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All screened on ITV, see local listings for times.

Episode 1 - first screened 9th January 2000

The episode begins with the pump on its way to HMS Belfast, as a medical student has climbed the mast to hang some banners up, jeered on as part of their rag week. As soon as Joe, Pearce, Sicknote and Recall arrive, they are taunted by the students. Recall has to climb up the mast, unfortuantly a job right up Jack's street, but he has left for America. Recall talks some sense into the student and after a near slip, they come down.

Back at Blackwall, Shadbrook arrive with a lost long line. This introduces Shadbrook's Sub Carmen and her crew including Ronnie "Hi-Ho" Silver. They tease each other about who is better, while Geoff admits he has a lot of respect for Carman, the only female Sub around the area. Sicknote seems a lot happier, as he and Jean have a meeting with the social workers. Joe then accidentally spills all his locker contents out to reveal lots of skin moisturing products! Chris walks in when the rest are taking the piss, and starts worrying about Joe! Joe then explains that he sells the stuff, (an avon lady...) and Maggie seems interested after she reveals that the Brigade are reviewing the cook situation at stations. Sally then throws Joe a tomato ketchep bottle which spills all over the floor, he is in the middle of calling her a stupid tart when Chris walks in and asks to see both of them in his office. He wants to know what is going on between them as they have been bickering for weeks, and threatens one of them with a transfer. What he doesn't know is that it is all an act and Joe and Sally are seeing each other but trying to keep it quiet. They agree secretly to calm it down.

Meanwhile, at a local hotel the fire alarms are causing problems for the manager so he switches it off. His staff protest because there is a party going on in the basement. The hotel managers daughter takes her boyfriend upstairs into a disused room.... Back at Blackwall, 10 minutes before they knock off, Blue Watch gets called out to a AFA (Automatic Fire Alarm) at a post office, where Shadbrook is also here, with Hi-Ho winding up Sicknote. It turns out to be a false alarm. Just while this is happening, a van crashes outside the hotel tipping onto its side and rupturing its fuel tank. Blackwall get called out on their way beack to the station, so Sicknote's going to miss his meeting..... When they arrive Chris finds the manager and they seem to know each other. Dan, Joe, Sally and George clear the basement while Sicknote and Recall free the trapped driver. Someone in the basement throws away a lit cigarette, which ignites the fuel, Kableeeeuuweee!

The bar in the basement soon catches alight, and it is a scramble up to the steps to get outside. Sicknote and Recall then go down to try and quench the fire. The hotel porter, chambermaid and the managers daughter and her boyfriend are still inside, but Chris doesn't know this until the manager screams at them. Pearce and George are sent in to find the young couple, who by now are trapped in the lift. They start working up from the basement, until they find them. Shadbrook are not too far behind and take the couple to safety while Pearce and George press on because Geoff thought he heard someone else.. The daughter is brought out and the manager goes ballistic towards Chris, blaming him for wasting time. Geoff and George soon realise they are out of air...........

They get to an upstairs window, so Chris orders Hi-Ho to get on the TL and get up there. Hi-Ho gets both Pearce and George down, and they are sent to Hospital to get checked over. The recepeionist then tells Chapman that the porter and chambermaid are missing, so two four-man BA teams go in, one from Blackwall and one from Shadbrook. At the Hospital, Fiona arrives to see Geoff, he seems eager to get her to go home. The Blackwall BA crew finds the porter on the top floor, while Sicknote and Recall check the final rooms for the maid. but Shadbrook finds her. The porter tries to tell Sally a number 526.. Back at the hospital, a woman comes up to see Pearce and asks if they have found her son. Pearce phones Chris and asks him. Chris checks and asks which room he is in. Pearce replies "526".. The crew are getting a hot drink while Hi-Ho and Joe wind each other up about the stations rivalry. Chris and Recall go to check room 526 and find the boy in the bathroom. They quickly get him out with the rest of the Watches staring in disbelief. The manager then has a go at Recall, who is already feeling sick, accusing him of being a murderer. The manager then hits the floor, screaming that Recall hit him, Recall says he didn't, and no-one sees anything so did Recall hit him?

Episode 2 - first screened 16th January 2000

Above, Geoff has just been proposed to...! What a picture :-)

Recall is at the hospital when Sicknote comes and checks on him. The boy that Recall missed is in the next room in intensive care. Sicknote tries to tell Recall it wasn't his fault, but Recall still feels bad. Kelly eventually gets to the Hospital to see George, who is upset that Kelly and the kids slept over at her sister's. Joe and Sally arrive at work together, and almost get run over by a maniac on a motorbike. When they get round to the yard they find the same maniac is there and is Rob Sharpe, Jack's replacement! Hi-Ho is also about, covering for George, while Pitbull is taking the piss as usual. Recall gets asked to answer the boy's mothers questions at the hospital. He tries to leave but she catches up with him and asks him what happened. Recall can only apologise. Joe is manning the hose reel when Hi-Ho turns it on and soaks Hyper and his bike. Recall then arrives late and is told that Discipline is sending a DO and an ADO to investigate a claim by the hotel manager that Recall punched and kicked him. Meanwhile, Geoff and George get let out of hospital, not before Fiona asks Geoff to marry her! George hears this and laughs his head off, while Geoff is stunned!

Recall has a quiet word with Sicknote and Sally, and asks if they saw anything. they both say that they can't help. Joe is helping Maggie with some of the make-up he has, and gets told to get it off the station by Chris. Suddenly the bells ring indicating someone is at the front door. Joe has to quickly get down the pole and sign DO Briggs in. Chris comes down and realises that the DO is an old friend of his. Chris orders the pump ladder off the run, and Recall to his office. Briggs tells Recall he is to remain separate from the rest of the Watch. Joe is asking Rob loads of questions, (which helps my Personnel Files!) when Chris tells Joe he's first in with the DO. Joe asks Sally and Sicknote to bend the truth to get Recall off. George is still wandering about and goes into the Ship Aground. He tells Jaffa that him, Chris and George won £220 each on the dog racing last night. Pitbull is also in the pub and listens to George telling Jaffa about Kelly. Pitbull says she is sleeping around and is lucky not to get decked by George! The bells go off, and the pump is called to a flood. Dan (acting up as Sub), Joe, Hi-Ho and Hyper go to the flat where water is leaking through the ceiling from the flat above. The woman who lives there is probably "entertaining" which leads to Hyper's best line so far, "Like Blackpool is she, everyones been there except me!" They force entry and find a load of pills. Expecting the worse they go into the bathroom to find the woman with the woman downstairs son engaged in a bit of "entertaining" in the bath! Joe then comes out with the other one-liner, "I thought we were going to find a stiff in that bath.........." George arrives at Blackwall and starts to tell everyone over the PA system about Pearce and Fiona. Chris runs down and tells George theres a DO on the Station. Oooops!

Geoff is trying to tell Fiona that he needs time to think about Fiona's proposal. He is worried about what happened last time, so he takes Bruno out for a walk to think things through. Sicknote is next in to see the DO, and says that Recall lost it. The Watch plays a joke on Hyper by putting a horn in the exhaust and then Hyper starts it up causing a nasty shriek! Chris comes out and tells them to stop it, while the rest of them cringe over the thought that Fiona might be pregnant... Ugh! George goes home to tell Kelly about Geoff and Fiona, and she immediatly phones Fiona congratulating them. Geoff is amazed that Kelly knows.. Hi-Ho tells Joe he will sell all the cosmetics for £50. Sicknote talks to Recall when he isn't supposed to, and tells him that they have twisted his words. Recall gets angry and has to then see the DO. He tells him that he will be under investigation but he is not suspended. Fiona is drinking with Kelly, who apologises for the phone call. Kelly considers going to college. Hi-Ho sells the cosmetics for £150 when it should have been £200 worth, Joe is going to kill him!

The Watch is then called out to a fire in a portacabin. With the Pump Ladder back on the run, Recall takes a wrong turning and gets stuck. The pump crew arrive and are overstretched with Joe trying to do three things at once. One dosser says that a woman is still inside so Joe and Recall are sent in. Sicknote has to move a van with the pump to get to a hydrant, and the van owner is not happy on her return. Sicknote realises that the woman supposed to be inside is fine and outside so Joe and Recall are told to withdraw. The only way they can do this is by getting on to the roof, and they jump off just as it explodes. DO Briggs then arrives and tells Chris some bad news. Chris then has to tell Recall that the little boy didn't make it.......

Episode 3 - first screened 23rd January 2000

The pump ladder is on a routine building check, with Joe taking the mickey out of Sicknote. Back at Blackwall, however, the pump crew is taking a car apart and asking Geoff when his stag night is. Of course, he says there isn't going to be one. Chris by this time is on the roof of the building when he hears someone singing. He looks over the side of the building to find a man dressed in a gorilla suit handcuffed to the window cleaner's platform. Chris jumps into the cradle and one of the cables snaps. Sicknote then calls control to request the pump. Chris however is dangling from the edge of the cradle and is pulled in by the man in the gorilla suit (Max). Max tells Chris that its a stag night prank and his so called friends did it. Pearce and the crew pass some boltcutters down and Chris cuts the cuffs off. Just as they are going to haul them up, the cables slacken causing Chris to drop the cutters. Sally goes to pick them up off the ground and is pushed out of the way by Sicknote as the cradle smashes down afterwards! Chris and Max are by now hanging by a rope 20 floors up. Dan, George, Hyper and Pearce quickly pull them to safety. When they get to ground level, Max's mates have just arrived to take him to the church.

When the watch arrive back Joe tells Maggie about Chris being something out of a James Bond movie and Chris does a brilliant Sean Connery impression. Joe then starts doing an impression of one of the villans which is very funny! George asks Pearce when the stag night is, who says again there isn't going to be one. The whole watch then take the mick, and do a mock conga up to the mess.... Sicknote gets a call from a worried Jean who is decorating for their impending arrival of a foster child. When he asks Geoff whether he plans to have children, Geoff gets in a stress and walks out into the yard. Joe and Sally arrange to meet later in the Bug Bar, while Recall and Hyper try to get people to go to the Ship Aground for a session. Dan goes into the yard to see Pearce. He finds him planting a load of plants in the back yard, being helped by of all people, Pitbull! they tell Dan that they are entering the "Best-Kept Station" competition. Shadbrook arrive for some training and tell them that they have no chance against Shadbrook. Recall calls everyone into the mess and announces that he is standing down as union rep. the rest of the watch then has to decide who should replace him. Carman says Dan, who is then elected by a majority of 7 Blue Watch members and one against, which is his own vote! he then makes a short speech thanking Carman and Recall and says "And to all those who voted for me, I would just like to say .." The scene cuts quickly to outside Max's wedding reception where his best man is with one of the bridesmaids in his car. She sends him inside to get "protection" and then quickly calls him back, he then tries to go inside and finds he is stuck to the car door! Revenge is sweet! Blue Watch's pump attends again and Pearce is not too pleased. Pearce walks off saying "There isn't going to be a wedding"..

At the end of the shift, Geoff is still planting his boxes. Dan asks him if he's having second thoughts and Geoff quickly changes the subject. Hyper. Recall, George, Maggie and Sally go to the pub where its Karioke night.......... for the over 60s! Sicknote goes home to see what Jean has done with the decorating. Uh-Oh! George goes home and finds Kelly doing the housework, a playful slap on the arse finds that it is Kelly's friend Julie! She tells him Kelly is at a meeting in the pub opposite the college, he then finds her coming out of the college. He gets mad, and she finally tells him that she is doing a course in English Literature. Meanwhile Maggie makes a fool of herself singing at the karioke, and eventually is dragged off by Hyper and Recall! George goes to the gym to train Lennie, where Andie the boxing trainer tells George to let Kelly go on this course. Chris calls round to meet up with George but finds Kelly in a state. He tells her to go for it and says he will talk to George. When he finds him, Chris tells George to support her and not to give up on his marriage.

Joe meanwhile is at the Bug Bar with his brother Eddie, trying a "detonator" (Tia Maria and lager). He is worried because Sally is so late. Eddie torments him by saying she is with another bloke, and changes the subject by telling Joe that the singer at the club is a bit of alright and looks just Joe's sort. Joe looks over his shoulder to find Sally singing! Naturally he is stunned. She asks him not to tell the watch. Fiona arrives home and Geoff finally tells her he can't marry her. She goes mad and tells him not to be such a victim after he starts feeling sorry for himself. She then grabs him, pulls him towards the front door and she shouts out to the whole street, telling him to do the same. After being a bit hesitant he does so, and tells Fiona he will marry her. Awwwwwww! Where's my invite?

The next day, Sicknotes foster child, Owen, arrives and runs off without going in and bumps into Sicknote coming back from the shops, smashing a bottle of milk. Sicknote is shocked and takes Owen inside....

Episode 4 - first screened 30th January 2000

Sicknote is in his bathroom when he finds a fag end, he goes into Owen's room and finds more plus a nice magazine... When Dan and Pearce arrive at work, they find that their plants have all died, they then find out that Shadbrook's compost is contaminated. Maggie is in the mess telling them about a station cleaners job she went for. Geoff asks Maggie if he can use Maggie's plant for experiments with the compost. Pearce then announces that his wedding in six weeks time. Joe and Hyper start to plan the stag night, while Maggie offers to do the cake. George starts a sweep on who the best man would be, with Clingfilm, Chris, Sicknote and DO Chapman all in the running. After roll call, Owen arrives at the station, and Sicknote is not best pleased. Sicknote tells him to go home, but Chris allows Owen the guided tour. Recall is wondering if to open a letter when the bells go off.

Pump only to the mortuary, with the usual jokes.... Owen wonders why Sicknote didn't go. When the pump arrives, they are told that the coroner wants a briefcase taking off a body. They also want the case opening, but Hyper says he'll get it open in one minute. He does it in 50 seconds, and when he opens it a load of dye goes off in his face! Owen and Joe are talking about where they came from (the same place) and Owen tells them about his rebellious past. The pump arrives back and everyone takes the mick out of the "red-faced" Hyper. Chris tells Maggie she hasn't got the cleaning job and she is upset. Recall finally opens his letter and finds it is an official summons to a disciplinary hearing.

Kelly goes to see Fiona and finds she has "a student" there... Sally tries to put foundation on Hyper when the bells go off again. The pump is called out to a domestic. A woman is throwing out all her husbands things. The crew try to cut off the front gate, but she suddenly appears holding a petrol can and douses a load of clothes. She tells everyone to go away, and everyone does except Sally. Pearce tells Hyper and George to get the hose reel up to the second floor flat asap. Sally talks to the woman, while the police on the scene call for a negotiator and the pump ladder. Sally finds out that the woman's husband has taken her kids away to his latest "conquest". Sally begins to break through to the woman, when she agrees to see a picture of the kids and goes and tells Pearce that there isn't a problem. While the woman is back in the house, a timer switch makes a spark and up goes the flat. Sally is distraught.

Pearce and the pump crew are sent to Borough for fire cover, Chris tells Pearce to take Dan and that Sally will go back on the pump ladder. While on the way to Borough, the pump gets told they are no longer required. Dan suggests a visit to Shadbrook as it is just around the corner... Hyper and Dan start taking Shadbrook's plants while George and Pearce distract Hi-Ho in the watch room. As the pump ladder arrives back a young girl arrives at the station. Chris does his 007 routine and asks her what she wants. She explains she is the new station cleaner called Rosie. The pump arrives back, and they all run up to see the new cleaner, leaving Pearce with all the plants. They find her with Chris, and immediatly Dan offers to show her round. Hello hello............ As Rosie goes out, she asks Chris if he's free. He declines as he is taking the others to a casino.

George arrives home, to find his living room full of students. He then slips upstairs to see the kids and phones up Chris to ask if he can go to the Casino instead. Kelly asks him if he would like a quiet night in, but George tells her he is going out. She is not best pleased. Sicknote finds Jean in a good mood, as she thinks Owen is settling in well. Joe is expecting his brother, but Sally wants to go out. Joe says he needs to speak to Eddie about doing Jaffa's redecorating. Sally then decides to go with the others. When she arrives, Chris, Hyper and Recall are at a roulette table, with Hyper losing a lot of money to the other two! (Good to see Recall enjoying himself!) Fiona and Geoff meanwhile, have an early night (aww!) George tries to cheer up Sally after the shout. When she is alone, she gets chatted up by a bloke and leaves with him, they start to kiss, but she remembers Joe. Hyper tells Recall not to give up on his job, telling him he knows how it feels, but wont elaborate. George gets drunk when he drinks Sally's cocktail by mistake and gets plastered. Chris takes him home, and has to take him to the bathroom. While George is upstairs, Chris goes to leave but Kelly kisses him, Uh-Oh!

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