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All screened on ITV, see local listings for times.

Episode 5 - first screened 6th February 2000

Its the morning after the night before for George and Kelly. George is expecting an ear bashing but is surprised when she seems worried about something else. At Blackwall, Rosie and Maggie arrive with the shopping, while Recall is already there waiting for his hearing. George arrives looking bad, while Sally is still on edge. George goes to see Chris and asked him what he did with Kelly that night.... Chris says he is busy at the minute, but George thanks him for sorting out Kelly and making sure he didn't get a hard time! Recall's representative, Claire, arrives to talk over the hearing before they go. Rosie is cleaning the bunks, when Pitbull asks her if she wants to go out and see his "manhood". She replies by spilling her bucket of water over his trousers and runs out laughing. Recall sees this and can't help laughing, Pitbull then remarks that he is putting his money on Recall being kicked out. The others arrive and take the piss out of Pitbull, Sicknote is noticable in full uniform. He tells Recall he has been called to give evidence against Recall. Maggie gives George a hangover cure, while Rosie asks Recall if he's busy later. Recall is then called up to Chris's office to discuss the case. He seems unsure of Claire's abilities.

At a building site next to the Thames, a group of workmen are digging out a shaft when they notice a crack in the support walls. Just as they inspect it, the wall collapses burying three workmen. Roll call is just being taken when the call comes in. The pump is off the run due to the enquiry so the ladder goes with Dan, Pearce, Joe, George and Sally. Recall, Claire, Sicknote and Chris then also leave for Lambeth HQ for the hearing. When the ladder arrives, Pearce tells the other workmen to keep out of the way. Shadbrook arrive and their Station Officer Steele takes over. Pearce and George go into the trench and almost immediately find one of the workmen. Back at Blackwall, Rosie has a go at putting some shelves up and hits a water main! Hyper arrives from the dentist just in time and turns the water off. Maggie has a go at Rosie and Hyper goes to cheer her up.

Sally finds one of the others and they lift him out. Pearce is still looking for the other one and hears something a long way down the shaft. Pearce and Sally are lowered down underneath the mud and wood to find the third man. The site foreman is getting worried and gets a JCB to try and clear some of the mud. As he does this a water main bursts and more and more mud pours into the trench. Sally and Pearce soon become trapped with Joe and George struggling in the wet mud and wood to get them out. Sally is eventually dragged out by them. Pearce punches the trapped man knocking him out and then falls down into a concrete tunnel. Meanwhile the rest arrive at the hearing to find Pat and Amy Kennedy outside, with Pat shouting at Recall. DO Chapman is also there and wonders whether to have a word with them. Pearce tries to find a way out of the tunnel as the water is rising. He finds that the tunnel is blocked and finds out it is a service tunnel which is unfinished. Above ground, Dan and Hi-Ho find the tunnel on the site plan and George and Joe volunteer to go down and find them. Sicknote is called to give evidence and denies seeing Recall hit Graves. Pat Kennedy is busy accusing Recall of killing their son when he lets slip that he could get Recall off..... His ex-wife tells Chapman that Pat could know something.

While back at the building site, a sudden wave of water washes the workman onto a metal spike (Ugh!). Just seconds later Joe and George face the same wave and get soaked! George finally gets to the blockage from the other side to Geoff, and puts his hand through a small hole. He is relieved when Pearce grabs it! The workman by now is telling Geoff to go on alone and to tell his kids he missed them after they went away with their mother. Control then radios Sally and tells her that the second ambulance is stuck and will be at least 30 minutes! The crews bring Pearce and Tony the workman out, with the ambulance so far away, the pump ladder is used as a makeshift ambulance and George drives the appliance to the hospital.

At the hearing, Graves gives evidence, and Claire accuses him of making Recall a scapegoat. Recall is then made to take the stand and tells them he may have pushed Graves but did not hit him. Chris is called to give a character reference and then the presiding officer goes out to make his decision. In the pump ladder, Tony's heart stops so Pearce and Sally have to give CPR. By the time they get to the hospital, he is breathing again and asks for Pearce to be with him. Tony asks to see a picture of his kids, and when Geoff tells him that he will see his kids, the man collapses again and has to be "jump started". As this happens Recall finds out that he is to be dismissed from the Fire Brigade for misconduct. Tony is eventually restarted and a happy Geoff steps out of the resusitation room to congratulate Joe and Sally who are waiting in reception. At Blackwall, Recall clears his locker and is just leaving when the ladder arrives back. Naturally the crew is celebrating, when Sicknote tells them the bad news. Everyone is stunned as Recall leaves Blackwall........

Episode 6 - first screened 13th February 2000

This episode starts off with Pitbull looking for some compost in a local DIY store. He goes to ask a member of staff where it is and is surprised to find Recall, complete with beard! Meanwhile at Blackwall, Dan is trying to organise something for Recall. They decide a petition is the only option they have. Pearce sees Sally and Joe whispering to each other and then sees Joe get a make-up bag out of his locker. Chris tries to phone Kelly but she doesn't pick it up. George comes in to talk to Chris about a open evening at the boxing gym. Then Kelly phones Chris while George is in the room, so he tells George it is the DO. They say they need to see each other. Pearce then comes into the room to tell him about Joe and Sally. Chris says without proof he can't do anything. Rosie catches Joe in the BA room and she tries to move in on him. Joe sees Pearce watching, and starts chatting her up. Hyper comes in and Joe makes his excuses.

Both appliances are then called out to a major RTA where a lorry has crashed into some trailers which have crushed a minibus trapping a woman and child. The lorry has also caught alight, with another vehicle crashes into them and releases loads of chickens! Hyper prises the door open of the lorry cab to release the driver then Sally gets a JCB to pull the burning lorry away so that they can get to the trapped people in the minibus. Dan hears the woman and gets the cutting gear onto the bus. Sicknote is told to round up the chickens, and misses one stored in a locker on the appliance. Sally climbs into the bus and gets the baby who is unharmed and the woman who has a seat pole through her leg. Both are taken to hospital. Joe then makes a friend in the form of "Lucky Clucky" a stray chicken! Pearce then has a word with Sally, and tells her that if he finds proof about her and Joe, he will make it official.

Its judging day in the best kept station competition. Carman has a go at Dan for stealing their plants. the station who wins is.... Lewisham! Blackwall and Shadbrook are disqualified for corruption and for a firefighter trying to bribe the judges (Pitbull!) Dan asks Carman to come over for a meal, he tries to make it no big deal, buut she says she will find a babysitter and will be there! Chapman tells Chris about Pat Kennedy's statement. Sicknote arrives home to find a load of clothes with the security tags on them...... Owen admits he nicked them. He then has to go outside to put out a fire in their bin, which Owen had started with a fag end. Recall and Chris are at the Ship Aground when Kelly walks in. She goes straight over to Chris, and Recall says hello. She quickly makes up an excuse, which sounds really fake and leaves. Joe asks Sally to move in with him, but she tells him about Pearce's comments. Chris tells Recall about the witheld evidence, and Recall says he will not go back to the Fire Brigade. Sicknote takes the clothes to the charity shop in the middle of the night, while Chris goes home and Kelly comes round.....

The next day at Blackwall, Rosie tries again to get asked out by Joe, but he tells her he's seeing someone. The pump is called out to a hoax. They are just clearing up when a car in a nearby petrol station catches alight. Sicknote notices it and they run across to help. They clear the area, and Hyper has to pour water on the man who opened the car lid to find a ball of fire. A woman in the shop wont leave until she gets her cigarettes! they eventually get everyone off the station and George douses the car in foam. The woman then comes back to see Pearce and asks if she can finally get her fags! Some people eh? The pump arrives back to hear screams from upstairs. They all run up to find Rosie screaming her head off because she thought she saw a rat. Chris tells her she has one more chance, but suddenly she has an attitude and tells Chris to shove the job!

Sicknote takes Owen to the gym, and George persuades Owen to get in the ring with a girl called Debs. The young girl who we saw earlier in the series with Fiona calls round but only Pearce is in. She hands him an envelope for Fiona with a supposed page from an essay. Sally talks to Recall about her problem. He tells her of the problems she will face if she gets transferred. Lenny is taking the mick out of Owen, and distracts him so much, he wants to knock Lenny out. However, Owen has to fight Debs and gets beaten! Carman goes round to Dan's and tells him that she likes being mates. He goes to kiss her over the meal but her pager goes off and she has to go home to her kids. He calls after her and she comes back up and kisses him! Sicknote finally talks to Owen and they decide to try something else together. Sally persudes Recall that he should be a firefighter and not a shop assistant. The next morning Kelly wakes up to find Chris sitting outside the house in his car!

Episode 7 - first screened 20th February 2000

Its demolition day for a row of houses near Blackwall. However, some of the residents are not happy about leaving. While one of the developers is getting the flack, another arrives (Sally's other man from the casino, Tom!) and has to send the builders away. Meanwhile, a granny chains herself to a radiator, while her grand-daughter and her boyfriend go into the loft. They phone the press, but a couple of others start throwing petrol bombs before the press arrives, one almost hitting Tony who calls the Fire Brigade. Before they arrive, the grand-daughter tries to stop them throwing them, but one explodes, knocking all four to the ground.

Blue Watch arrive and Sally is confronted by Tom, she tells him to get back. Joe and Hyper go into a house in full BA to put the fire out. George notices that smoke is also coming out of number 21. Sicknote is detailed to clear the granny's house, but she refuses to budge. They eventually remove the radiator and pull her clear of the building. She then tells the waiting press that Sicknote is to blame for evicting her! Geoff asks Dan to be his best man. Tom again asks Sally if she wants to go out sometime. Joe just hears this and tells him to clear off. Chris also hears this and tells Joe and Sally to sort it out before tomorrow or else!

Dan takes Geoff to get a new suit for his wedding. Geoff starts out being sceptical... At the Quigleys, Sicknote, Jean and Owen are going through a record collection. They find some that Sicknote is going to play at the wedding. By this time, Dan is getting a bit miffed as Geoff is trying on a lot of suits, but keeps changing his mind... Dan starts a fight with a mirror in an attempt to relieve the boredom! They eventually find one much to Dan's relief. At the station, Joe tries to avoid Sally. Recall phones Chris to tell him he is going to see Pat Kennedy. Maggie arrives with the top layer of the wedding cake, which has a bride and firefighter on the top!! Sicknote reads the newspaper with a critical bit about the Watch. Geoff tells everyone about Dan being his best man. George has to pay out after everyone bet on Dan! Chris gets a phone call telling him the DO is on his way round, but Chris is busy getting a Dodge on the run as the pump ladder has a fault. Maggie arrives at the hen night to find Fiona talking in a corner to Zoe. DO Griggs arrives at Blackwall and announces to Chris that he is the replacement for DO Chapman. He also tells Chris that he has made full Station Officer, but is to be transferred to Western Command Fire Safety!! Chris has a go at Griggs and wonders what Griggs has against him since training together.

Recall goes to see Kennedy and tries to get him to tell the truth. Kennedy is critical at first but eventually comes round and says he will phone Brigade Discipline. Meanwhile the hen night spirals into oblivion with the girls getting drunk and Jean and Maggie leaving early. Kelly, Fiona and the others go to find some decent blokes. Kelly leads them to Blackwall! Geoff is modelling his Hugo Boss suit when they hear a commotion down in the appliance bays. The Watch run down to find Hyper tied up to a beam with the hosereel, and his trousers down! Pearce tells the Watch to catch the women, he gets Fiona while two others jump into the Dodge. Kelly runs into the gym, and Chris finds he is the only one to get her. He walks into the gym and Kelly starts flirting with him again.

Just at that moment, a speeding motorcyclist who is being chased by the police, spins out of control outside and careers underneath the Dodge! The women are cleared into the watch room while the Watch jack up the Dodge and get the biker out. The police are eager to catch the bloke, only for them to find out it is a woman! Joe and Sally finally decide to end their affair. Kelly takes Fiona home in a taxi, while Fiona asks Kelly if she keeps secrets from George. Kelly says yes, and Fiona tells her that Zoe is more than just a friend. Kelly jumps to the conclusion that they are lovers, but she tells her that Zoe is her daughter..........

Episode 8 - first screened 27th February 2000

The UNOFFICIAL London's Burning Web Site recommends two things for this episode....
1. Any admirers of Jonathan Guy Lewis have a box of Kleenex nearby......
2. Everyone goes out and buys Heather's single as it is superb! Watch the Gossip page for exact release dates!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ..... A familar voice counts down until the bells go off for everyone to get up. The watch go into the Kitchen for breakfast. They tell Maggie that the person who was replacing Recall has been sent back and a new person has arrived, apparantly he is very picky and a right troublemaker. Maggie is half way through saying he can shove it when the voice says "He can what?" Maggie spins round and is confronted by Recall, who has been reinstated! Hyper is trying to organise something for Geoff's surprise stag night. Geoff himself is talking to Dan about the wedding when Chris comes in. Chris gives Geoff a wedding present a book, entitled "The Joys of Sex"!!!

At that moment the bells go off and both crews are sent to smoke reported at a house. The watch try to get an answer at the house but there is a lot of smoke inside. They believe a woman is trapped inside. While they try to get in, a neighbour is filming the whole thing, Chris tells him to stop but he wont. The door is kicked in and Dan, Hyper and Joe go into the heavily smoke-logged building. They find lots of the womans belongings, and eventually find a bed. Down the side of the bed is a body, and it is not a woman, but a male. Joe takes him out while Dan and Hyper aim towards the kitchen. They just about get to the door when the glass smashes and releases a fireball over their heads. Everyone scrambles them out, and Joe seems upset that the woman died in the house, but what he doesn't know is that the woman died a few months ago. The cameraman is now right next to the appliances and is filming Chris ask a neighbour about the old man. He asks to see the camera, takes out the tape and smashes it with his boot!

Pearce is sitting at home looking at that book, when Sicknote comes round to ask him to go out for a pint. Chris goes to Blackwall for the last time and clears his office. Geoff and Sicknote arrive at the Ship Aground to find the rest of the watch, and the pub decked out with "Nice one Sub" banners! Also there is Kevin, the ex-Blackwall firefighter. He makes sure that Geoff gets a nice cocktail...... Chris arrives and phones Kelly to ask to see her, she says not now and hangs up. "Harry the Hose", the stripper that Hyper booked, arrives and starts his strip show. Everyone has a go at Hyper, as they wanted a woman! Chris tells Geoff to get up there and join in, which he does! As usual the rest of the watch crack up with laughter, just as Clingfilm arrives. Jaffa makes sure that Pearce wont forget about the night by taking some snaps :) As the night drags on, Dan gets a call from Carman and rushes off, leaving Hyper to get Geoff home. George and Chris go back to George's for a coffee. Chris asks Kelly where he stands. Sicknote goes home to find his living room has been graffittied by Owen! Just as Geoff arrives home, he finds ZoŽ and Fiona hugging and goes mad. Fiona tries to explain that ZoŽ is her daughter but he storms out of the house.

The next morning, Fiona phones Kelly and her and George goes round to help. Geoff has been out all night thinking. As he arrives back at the house, Geoff sees Zoe in the street and goes to talk to her. Zoe explains that she doesn't want another mum, but she wants to know where she comes from. He says there wont be a wedding, but Zoe convinces him that he loves Fiona and should get married. The watch soon get out of their beds and go to Blackwall to start searching for him. Sicknote is on Hospital Radio and goes for a short break when he finds Owen on the microphone, he goes to turn him off and finds him playing an old tune so Sicknote is pleasantly surprised! Geoff eventually goes back home and apologises. Dan however gets to the registry office and realises he dropped the ring the previous night when he went round Carman's!

He tries to phone Carman, but there is no answer. Kelly lets Fiona borrow hers. The bride and groom walk in and Maggie says to Joe that she looks lovely, but Joe's mind is on Sally... Geoff and Fiona are just saying their vows when Carman arrives with the ring. The watch put two and two together and realise Dan and Carman's secret. Outside, Fiona throws the bouquet, which Sally catches, much to her horror. Maggie gives Fiona a horseshoe, but its from Zoe who is outside the gates and doesn't stop to say anything. At the reception, Dan delivers his speech with a few jokes about Pearce's past fight with a rival.. Geoff thanks everyone for turning up, and to Fiona. He finishes his speech and Bruno (complete with bowtie!) tries to get some cake. Chris keeps staring at Kelly, while Pitbull arrives with a surprise. The watch keep looking out of the window so a distraction is needed to keep Geoff's attention in the room. Chris has a word with Geoff and tells him that he is leaving immediately and to tell the watch to be careful.

Sally provides the distraction by taking to the stage to sing. She belts out "The Rose" (which Heather will be releasing soon) and she and joe look at each other, both being sorry that their affair finished. Chris takes Kelly onto the dance floor and tells her he is going away. She is naturally upset. Dan arrives back into the room and tells everyone that Blackwall's wedding present has arrived. Everyone goes outside except Chris and Kelly. Dan takes the others to show them a helicopter, which Pitbull's friend has sorted out for them. Chris asks Kelly to come with him away from George and Blackwall, but she says she won't leave George. The others are waving the wedded couple off when Maggie shows the polaroids from the previous night. Chris goes out, while Kelly runs after him and tells him to take care of himself. They kiss, as George turns round and sees them.... Geoff and Fiona fly into the horizon..... Awww!

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