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Episode 7 - first screened 4th March 2001

Written by: DOUG BRIGGS
Directed by: JAMIE ANNETT
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER
Estimated audience: unknown at this time. please check back in about a week!

We find Sally the next morning, shes trying to phone Hyper but Adam has his phone and switches it off. He awakes to find Hyper asking him what breakfast he wants!?. Fiona is still having problems with the baby, but Pearce is still blind to her suffering. On shift, Sally isn't there at role call, but Hyper explains she had a doctors appointment. The Watch find out that Hyper stayed round Adams, and Adam makes Hi-Ho believe there was something going on. Sally is still crying and smashing plates while the crews get the appliance ready. Alison Hemmings brings a bus full of kids to visit the station. Hyper tries to phone home, but Sally wont pick up the phone. Pearce is going through the uniforms of the Watch for the kids, when one of them starts telling him what they are used for! Little Tommy seems to know a lot about the brigade as he wants to be a firefighter. When Pearce is trying to explain the BA, but little Tommy is telling everyone instead of him! The old Blackwall firefighter arrives and Maggie takes him upstairs to wait for Coleman.

By now, the kids are looking at a chip pan fire demo, but when they pour water on it, little Tommy runs off crying. Pearce takes him up to his office, where he explains that firemen are not superheroes. Tommy tells him about a fire he started accidentally when he put a cake under his bed and the room caught fire. Fiona calls Coleman, trying to get Geoff, and they talk about home life. Coleman gets worried about her. He asks Pearce for a word, leaving Tommy with Melissa to go back with the others. Sally arrives finally, and goes up to see Pearce. Coleman tells Pearce that Fiona might have problems, but Pearce is sure there is nothing wrong. Maggie and Raplh are sharing some tea and biccies, while Pearce phones home but Fiona doesn't answer the phone. Sally gets a bit of a grilling but nothing major.

The Watch is demonstrating another fire, and Pearce being nice for a change, lets little Tommy put it out to try and help his fear about fire. The kids are just about to leave when Pearce gives Tommy a model fire engine. The kids leave as Fiona arrives with Eve, she needs to talk to him, and they go into the Watch Room. She tries to tell him that she doesn't think she can cope, and runs off leaving Pearce holding the baby.

Pearce is trying to change Eve's nappy when the lads arrive to lend a hand (ish). Sally is still avoiding nearly everybody, but finds Pearce and the baby and helps out. She tells Pearce to protect her no matter what. Coleman tells Pearce to go home and sort out his marriage. Coleman suggests Maggie takes care of the baby, and as Pearce leaves Eve with her, the bells go off and the Pump Ladder is sent to assist police at a abandoned house. The crews try looking for an entrance point, but the only way in seems to be a hole in the roof. Adam and Sally climb in and pick their way down to the ground floor. Adam hears someone screaming for help, and finds a girl in a dark room. She explains that her and her boyfriend came in for some quiet place for something, and now she is trapped. As Sally reaches her, she starts fitting and then stops breathing. Sally has to perform mouth-to-mouth to revive her. Luckily it works, and the rest of the crew cut away a door and join them. The girl is taken out to an ambulance and reunited with her boyfriend. Sally lunges at him and tells him he shouldn't have left her. She has to be held back by the Watch. Back at Blackwall, Pearce tears a strip off her, but Sally breaks down in tears and has to tell Pearce that Bateman raped her.

Coleman is now involved and tells Sally that she should see welfare, and that people like Bateman shouldn't be in the Brigade. She storms out saying its about her not the Brigade. She flies into the locker room and starts kicking and punching stuff, Coleman follows and is shocked to see it for real, she starts asking "Why me?" She breaks down crying on Colemans shoulder. Pearce walks into the Mess and tells them all that Sally was raped. The Watch is stunned into silence, not believing it could happen. Hyper blames himself for not going home. Pearce tells everyone he has taken her off the run. Coleman tells Sally that she needs to talk to the police, and Coleman has to talk to Griggs. The rest of the crew quiz Melissa about the night before. She asks them to drop it. Hyper finds Melissa hiding in the locker room, and she tells him that Bateman and Sally were flirting together. Adam tries to make a joke with Hyper but he snaps and tells him to get out of his sight. Pearce tries to phone Fiona but she wont answer the phone again. Sally is sitting on her bunk as Hyper comes in and she tells him not to get involved. She then tells him about the sordid details

Griggs arrives and Sally is summoned to see him. He seems compassionate (must be a bug!) and asks her to explain. Adam tries to make the peace with Hyper, and tells him that he has lots of mates here. Sally leaves the office, and Coleman tells her to go to the Police straight away, as Bateman is on his way in. She protests that she isn't afraid of him. Bateman turns up as the Watch are doing some work, and seems cheerful. The Watch stare in disbelief. Hyper comes in and asks whats going on. Adam tells him that Bateman is here, and Adam and recall have to hold him back and tell him Coleman will sort it. Coleman and Griggs quiz Bateman, but he says she consented. Griggs tells him he will be working elsewhere until this is sorted.

Bateman walks out and Hyper confronts him, and Pearce has to break them up. After work, Pearce arrives home to find no Fiona. Sally is cowering outside her flat as Hyper arrives, and tells him that she thinks the police dont believe her. She doesn't want to go back into the flat, but reluctantly Hyper takes her in.

George................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Maggie.................. SHIRLEY GREENWOOD
Fiona...................... HELEN ANDERSON
DO Griggs.............. SIMON MERRELLS
Alison Hemmings... LIZ CROWTHER
Melissa.................. KATY ODEY
Sean Bateman..... DOMINIC TAYLOR
Ralph..................... PETER GEDDIS
Tommy................... BEN THORNTON
Teenager .............. DANIEL BLISS
Carol...................... JESSICA HOOKER
Luke.................. ..... DANIEL POTT
Policeman............. MARK McCALLUM

Please do not use any of these images on any other web sites or commercial use without permission from me!