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The London's Burning Web Ring

Things go wrong with anything and unfortunately the Web Ring is no exception so here is a few questions which you might be asking yourself.

I would like to add my site to the web ring but don't want the HTML fragment on my homepage, what should I do?
It is a condition of being part of the web ring that the HTML fragment is on the page you have submitted.

I would like to join the web ring but don't have a site about LB, can I still join?
No, but there are many web rings on all manner of subject so take a look at the providers of the service, .

I have added the HTML fragment to my site, but it is not working properly, when I click on next and previous, strange messages appear?
This is because sites are added by me. I will try to check sites as soon as possible but it is probably because I have not noticed you have added the HTML fragment that I have not added you to the ring. You can prompt me by e-mailing

My site has been part of the Web Ring for a little while now but for some reason the next and previous links have stopped working?
Sites can only be removed from the ring by you, the web master or me, the ring master.
If you leave the ring at any time, from then there is no point in hosting the HTML fragment anymore.
If you have not removed your site there is still two other possibilities. Either the webring server is down, or I have removed your site for some reason. If I have removed your site, I will have e-mailed you at the e-mail address you submitted to tell you why. It is probably because you have removed the HTML fragment, but there could be another reason like copying other members web sites.

Have I not covered your question?
For all WebRing problems, email me on and I will try and help you :)