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Welcome to the new look Mess Room, this is where you will find the Chat room, interviews with the cast, and the Yahoo! notice board.


new - The Mirror - 25th February 2001 - No Peace of Mind, Heather Peace talks about her date-rape storyline
Sun TV Mag 20 - 26 January 2001: Red-hot recruit, Sam Callis
Whats on TV 20 - 26 January 2001 - Can't get used to Losing You, Heather Peace
V Times 20 - 16 January 2001 - What a way to go!, Glen Murphy
Inside Soap 20 January - 2 February 2001 - Face of the Fortnight: Sam Callis
Whats on TV 20-26 May 2000: Glad to be Gay, Connor Byrne
The Mirror Mag 2nd May 2000: Stars take on their TV roles, Heather Peace
Whats on TV 29 April - 5th May 2000: Boxing Clever, Heather Peace
TVTimes 8-14 January 2000: London's Crooning, Heather Peace
TVTimes 8-14 January 2000: Playful? No we're just a pair of cuddly toy boys..., Jim Alexander and Brad Gorton
TV Choice 8-14 January 2000: Go to Blazes, Roger Kendall, Technical Advisor
Whats on TV 8-14 January 2000: Flames of Desire, Heather Peace and Jim Alexander
The TV Mag 8-14 January 2000: Hot for Hits, Heather Peace

Current cast members appearances on other TV shows

The Londons Burning Fan Fiction Bit
Heres you opportunity to showcase your writing talents! Write an episode of LB and I will put it on here!

Yahoo! Club - Blackwall's Social Club
Notice board for all LB fans! Make friends, comment on the show, ask questions etc etc