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Interview taken from Whats on TV 08-14 January 2000:

Flames of Desire
Things hot up for Blue Watch's lovers, Joe and Sally, this week - in more ways than one...

They may be madly in love - but their secret passion could signal disaster for London's Burning couple Joe and Sally, who risk being booted off Blue Watch if their affair is discovered. But as the new series begins this week, it looks as if Station Officer Chris Hammond may have guessed their secret. 'Sally and Joe have been arguing publicly with each other to put people off the scent,' explains Heather Peace who plays firefighter Sally Fields. 'But it may not have worked. despite their best efforts, they can't keep their hands off each other.'

Jim Alexander, the 23-year-old who plays Joe Walker, has past experience of keeping an affair quiet. He met his girlfriend when they were both working on London's Burning. 'She was on the other side of the camera but it could have been tricky,' says Jim. 'It's easier now because she's left the show.'

This week, Sally and Joe put their passion on ice as Blue Watch tame a fire at a hotel - the biggest in the show's history. The producers even let the controlled blaze take hold in order to make it more realistic. Real firefighters were on hand to make sure the fire didn't get too out of control. Several Blue Watch members emerge as heroes, while Recall experiences a life-changing moment as the result of a dramatic incident. 'The hotel owner ignored fire regulations and, when a lorry crashes outside, it leads to a huge blaze,' explains Jim. 'The results are spectacular - it was an incredible experience to be able to film such a sensational scene.'

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