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Name: Bert "Sicknote" Quigley  
Rank: FireFighter
Age: mid 40s
Lives: London
Married: Yes (to Jean)
Children: None (?)
Previous Postings: None Known

Sicknote is the oldest member of the watch and has been at Blackwall since 1986. Married to Jean, Sicknote is looked upon as the "father figure" and is always helping out new recruits. Sicknote is the classical nut of the station, enjoying amateur dramatics and Beethoven. He presents a Hospital radio show after going in to complain about the station. Jean's miscarriage in series 11 left him to submerge himself in his work, but after being appointed Schools Liason, they decided to attempt to foster a child. Owen arrives in series 12, and is a handful for poor old Sicknote. But he seems to get over the initial fears and builds a rapport with the kid.

He is nicknamed Sicknote because he used to be a hypocondriac, the nickname has now caught on nationwide every fire station in the UK is alleged to have a "Sicknote" Even Darren Anderton (Spurs and England football player) is nicknamed Sicknote!

Sicknote is due to leave in Series 13......

Sicknote Photo Gallery

The Actor - Richard Walsh:

Richard was born in Lewisham, near to the place where Blackwall is supposed to be. He is married to Sarah.