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LB: Your Say 2001!

This is YOUR opportunity to let the production team know what was good about Series 13 and what you want in Series 14!

The results will be announced on 30th May 2001.

  • Please provide the following contact information:
  • Who was your favourite Blue Watch member in Series 13?

  • What was the most memorable shout in Series 13?

  • Who are the best couple in Series 13?

  • What storyline in Series 13 did you think was rubbish (if any)?

  • Do you think ITV should keep commissioning LB series?

  • Who should be left out of a new series? (Blue Watch personnel only)

  • Who would you most like to see back at Blackwall? (has to be alive!)

  • Who would you like to see more of in the next series? (non-Blue Watch members only)

  • Do you like the new set-up (1 pump and ALP)?


  • If no to Q7, would you prefer two pumps?

  • If you could have one shout in 2002 what would it be?

  • Any other comments?

  • G.Perkins 2001. All personal information will be kept private and not distributed to anyone.