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Episode 1

On a shout at a fire at a hotel run as council accomodation, Blue Watch are shocked by the sloppy attitude of another crew's leading officer, Dunckley. Tate criticises both the young woman whos bedroom stove caused the fire and Kevin for defending her. Kevin has his own problems, particularly with his troublesome brother Mickey. When Kevin bollocks him for being truant, the boy vows revenge and starts a series of false alarms at his school. Later the Watch are called out to another fire at the council accomodation. The fire has already got a hold with trapped victims shouting from upstairs windows. despite instructions not to jump, a man and a woman plunge to their deaths. Dunckley's crew are totally unprepared. The young woman criticised earlier by Tate is clinging to a window with her baby in her arms, Kevin tries to reach her quickly, but she loses her grip on the baby. As the baby falls to its death, she lets go and meets the same fate. The Watch return to Blackwall emotionally and physicaly drained, only to get called out to another false alarm at Mickey's school.

Episode 2

A new ADO, Scase, has been appointed to Blackwall and immediately orders a more disciplined approach. Without waiting for Tate, he reprimands Malcolm for a wheeze. Kevin's brother, high on solvents, starts a real fire. Blue Watch deal with it but Kevin is embarrased when Mickey is hauled away by the police. His anxieties about his place in the Watch are forgotten when, in a swinging skip attached to a large hook, he rescues a crane driver who has fallen unconscious 200ft up in his cab. Charisma's mother finally gets Donna out of Charisma's house, Bayleaf falls for widow Clare, and Vaseline becomes a father.

Episode 3

Dealing with a possible radiation leak from a train carrying spent nuclear fuel, Tate is irritated by the train's driver who demands instant decontamination. When Scase arrives, he is more concerned about the drivers complaint about Tate's rudeness than the actual incident, which turns out to be harmless. Meanwhile Hallam is in charge of another Watch at another station and is worried about the bullying of a young black fireman. The firemen there, lead by a racist called Scouser, wrongly think they have been shopped to Hallam. They tie the black firefighter to a ladder and put him face down in a tank of water. He nearly drowns but has no faith in the discipline of the Brigade and leaves it. Meanwhile, Tony is upset when a 19-year-old window cleaner dies after slipping and falling onto railings below. Vaseline finds that his first wife is now living with him and his third wife.....

Episode 4

Blue Watch face a race against time when two building workers are buried under collapsed scaffolding at the edge of a river. There is just half an hour before the incoming tide will drown the trapped men and Tate urgently requests a thermal imaging camera to help find them. But when ADO Scase arrives, he orders the rescue work to be halted until the remaining scaffolding has been secured. Tate ignores Scase and the men are dragged out just in time. Josie attends a Junior Officers Training course, the first woman to do so. Sicknote is jealous as his role as the leading light in POP's is unsure after the arrival of a newcomer, Dominic. Vaseline ends up sleeping with Marion one by mistake while Charisma tries to track down his long-lost father. He is sent to the Savoy Hotel, but is disappointed to find he is only a cleaner there. He tells the Watch that the old man died a hero's death in the war, but nobody believes him. Tate learns he has to go before the Area Commander for insubordination.

Episode 5

Neither Scase or Tate emerge unscathed from their meeting with ACO Bulstrode. Tate is delighted to hear that Scase has been transferred to an obscure station in the North-East. Sicknote comes home to find Jean kissing Dominic, and after attacking him, he leaves home. With the Dockland Development Board buying up the area at relatively low prices, several businesses have burned to the ground for the insurance money. Cafe owner Ray tries a similar ploy, and the exploding petrol traps him inside. As the cafe is just around the corner, the Watch hear the explosion and run round to the blazing cafe. Bayleaf remembers an old man and his dog who live upstairs and Josie has to crawl along smouldering joints to rescue him.

Episode 6

The racism trial goes to a disciplinary tribunal. Hallam is called to give evidence and despite Scouser's claim that it was just a wheeze that went wrong, Scouser and his co-defendants are thrown out of the Brigade. Sicknote has moved in with Charisma while George realises he has blown it with his latest girlfriend, Julia. Malcolm tries to heal the rift, but when George hears that Malcolm has been seen kissing her, he lunges at him. Meanwhile, an old man has been mugged and thrown into a culvert. He is washed down into an underground tunnel where he clings to an overhanging chain for dear life. Tate orders George and Malcolm to get him out. They wade through the rushing water, but Malcolm trips and is about to be washed away when George comes to his rescue. Back on dry land, Tate hopes the cold water has knocked some sense into them.

Episode 7

With Guy Fawkes night approaching, Blue Watch brace themselves for the usual flood of emergency calls. A boy is left to guard a bonfire against a revenge attack from some youths and hides inside from fear. He doesn't hear the youths set fire to the bonfire. When the Watch arrive, the youths throw bricks at them and cut the hoses. From the fumes, Blue Watch realise that someone was inside the fire and find the boy fried. Bayleaf goes home to comfort Clare when her son is rushed into hospital after a firework accident and he rest of the Watch are sent to a bonfire party which has got out of hand and engulfed the kitchen. Badly-parked cars block the appliances path to the house, so Tate orders the appliance through, even if it means damaging the cars. The blaze is put out, but the guests are not happy when they see their cars

Episode 8

Tate asks Josie to take charge of a drill. Predictably, the Watch, George and Kevin in particular are lazy and Josie struggles to keep her temper. Dominic has damaged his larynx and Sicknote is persuaded to return to POPs. Malcolm thinks of a wheeze and as the cats burst into the drinking song, the Blackwall contingent join in! The two Marions go out for a night out, leaving Vaseline to babysit. They return home to find Vaseline asleep with little Damian in his arms, the perfect picture of a father. A routine visit to Surrey Docks turns sour when a truck reverses too far and plunges into the dock. Vaseline, George and Bayleaf put on BA and dive in, George and Bayleaf rescue the driver but there's no sign of Vaseline, he is dead. The funeral reunites Sicknote and Jean, while Josie reveals that Marion one is pregnant

SER 2 CAST LIST: (main characters only)

FF Roland "Vaseline" Cartwright MARK ARDEN
FF Bert " Sicknote" Quigley RICHARD WALSH
FF Mike "Bayleaf" Wilson JAMES HAZELDINE
FF Leslie "Charisma" Appleby GERARD HORAN
FF Kevin Medhurst ROSS BOATMAN

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