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Episode 8 - first screened 11th March 2001

Written by: COLIN STEVEN
Directed by: JAMIE ANNETT
Produced by: ANGUS TOWLER
Estimated audience: unknown at this time. please check back in about a week!

Bateman is driving along when he sees Pitbull out for a run (!) They talk about Melissa talking to the Police, and how they'll probably be stitching up Bateman. On shift at Blackwall, Recall is worried that his son is coming down to London. Ducky and Pitbull find Melissa in the locker room, and start winding her up about her evidence. Hi-Ho tells Maggie about his meeting Kate's parents, with Adam listening in. Hi-Ho explains they dont have much time to themselves and Adam immediatly offers his services.

The pump ladder is called out to a warehouse fire on Shadbrook's ground, with Steve Prentiss in charge. George and Adam are sent in to find two more people inside, while Sally and Melissa standing by as emergency crew. Adam sees all the chemicals and paint and realises it'll blow soon. They see the guy crawling at the top of some stairs, so George runs up and helps him down, but above them a room explodes into a ball of flames and a temporary wall comes crashing down on George.....

Adam tries frantically to find George with the help of a couple of Shadbrook's crew. Adam radios through that George has been hurt and Sally and Melissa go in and help Adam carry George out. George thinks he has busted his arm, and is taken to hospital by ambulance. The crew arrives back at Blackwall to find Hyper and Hi-Ho polishing the ALP. They soon start talking about Pearce being worse since Fiona left and he hears them and shouts at them that its none of their business. At the Hospital, George apparantly only has a broken arm, but Andie is still worried. Maggie is telling Recall about how she's enjoying looking after Eve, but Recall tells her that Fiona's coming back. Maggie tries to talk to Pearce, but he's busy getting ready for ACO Chapman's aarrival. Chapman arrives soon afterwards, just as Alison is leaving Coleman. Hyper finds Sally on her own, and tells her that he's had a word with the Watch, but she tears a strip off him. Chapman talks to Coleman about Alison and tells him not to get too close as she is trying to push a new supermarket development through while the Brigade is trying to put a stop to it. Sally enters and tells him that she is getting loads of support from Rob as well as the Brigade Councillor. Ralph visits Maggie again. Recall has a phone call from Ben (his son for those who have forgotten) but Recall is worried. Chapman talks to Hyper and tells him its never easy to do or say the right thing.

Pearce phones Zoe and tries to talk to Fiona but Zoe hangs up. Coleman overhears Pearce and asks him what is going on. Pearce explains he hasn't spoken to her and he doesn't think she'll ever come back. Ralph and Maggie are looking in the Museum, and Ralph explains that he is having a reunion of old firefighters in the afternoon and asks to borrow an old helmet. At the end of the shift, Adam and Recall lay a bet that Hi-Ho looses his verginity that night, while Coleman tells them that George is only off for a few weeks. Sally gets a phone call from the Police saying they have dropped the case against Bateman. Coleman tells her that they are all there for her.

Pearce arrives home to find a message on his phone, but it is blank. Adam takes Hi-Ho and Kate up to his room where he has laid out a candlelit table for two. Kate thinks its lovely, but Hi-Ho says he has to check for bugs like video recorders. Kate asks him if he was expecting anything after dinner, and explains she never has done "it" before and wants to wait. Hi-Ho says it isn't a problem. Kate says he must be experienced, but Hi-Ho shifts uneasily, she asks him if he is still a virgin, just as Adam arrives with rose in mouth with the starters! Pearce has just put Eve to bed when he hears someone outside, Fiona has returned.

Fiona tries to talk to Pearce about her reasons for leaving, but he isn't having any of it. He is still thinking that she just needed time. Recall and Ben share a beer but Recall apologises for treating him like a boy. Coleman phones Alison to arrange a meeting, but his attention is distracted by Ducky and Pitbull harassing Melissa outside his office. Coleman lets fly at them. George visits Sally at the gym, and they talk about getting over bad things. Sally says hse wants Bateman to pay..... Fiona tries to explain to Pearce that she is back for good, but he needs to get his head out of the sand. Elaine accuses Adam of spying, and then hears Adam and Recall discussing their bet. Hi-Ho overhears and tells Kate, but she seems to have a plan up her sleeve.

Coleman takes Alison to dinner and accuses her of putting her career before him. Sally arrives home to find Hyper getting out some new crockery, but she asks him whats wrong. he explains that he feels so useless. At the Twist, Melissa arrives from Blackwall for a drink, but Bateman walks in and says thanks to Melissa for what she did to help him. Elaine tells him she's not serving, but Bateman says not to be like that. Recall overhears and asks Elaine if she wants a hand ejecting him. Bateman asks him who he's trying to impress, and says he must be trying to get down Elaines knickers. Recall goes for him but is held back by Ben and Melissa. Bateman is then told to get out by Elaine. Pearce goes to bed, and finally talks to Fiona.

Next morning, Recall wakes up to Ben cooking him a greasy breakfast, while Maggie goes to find Ralph. She knocks on the address he gave her, but he doesn't live there. Pearce finally apologises to Fiona for got being there for her and ignoring the obvious. At Blackwall, Maggie studies all the old photographs and finds no Ralph Marshall in any of them. The bells go off and the Watch run down to the bays to find George has pressed the bells! He has come to get a few things out of his locker, and tries to plays up his break. Maggie tells Coleman about the theft of the helmet. Sally and Recall are about to sign Georges cast when he tells them to keep it clean. Sally taps him on the side of the head saying he's no fun and goes to find a pen. George then collapses. Recall rushes to get an ambulance, while Pearce puts him into the recovery position.

Andie rushes to the Hospital to find George unconcious with Kelly by his bedside. Kelly tells her that hes had a cat scan. Adam tries to find out whats going on from the Hospital, but they wont tell him. Sally is in the Watch Room when the phone rings, but there is nobody on the end of the phone. she puts it down, but it rings again and then again. Outside we see Bateman with his mobile phone smiling. Pearce finds Sally sitting on the stairs, and is unusually compassionate to her telling her to take her time. The Doctor comes in to talk to Mrs Green and tells Kelly that George has a swelling on the lining of the brain, he doesn't now when he'll regain conciousness.

Coleman and Maggie drive out to a junk shop, where a friend of Colemans has tipped him off about someone trying to sell an old firemans helmet. As they arrive Colemans beeper goes off and they go in to find Ralph with the helmet. They take the helmet off him, and Maggie tells him he will never be worthy of wearing a brigade uniform. Maggie asks Coleman what he will say to the police, but he says he isn't going to report it as Griggs is bound to blame someone. Off-duty, Adam is offering Ben a guide to the best pulling joints while Recall is staring at them. Elaine tells him to lighten up. Adam gets a round in as Kate walks in. Kate talks to Hi-Ho about last nights "performance" and says that he was so gentle for a man of his experience. Recall and Adams faces are a picture!

Sally is walking home from visiting George when Bateman walks up to her. He asks her if she wants to celebrate his good news. He says they could of had so much more and walks off saying he'll be in touch. Pearce is at home when he gives Fiona some leaflets on councilling for post-natal depression, and he thinks they should do it to sort everything out. She smiles. Andie asks Kelly why the hell she is here, but George wakes up. Sally tells Melissa what happened earlier and says she will expose Bateman and get revenge. George is talking to Andie when he realises he can't feel anything, Oh balls!!!

George................. GLEN MURPHY
Recall.................... BEN ONWUKWE
Pearce.................. MICHAEL GARNER
Sally....................... HEATHER PEACE
Hyper.................... CONNOR BYRNE
Coleman.............. EDWARD PEEL
Hi-Ho..................... FUMAN DAR
Adam.................... SAM CALLIS

Maggie.................. SHIRLEY GREENWOOD
Fiona...................... HELEN ANDERSON
Andie..................... JOANNE ADAMS
Pitbull..................... AL HUNTER ASHTON
Elaine Reeve........ SHARON DUCE
Alison Hemmings... LIZ CROWTHER
Melissa.................. KATY ODEY
Sean Bateman..... DOMINIC TAYLOR
Kelly........................ VANESSA PETT
Ben......................... FRASER AYRES
Kate....................... NATALIE ROBB
Prentiss................... SCOTT LANE
Chapman............. GRAHAM SINCLAIR
Ducky Drake......... ADAM WARD
Ralph..................... PETER GEDDIS
Storeman.............. MARK McBRIDE
Steve..................... RAS BARKER
Backpack.............. EROL MEHMET
Paramedic............ LARA MARLAND
Doctor............... .... LINDSEY MACK

Please do not use any of these images on any other web sites or commercial use without permission from me!