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Episode Guide


Episode 5 - first screened 5th August 2002

Written by: TIM
Directed by: COLIN TEAGUE


Shauna is at home getting dressed up whilst looking at Micks photo and wishing he would come home.  Meanwhile at the station, Mick is busy in the gym when he cramps his shoulder. Sally gives him a massage as Frank walks in. Frank just gets started on the weights machine when George walks in and tells Mick Shauna is on the phone.  Mick goes to answer it but the pump gets called out.  They respond to a rubbish fire at a school, but by the time they arrive the school caretaker has already put it out, so the crew has to make sure its out.


Mick gets a call from Control telling him to phone home. He finds a payphone and calls her.  She tells him to come home as she is freezing. Whilst he is on the phone, nearby an old woman has her bag snatched. Frank chases down the mugger and takes the bag back to the woman, but another man wants it. Confused, the man explains that its full of stolen booze!  Back at Blackwall, its another shower scene as Pearce comes in to tell Mick the DO is there to see him. Mick tells him to tell DO Ross that he'll see him in the pub, Pearce is not impressed.  Charlie and Adam starts taking the piss out of DO "Darth Vader" Ross with Charlie winding up Craig about his old man. The Watch congregate in the pub with Lisa. Charlie starts doing impressions of Craig and Ross but Lisa tells him to cut it out. Ross tells Mick that the inquiry is just red tape, but he hopes its fair.


George is still in the locker room when Pearce catches him as he hasn't put himself down to give blood.  George tries to worm his way out of it, but Pearce puts him down. Pearce asks him if he is going to the pub to show solidarity for Mick, Pearce thinking he could lose his job but George tells him not to be a prat.  Adam follows Frank into the Gents to talk about the arson attack (Ep.4) Mick walks in and asks Adam if he is ok. When Mick gets home, Shauna is in the bedroom brushing her hair.  He goes to get into bed and finds his picture in bed. Shauna explains she took it there when it was cold.  Shauna accuses Mick of having an affair with Sally which he denies.


The next morning, Adam calls round to ask Mick if he wants to join him on a run. He is surprised to find Shauna is dressed up as King George! She explains Liam has a famous people day at school. Shauna tells Mick to go for the run.  Whilst in the park, Adam asks Mick how him and Shauna got together.  Mick realises that Adam didn't go all that way to talk about Shauna, and Adam starts talking about Recall.  Mick warns Adam from spending time with Frank and that he should concentrate on getting a woman!  On shift that evening, George arrives to give blood with Adam, Frank and Charlie watching. Pearce notices that George has passed out at the sight of the needle!  Mick offers to give Sally a lift home but she says its out of his way. Shauna arrives at the station dressed up as SpiderMan with Liam to give blood. She asks Sally and Frank if they want to go out but Mick gets her home quickly!


Adam, Lisa, Charlie and Craig are at Charlie's "Fish Heaven" having some food but Craig doesn't like the fish. Lisa offers him her chips and goes to the loo, and while she's gone Charlie tells the other two that he is taking her out that night..  At the Station next morning, Frank asks Mick if he has told Shauna about the inquiry. He asks Mick if Shauna is ill (meaning mentally), Mick tells him to get lost (in not so many words).  Lisa is cooking while Adam asks her about her "performance" last night with Charlie, she tells him that they did it five times!  Sally tells Mick that Shauna called, but he calls her into his office. He tells her that what happened between her and Frank shouldn't happen again.  She asks him what he'd do if it was someone out of work, but he tells her what she does in her own time is her business and he doesn't need the procedure crap and she storms out.


George Adam and Mick are in the gym when Mick tells Adam he knew Recall was ill.  He tries to apologises but Adam walks out. George tells Mick that he should be with the Watch.  Shauna gets a phone call at home, its Frank but she doesn't give it away with Mick sitting next to her. She tells him to call later when Mick and Liam are out at the cinema.  When they go out, Liam asks if anything is wrong with Shauna but Mick says no. Frank goes to visit Shauna again, she asks him why he is there and they kiss.  Craig questions Charlie about his night of passion while Adam knocks back the drinks with Sally.  Shauna tells Frank that she loves Mick and that she is scared on her own. Frank knows that she is unwell.  She asks Frank about Sally and he tells her that although shes in love with him, Mick would never leave Shauna.  He tells her to talk to him.


The next morning at the breakfast table, Shauna has burnt the fry-up but Mick tells Liam to eat it. Liam says he is unwell so Mick tells him to stay at home. Shauna asks Mick to stay at home but he cant.  At work, Charlie asks Lisa why she told the others about that night. Lisa tells Charlie to lay off Craig or else!  Adam is in the gym again when Sally walks in. She tells him to watch it, but he tells her to piss off. He tells her that he knows Mick knew, but Sally tells him she knew as well. He tells her to leave him alone. She goes to see Mick and tells him that her and Frank arent seeing each other. Shauna  phones and interupts them. She tells Mick that all the lights have gone out and she will sort it out.  Sally phones the DO to tell him she didn't tell the truth in her statement........


Charlie and Craig are playing pool when Charlie tells Craig that him and Lisa aren't an item. Craig asks if he can ask Lisa out.  The bells go off and they rush down to the bays. Sally reads out the address... "Persons Reported" "Jesus, thats my house!" shouts Mick.  The appliances race to the house to find smoke billowing from the front door. Frank holds Mick back from going in telling him to get into BA. soon they are suited up and Mick and Frank go in, with Mick calling for Liam.  They find Shauna on the floor but she cant tell Mick where Liam is. Frank tells Mick to go on and he'll take Shauna out. Mick charges up the stairs and finds Liam in his room, luckily unscathed. As the others fight the fire downstairs, Mick is forced to smash the window to get out.


After the fire is out, the crew look at the mess, the kitchen has gone.  Mick goes to see Shauna in hospital, she tells him she was fiddling about with the wiring.  The Watch is sitting around the mess table thinking about what could have been when Pearce tells the watch he's officially in charge and that they should eat.  Mick has to comfort Liam at the hospital, but George interupts to tell him uniform are outside.


Adam is still pondering about what Mick and Sally knew about Recall, she is still apologising.  Lisa tells Craig to stick up for himself, and he tries to ask her out but fumbles his words.  She realises what he is saying and says yes.  Mick attends the inquiry, and finds out that Sally told the inquiry the truth. He tells the inquiry his judgement is to blame for Recall's death.  The Watch sit at the mess table awaiting news.  Mick hears the conclusion which finds him clear of any blame. Mick is told he needs a break from the Watch.  He goes back to the station and tells them hes clear, much to the relief of the others. Even Adam is pleased and everyone heads off to the pub. Mick buys the drinks and they toast his success but Mick says he cant stay because his family needs him and he has to choose the one he hasn't chosen for ages.  Frank catches up to him and asks him if he is coming back. He thanks him for the advice, and Frank gives him a package to give to Shauna, a snowstorm!  Sally watches thinking Frank isnt so bad after all.


Mick goes to the hospital to find the doctor has found that Shauna has manic depression. The Watch decide to get pissed and Frank offers to buy Sally a drink.  Mick sits with Shauna but when he gives her Franks present she says she doesn't want to see that man again.


Jimmy Watts - IVAN KAYE
Phil Marshall - STEPHEN DE COSTA