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Interview taken from TV Times 08-14 January 2000:

London's Crooning

Even Heather Peace was dubious when the powers that be at London's Burning suggested her character Sally took up jazz singing in the new series, which gets off to a blazing start this week. The talent is finally revealed to the rest of Blue Watch at Pearce and Fiona's wedding when she croons the Bette Midler number, "The Rose". 'I thought the storyline was a bit cliched' Heather admits, 'I felt more comfortable when we decided that Sally would actually turn to singing to earn some extra money, which makes the storyline more credible'. Off-screen Heather needs no credibility; she's a jazz singer already, and until recently she sang every week in a Manchester club.

This article has been changed, because the original has Heather's surname as Pearce!

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