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Interview taken from Whats on TV 29th April - 5th May 2000:

Boxing Clever
There's a nasty experience for Sally as London's Burning returns, but it gives actress Heather Peace a chance to show off her new skill

Firefighter Sally Fields is the victim of a nasty attack in this weeks's episode of London's Burning - which restarts on Sunday after a six-week break - and winds up with two not-so-lovely black eyes.

But if this was real life, it would probably have been her attacker nursing the bruises

"I pack quite a punch" laughs Heather Peace, 24, who plays Sally. "when I was a drama student, I kept fit by doing boxing training and I still do many of the exercises, so I'm pretty powerful."

Heather has since added to her physical prowess by taking up kick-boxing as well. "In the programme, Sally decides she needs to protect herself so, over the coming weeks, she learns to kick-box" she says. "For the story, I had to have an intensive course, so I look good and can now kick down a few doors! Its a great sport - I plan to take it up in my spare time. It makes you feel able to protect yourself and helps you act more confidently"

Kick-boxing is the second surprise talent that Heather's revealed in London's Burning. Fans of the series already know she has a great voice. When Geoff "Poison" Pearce married Fiona in the show six weeks ago, Heather's character, Sally, who earns extra cash by singing in a jazz club, sang at their wedding. The song she performed, The Rose, originally recorded by Bette Midler, is due to be released as a single shortly. "At first, I din't want to do it because "TV star makes pop song" is a bit cheesy" laughs Heather. "But I realised what a fantastic opportunity it was. I've been singing since childhood - I was a soloist in church from about the age of 10 - but singing as a career was just a dream because it seemed so impossible"

As well as learning to kick-box and recording her single, Heather has also acquired her first mortgage "I'm moving to a flat in Brighton" she smiles. Amid all this activity, Heather still found time to play Moll Flanders on stage in Stoke-on-Trent. "it was great to wear a corset and a wig" she admits "I love London's Burning, but firefighters costumes do nothing for a girl!"

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