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LB: Your Say 2001!

You have spoken! Slightly later than advertised here are the results of the recent voting!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give me your thoughts, LB now have these results so lets see what happens!

My comments are in red underneath the questions, with my personal feelings at the bottom!

Q1 Who was your favourite Blue Watch member in Series 13?

John Coleman 1                                            
Geoff Pearce 1                                            
Rob "Hyper" Sharpe 13                                            
George Green 7                                            
Stewart "Recall" MacKensie 0                                            
Sally "Gracie" Fields 9                                            
Adam Benjamin 21                                            
Ronnie "Hi-Ho" Silver 9                                            

I'm not surprised who won this, the creation of Adam seems to have bring that comedy value back. I'm surprised that Hyper and Hi-Ho didn't pull in many and SHOCKED that Recall brought in none!!

Q2: What was the most memorable shout in Series 13?

Tunnel fire 20                                                
Hospital shout 23                                                
Irish girl lock-in 2                                                
Rachel / Luke 5                                                
Embassy fire 1                                                
Cat under floorboards 1                                                
Plane and snakes 3                                                
Go-Kart (Adam) 2                                                
Pumping Station 1                                          
Romantic light wells... 1                                                
Stolen Appliance 1                                              
Model boat 1                                                

A close one this, but expected! The big shouts are always popular but nice to see some of the smaller ones too.

Q3: Who were the best couple in Series 13?

George and Andie 17                                    
Recall and Elaine 11                                    
Hyper and Luke 2                                    
Geoff and Fiona 12                                    
Coleman and Alison 3                                    
Kate and Hi-Ho 2                                    
Naomi and Hi-Ho 1                                    
Maggie and Derek 1                                    

A couple of wierd ones here, but on the whole another close run thing with the three happy in love couples scoring highly. Lets see how much Hyper and Luke get next year!!

Q4: Which storyline in Series 13 did you think was rubbish (if any)

None 30                                                              
George / Chris / Kelly 4                                                              
Hi-Ho being a virgin 2                                                              
Hi-Ho and Kate 1                                                              
Luke / Rachel fire 1                                                              
Coleman / Alison 1                                                              
Date Rape 1                                                              
Erik Hot Helmet 1                                                              
Hyper and Adam 1                                                              
Adam and Elaine 1                                                              
Blue 1                                                              
Fiona / Geoff troubles 1                                                              

Understandably, a lot of you loved every second of this series. A few niggling points on the others, especially the "Chris does good" storyline....

On the whole I think this proves that LB is as popular as ever, with only 65 out of the total 8.5 million being represented here. Just goes to show 15 years on from the pilot, how good the drama has been.


Q5: Do you think ITV should keep commissioning LB series?

Yes! 63
No! 0

Why did I think this would be the case!! Silly question really :) and no I'm not going to put 63 little boxes on the screen!

Q6: Who should be left out of a new series?

No-one 27                                                        
Sally 6                                                        
George 4                                                        
Hi-Ho 6                                                        
Pearce 6                                                        
Coleman 3                                                        
Pitbull 3                                                        
Recall 2                                                        

No real surprise here except Hi-Ho scoring 6, must be males that voted for him!

Q7: Who would you like to see back at Blackwall (has to be alive!)

Kevin Medhurst 6                                    
Dan Barratt 15                                    
Melissa Clark 5                                    
Greeg Blake 3                                    
Malcolm Cross 2                                    
Jack Morgan 8                                    
Chris Hammond 3                                    
Bayleaf 3                                    
Charisma 2                                    
Tate 1                                    
Jaffa Parrish 1                                    
Billy Ray 1                                    
Clingfilm 1                                    
Josie Ingham 1                                    

I thought this might bring up every cast member that isn't dead, and this list isn't far off! Dan was a favourite from the start, bit disappointed to see Jack Morgan scoring so low and even Chris Hammond for that matter. I dont think we'll see Billy Ray back somehow (sniff!) :o

Q8: Who would you like to see more of in the next Series (non-Blue Watch members)

Chris Hammond 5                                      
Ben MacKensie 7                                      
Melissa Clark 12                                      
Zoe 2                                      
Luke 5                                      
Pitbull 4                                      
Prentiss 2                                      
Elaine 5                                      
Blue 1                                      
Maggie 2                                      
Coleman 1                                      
Chapman 1                                      
Bateman 1                                      
Naomi 1                                      
Jean Quigley 1                                      

Well well what a surprise! She may have been in it for 6 episodes, but sassy Melissa Clark seems to have won your hearts! Ben came in a creditable second, and you'll be pleased to know he will be returning. The last few seem a bit odd, but a Bateman reunion........ get the ambulance on standby!

Q9: Do you like the new set-up of one pump and an ALP

Yes 41
No 22

Hmmm, I thought this would be quite close! For the busiest station in London (so it seems) its strange that the one pump strategy is well liked.

Q10: If no to Q9, would you like to see two pumps instead?

Yes 21
No 1

I wonder what the 1 person wanted?? 2 pumps and a ALP? sorry wouldn't fit the station!

Q11: If you could have one shout in 2002, what would it be? (Top 5 only)

Major Warehouse Fire 3                                    
Major RTA 7                                    
School Fire 3                                    
Railway Accident 3                                    
Aircraft disaster 3                                    

There were so many others asked for once, the list is below these comments. Another M-way pile up is sorely missed as well as more building fires.

House Fires, Hospital (just had that!), Shopping Centre, Farm, Chemical Lab, London Eye rescue, campsite, collapsing buildings, funny shouts, Stadium fire, false alarm fatality, suicides, boats, underwater rescues, flat fires (had loads in Ser 13!), RAF base, Old Blackwall, Cat up tree, 20 pumper.

Some of the more funny ones were: 11 Downing Street (no. 10 pls!), Shadbrook!, and burning the dome........... Food for thought I think!

Q12: Any other comments

There were just so many, its impossible to write them all, so I have selected a few for a general idea

I think that this series didn't have enough action in it and was getting too involved with their personal lives, which i don't think should be taking priority.
Libby Clarke
please keep hiho and hyper in the show as they are brilliant actors and gorgeous.
Suzanne Lincoln
LB having the ALP, doesn't quite work as obviously not called out to everyshout and therefore it and the crew do not get used a lot.

To introduce a couple of new fire-fighters (that stay for more than 5/6 episodes!).  It feels as if the watch is smaller than of previous series
Joe Martin
London's Burning is as brilliant as it's always been!
Kaz Moody
In the past few years of london's burning, with the exception of series 13, the show has failed to show how emotional the role of a firefighter can be. They have to cope with alot, including death and gruesome injuries. I think a dramatic road/rail crash would demonstrate well the personal qualities needed to be a firefighter and effective part of a team
Rob Holmes
London's Burning was brilliant this serie. Congrats to all the characters that made it so humours and emotionally. All the storylines were brilliant and i  hope to see all of Bluewatch back inaction soon. Congrats to Heather Peace for her very touching and emotional role, during the rape storyline. All the characters are brilliant, and i hope that London's Burning wll continue for a long time to come.
Thank you all for making my Sunday nights so enjoyable
Natalie Lyons
Do keep the humour in it and keep it realistic.  Having friends as fireman I know that it is there humour that keeps them going and you only have to watch some of the old episodes to find they were much more all time favourite episode is the Talent Contest one.....I laugh everytime I watch it.....and as for realism don't go overboard with the big shouts - a lot more smaller ones causes just as much excitement and audience reaction....
Diane Kelagher
Don't axe/cut short London's really is one of the best drama shows on television!

Oh, and I really think Series 12 should either be repeated on TV, or put out in video! (Would that would fill up the long space of time between series 13 and 14?) I know at least several people who would buy/watch it...
Pui-Tien Man
Well done to all of the cast! Series 13 was a great series keep up the good work!
Gemma Lambourne
I would just like to say the LB is brill.  well done to the writers for a brill series and a huge congratualtions to the actors who were fantastic as usual.  I would especially like to congratulate Sally and Fiona on their fab acting of their date rape and post natal depression story lines.  next series i would perhaps like to see Saun Batemans trial just to carry on that particular story line.  once again congratulations on a wonderful seies and keep it coming
Laura Birch
I think the series was brilliant. I haven't actually seen London's Burning before, but i got hooked on this series and i love all the characters!!!! I love it and there has to be another series
Hannah Connelly
With regards to the small museum which was being built during the series I would like to see ex-members of blue watch coming to visit and also pictures of old blue watches with possible flashback storylines.

As for the Series it is getting better and better, Series 13 has been the best since the early years and I believe it will get better.

The Casting of Sam Callis as Adam has been a masterstroke, he is the new Vaseline. Keep up the good work
Barry John Sim
Even though some of the shouts have been explosive, sometimes the love lives and personal problems of the crew seem to take up more time than the actual fire fighting itslef. What i'd like to see is a little more action put into some of the episodes than the small talk
Roy Lee
How about Bayleaf buying the old blackwall and converting it to a restaurant?
More shouts as well please!!
Barry Harding
LB ROCKS FOR EVER LWT should do sometihng about the offical web site More action and less soap
Simon Parry
they should have more than one shout per episode, because bluewatch hardly ever get called to fires anymore, unless it is the end of the series!
Karen Kitching
Series 13 was absolutely brilliant.  You should most definately do a new series.  And my best mate and I want to see more of Adam
Nicola Cragg
If it wouldn't cost too much, a re-run of ALL episodes starting from Series 1 to be shown on the ITV network would be great because I was very young when it all started! But apart from that, LWT are doing an excellent job, keep it up!
John Coupland

Thanks again to those who did it, now I guess you want to hear my views!

Series 13 was as good as its ever been, but I didn't like the degrading to one pump and ALP. Some characters had more storylines than others but my biggest single complaint was where were all the night shouts??? It wasn't until Episode 15 we actually saw them on night duty :(

Also, how about more stand-bys and training shots. Oh and a few mess food fights too....

So, my personal answers to the Questions are as follows....

Q1: Fav character?: Adam Benjamin - Quality comedy!
Q2: Best shout?: Tunnel Fire - gripping stuff, with a subtle twist!
Q3: Best couple?: George and Andie - nice to see love can conquer all!
Q4: Worst storyline: I have two, the Chris / George / Kelly thing, and the George thief one, we all knew George was innocent!
Q5: New series?: OF COURSE! just gimme a break though :)
Q6: Left out?: Sally - nothing more to do with her
Q7: Back again?: Jack Morgan - that sense of humour is missed
Q8: More of?: Melissa and Ben - two for the future?
Q9: Like the set-up: No - but if it is the same, how about the ALP going all over the place as per real life?
Q10: Two pumps?: Yes please and a ALP..... oh that means a move back to the old Blackwall!
Q11: Shout?: really hard one - something new thats never been done before, like shop fires?

Well thanks for reading this far, roll on Your Say 2002!
Gareth Perkins
Ipswich, 26th June 2001

G.Perkins 2001.