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The London's Burning
Fan Fic Page


Welcome to The London's Burning Fan Fiction Page!

Part of the Unofficial London's Burning Web Site this is THE place to come for completely untrue storys and episodes of Britains hottest TV Drama, London's Burning. But don't think I'm doing this all myself, oh no, this is where YOU, yes YOU the reader comes in. I want loads of people to email me their own fan fics so we can create the biggest LB Fan Fic site....... ever!

So how do you do it? simple just follow the instructions on the "Write your own!" link to the left and I will hopefully get it on-site the same day, but thats not a guarantee.

Finally, I must say thanks (or not) to Sasha who has been bending my arm and biting my rear to do this bit of my site. Cheers love!


The Future - written by Sasha Stephenson (30.04.01)
The Birthday Kiss - written by Jen Lobley (25.05.01)