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The London's Burning
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The Future
Author: Sasha (

Rating: PG (I' m not that dirty really)
Disclaimer: I don' t own them but I wish I did especially Joe.
Summary: The Chinese warehouse fire did happen but no one died.

Laughter came from the mess room where the watch had just returned to after the Chinese warehouse fire.

"So you said yes then Sally?"

"Yep and before you ask George no I’m not pregnant!"

As Sally said those words she looked at Joe and thought well not yet. She remembered the night before at Hyper’s where she told him how her and Joe were not ready for kids, but nearly losing Joe tonight made her think again.

Joe looked at Sally while the whole watch congratulated them on their engagement even Pearce said well done, well he was happy now days since Fiona and the announcement of her pregnancy, but being Poison he had to put a damper on things.

"Well Joe we will miss you here but all the best."

"Yeah I will miss all of you lot aswell, but you never know I might see you at shouts."

"So have you two thought about dates yet I could make you a cake and …."

"Mags that’s kind of you but we’ve only just got engaged and we’ve not talked about things yet."


The watch minus Joe he was transferred to Shadbrook and his replacement was Hi-Ho, were in the mess room waiting for their new temporary crew commander who was training with them at Blackwall, all they knew about them was that Poison thought that they would make a brilliant crew commander and that they will be a great asset to the watch.

"So do you think we will get another Poison here then guys?"

"Hyper we don’t know that, they might be nice for all you know!"

"Sally you always defend the new ones don’t ya?"

"Yep I do Dan, oh and by the way don’t get Joe too drunk I would like him to be standing at the altar tomorrow!"

"Sally don’t worry it will be fine right guys?"

Poison walked into the mess room with Melissa who turned out to be the new crew commander.

Sally took Melissa under her wind all day and even envited her to the wedding.


"Joe phone the Gov. for me I don’t feel well?"

"Sally please just go to the doctors its obvisoly not food poisoning!"

"Fine I will go if you phone for me and tell them that I have gone to the doctors and will be in later."

"Ok you win Sal."

Sally knew what was wrong with her she just needed time to get use to the idea and find the right time to tell Joe.

Joe was on the phone to Coleman when Sally interrupted him

"Joe I don’t need to go to the doctors I’m pregnant."

"Sorry Gov erm I’ve got to go. Sal are you sure I mean of course your sure right but we were always so careful and I don’t know what to say"

"Joe I want this baby, but I’m scared when I found out I wanted to tell you but I didn’t know how to."

At the doctors later that day Sally and Joe found out that there baby was due in July sometime around Joe’s birthday (hey I’m guessing if I’m wrong who cares).


Summary of what has happened in the missing months

Sally is still at Blackwall doing the same job as Mags, Joe has transferred back, Melissa was kepted on and Poison had a baby girl named Eve. ( I know more FF than norm but I thought if they had her has an extra person while training then she should be able to stay.)

Sally was in the kitchen mess room eating cheese and chocolate spread sandwiches while the rest of the watch were eating shepherds pie.

"Joe can you make me another one please I would except I am carrying your child here and it’s kicking me to bits."

"Yeah yeah any excuse babe, I still don’t know how you can eat that."

Pitbull comes into the mess room and starts to make his usual comments about Bluewatch. Looking at Sally even though he would never admit it he fancied her and was so jealous of Joe because he had her.

"Joe how can you sleep with that thing I meant she so fat and …"

"WHAT did you say, she is not fat and believe me there is nothing more sexy than a woman carrying your child not that you would ever know no one will have you."

Sally during all of this ran out crying Pitbull was right she was fat how could Joe fancy her now she was huge she was bigger that Pitbull and still getting bigger.

"Where has Sal gone?"

"She’s gone to the bathroom I think I will go and see if she’s alright for you Joe?"

"No it’s alright Mel but thanks I think I should go."

Her face was red and blotchy from the crying.

"Joe how can you fancy me I am FAT he’s right look at me."

"Sal you’re NOT FAT!"

"Joe don’t lie look at me really look at me I am bigger than Pitbull."

"Sal I am looking at you and you are not fat you are just keeping our baby safe and warm and that’s all and I love you even more for it."

"You know what Joe you always say the right things to me know wonder I love you to."

Some time in July.

The shout wasn’t a big one, it was a cat stuck under the floorboards but it was proving difficult as the cat kept on moving towards under the washing machine until Joe had an idea (hey I know the same shout was used but I liked it so pretend that Joe is Adam in this.)

Back at the station Sally had popped in and she was due any day and was bored staying in at home she brought her bag for the hospital just incase.

"So where is everybody Mags?"

"Oh Sally you frightened me well Joe, Melissa, Recall, Ronnie and Geoff went to a shout and the others are around somewhere."

Just then Sally bent over in pain she was standing in a puddle her waters had broken (lucky she brought her bags then).

"Mags help me I am scared I want Joe Mags I want Joe."

"Well we are going to the hospital Joe will meet us down there come on Sally."

"NO Mags I am not leaving here without Joe!"

"Ok, Ok lets get Rob."

"Rob come here quick Sally has gone on to labour and won’t leave here until Joe is with her."

"George get hold of Joe and tell him that Sally has gone into labour."

"Ok hyper."

"Echo 441 where are you?"

"Echo 441 we are on our way back."

"You may need to get here fast Sally has gone in to labour Joe."

"She’s what get her to the hospital."

"She won’t go without you."

"Ok George we are on our way who’s with her?"


"Good tell him to remember the class he came to with us."

"Will do."


"Yes sub?"

"What are you waiting for blues and twos!"

"But sub."

"Don’t sub me I missed Eve’s birth and I regret that don’t miss the birth of your one and that’s an order."


5 minutes later.

"Where is she?"

"Up in the dorm."

"Sally I am here, Sal."

"Joe we can’t go to the hospital she’s crowning (2nd stage of labour) we won’t have time."

"Hyper thanks mate, we owe you big time."

"Joe it hurts so much, I hate you so much."

"Sal it’s going to be alright just remember I love you."

2 hours later.

Sally and Joe were in the hospital discussing what to call their baby girl then Joe came up with the perfect name.

"Sally what about Grace? I mean she has graced our lives and well it’s your watch name as well."

"Grace I like it but I was kind of thinking Jodie named after you well sort of."

"How about Grace Jodie Robin Walker?"

" Why Robin Joe?"

"Well Hyper did deliver Grace for us and well even though I didn’t know what to think about him for a while he’s a top bloke."

"Yeah he is and it’s a lovely idea, oh and Joe."


"Happy birthday from us."

"Thanks Sal it’s the best birthday I have ever had."

The rest of the watch came to see Grace Jodie Robin Walker after their shift had ended and all agreed that she was the most beautiful thing.

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