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Interview taken from The Sun TV Mag 29 April - 5 May 2000:

Joe and Dan in a hot spot
The Blue Watch Boys walk into double trouble.

London's Burning comes scorching back onto our screens this week - with two of its heroes being held hostage at gunpoint in a blazing building. The smash hit drama left viewers on tenterhooks when it took an eight-week break after episode nine in March. Lives were left in danger as Blue Watch tackled a huge fire in a store in Harrow Street. When we return to the scene this week, the crew seem to have the situation under control. But two drug-runners are hiding in the building, and when Joe Walker and Dan Barratt go in for a final check, they walk into a nightmare.

Jim Alexander, who plays Joe, says: "The two villains try to make a run for it but the bag containing their drugs split open and when Joe and Dan tell them to hold on, one of them produces a gun. Things could not be worse for the firemen. They are being held hostage at gunpoint and the room they are in is on fire. They are fighting for their lives on two levels and there is little they can do to help themselves"

The gripping scenes with Brad Gorton who plays Dan, were tough to soot but Jim, 24, loved every minute. He says "It took two days to film but they were two of the best I've had since joining the show. It was a bit different and quite dangerous. It was gritty and nasty because we couldn't wear breathing apparatus, so we got quite smoky for real. And even without the flames it was hot because we shot it in August."

Light relief in this week's episode comes back at the station, where Hi-Ho, Carmen, Recall and Rob are playing volleyball. The game soon gets out of control - and the ball smashes a window on Coleman's car. There are five more gripping episodes of London's Burning in the current series, and a new run is already in production.

Jim, who is dating a TV location manager, has a healthy respect for fire after two frightening experiences as a boy. He says: "I once threw an aerosol can on a fire in the garden, it was a stupid thing to do because it exploded and nearly hit me in the face! Another time, a kid told me that hair gel was flammable so I smeared some on a tree in our garden and set it alight. It burned down half the tree and I got into big trouble with my parents"