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The London's Burning
Fan Fic Page


Write your own!

I really want you all to write some Fan Fic of your own then send it here so we can all share it! Otherwise, you'll have to put up with my poor offerings!

But please take note of the following small print (enlarged so you can read it!):

1. All stories must be set in ONE series, so characters cannot jump series, and we can't have Sicknote and Adam in the same story (example!)

2. There is to be no reincarnation! If a character is dead, write a story about when he/she was alive!

3. You cannot feature in the story, otherwise we'd have 700 stories that end up with the writer bedding Joe or Hyper! On which point, Hyper cannot be made straight :)

4. You are only allowed one new Watch member in your story, hopefully you wont need to. Link-ups with Casualty, The Bill or any other TV show is allowed.

5. As stated on the start page, this page is not for the easily offended, so really anything goes! You can have graphic violence, swearing and sexually explicit stuff in your stories, as lets face it you're all dity minded aren't you?

Written a story, and it follows those guidelines? good! then email it to me at in either HTML or Microsoft Word format.

I have the right to refuse to publish any stories if I think it will seriously offend someone or if it takes the piss out of me!