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Interview taken from TV Times 08-14 January 2000:

PLAYFUL? No we're just a pair of cuddly toy boys...

These two stars from London's Burning, Brad Gorton and Jim Alexander, are really a couple of swingers on the quiet. When Brad's not learning lines for his role as firefighter Daniel Barratt, he enjoys swinging a golf club and Jim (aka Joe Walker) likes swinging with a band called The Leaf People.
Brad, 25, says: ' I play golf as a means of keeping in trim but I'm nowhere near as fit as I was when I played rugby for Hertford. I gave the game up whe I broke both my shoulders and now I spend too much time eating doughnuts from the London's Burning catering truck! He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend at his flat in his home town of Hertford.
Jim, 23, can be found practising his strumming during breaks from work. 'I've got some callouses on my fingers from all the rehearsing I've done' He also likes to travel and during the four month break between the last series of London's Burning and this new one, he and his girlfriend checked out Thailand and the South of Vietnam. 'We went way off the tourist track in Vietnam and the country was just amazing. We're planning more long trips in the future.'
The two stars have joked about opening up a shop to sell the hundreds of cuddly toys and gifts they have recieved from a Manchester fan. 'Maybe we should auction them for charity' says Brad

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