do what he will. Sally and Melissa's girls night out at the Twist is off as the birthday bash is tonight, but Sean Bateman (does he EVER work?) suggests a winebar if he can come along.

The lads are kitted out in school uniforms for the birthday bash, with them all threatening to kill Adam! Hyper is worried due to his sexuality, Hi-Hos worried that Kate'll see and George and Recall think its bad idea! There are loads of screaming teachers stuffing tenners into their shorts, and getting waited on! Coleman arranges to meet Alison, to explain. Meliisa gets a phone call from Griggs to meet her at the station. He wants to know her reactions on the Watch, and she turns round and tells him that they are a damn fine Watch! Sally also leaves Sean to go clubbing on his own. Kate arrives at the Twist, with Hi-Ho in a flap, but she laughs it off.

Down by the river, Coleman tells Alison that him and his wife used to go bowling, and explains that he was driving the car that she died in when he fell asleep at the wheel. Sean goes round to see Sally, saying that she left a 20 note behind. He scrounges a cup of tea, but as Sally goes to the fridge, he pounces and starts kissing her. The lads finally have finished for the night, with the money being shared out. Adam gives Recall a wadge of money, it being Adams tips, recalls tips and the entrance fee money to help ocver the losses on the share deal. The scene then cuts to Sally's flat, where her clothes are all over the floor, and she is in the shower crying and scared.... Bateman had raped her.

George................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Maggie.................. SHIRLEY GREENWOOD
Fiona...................... HELEN ANDERSON
Elaine Reeve........ SHARON DUCE
Andie..................... JOANNE ADAMS
DO Griggs.............. SIMON MERRELLS
Alison Hemmings... LIZ CROWTHER
Melissa.................. KATY ODEY
Kate...................... NATALIE ROBB
Sean Bateman..... DOMINIC TAYLOR
Mrs Tompkins......... KAREN ASCOE
Ralph..................... PETER GEDDIS
Mr Warren............. MARK McKENNA
Danny.............. ..... ELLIOT JORDAN
Stunt performer.... SEAN ADAMES

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