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LONDONS BURNING CHAT - EVERY SUNDAY 8pm -> late, with an hour break when LB is on

Click here to forget mIRC and use the browser based chat (both versions lead to the same room!)

Due to problems with two chat rooms, I have decided to keep the one on this page running, however in a slightly different approach...

The easiest way to connect to the chat is to download a program called mIRC from It is 800kB big, so I suggest you download it one evening before the chat on Sunday. It has the advantage of being able to chat without the problems of a Java based web page. If you wish to continue to use the browser based one, click here. (the two versions do lead to the same chat room!)

WARNING: Any offensive remarks to any chatter will result in the offender being kicked off the server by my size 9 boot.....

Then, when you have installed mIRC, you need to set it up. This can be done as follows.

1) Load mIRC, and the options box should come up, with connect already highlighted. You are then asked to select a server to connect to. Click the ADD button, and the following box appears:

You should then fill out the box as shown here. You need not specify a password. When you are done, you click ADD.

2) You should now be back to the connect box:

Select the Londons Burning server you have just added from the drop down menu, and fill in your details. If you don't wish to put your email address, don't, but make sure you type something in the box, and it must have an @ in it. Then choose your nickname. This is the name others see when you say something. please make it something original to avoid being booted off by the server. When you are ready, click the 'CONNECT TO IRC SERVER' button.

3) Once the client has connected to the server, you should see another box like this one.

Check the Pop up folder on connect box, then enter #Blackwall in the top box and press Add. Then highlight #Blackwall and click join. On subsequent visits to the chat room, you only need highlight the room and click Join.

You can then start chatting. Once connected, you should see something like this (click to enlarge). Simply type your messages in the lower-most box. You can see who is there by looking at the right hand side box.

What you should end up with

Enjoy yourself and dont hesitate to email me on if you find yourself stuck!! I am usually echo441 on LB chats, so just click my name to talk to me privately (so that no-one else can see it!)

Special bits

There are ways of making nice coloured words and things, but due to an OVERUSE of them (eh Kaz!) I'm not going to tell you how to do them :) Just watch out for my personal little "popup messages" which will spring up here there and everywhere!

You may have noticed people using little :-) and <g> symbols. They are abbreviations for emotions, sayings etc. Some you may come across in the room are:

:-) or :)             Smile
<g>                 Grin
:-P or :P          Sticking your tongue out
lol                     Laugh out loud
rofl                   Rolling on the floor laughing
afaik                As far as I know
lmao                Laughing my arse off
LB                   London's Burning

There are many more, if you come across some you don't know about, then just ask!

Click here to return to the mess room!