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Episode 9 - first screened 4th March 2000

Everyone is on tender hooks as the new Station Officer is due to arrive. However, when Sicknote spots a flash car pull into the yard, the watch is surprised to see Recall step out of the new motor in a new set of designer clothes! Hyper keeps rushing to the toilet, while Geoff has smuggled Bruno into the office, because Fiona is allergic to him! Dan has brought the lunch as Maggie has a day off, and the rest of the Watch are worried its too "green". George is in a mood and bites Hyper's head off for asking where Chris went. Recall throws his old anorak in the bin, but Joe saves it for later. Eventually the new Guv'nor arrives in his old Morris Minor car. He introduces himself as Stn Officer John Coleman, and calls role call almost immediately. Coleman announces that Shadbrook's appliance bay is being renovated, so Carman and Hi-Ho are at Blackwall in the TL. He also informs them that they are going to practice some drills at "the grotto" which is a Brigade training centre.

At the grotto, George, Sicknote, Recall and Hyper are sent to do a high expansion foam drill where they enter a load of foam to find a casualty. Meanwhile outside, Carman is rigging up a rescue line exercise using the TL. Joe is fastened into the harness when Hi-Ho suddenly pulls him up off the ground! Coleman sees it and tells them to get him down quickly. Then the watch plus Hi-Ho and Carman have to slip and pitch the 135, with jets hauled aloft. Shadbrook do it quicker than Blackwall, so Dan hurrys the watch up, they are just lowering the 135, Sicknote hurts his back and they drop the 135 almost on Coleman's feet! Kelly calls on Fiona and tells her that she thinks George knows about her and Chris.... Coleman gives the watch a bollocking, especially Dan and tells him no-one is indispensible..

Back at Blackwall, Sally, Joe and Hyper are told to sort out the BA, while Hi-Ho sorts out the appliances. Dan goes upstairs to find Maggie in the kitchen. She agrees to leave Dan alone, but will whip up a Treacle pudding.... Much to the relief of the watch! Joe and Hyper are taking the mick out of Sally in the BA room as she tries to learn some songs and Joe and Hyper suggest they are the backing group and are mucking about to the song "Tragedy" as Coleman walks past... Sicknote asks Pearce if he can leave early as Owen is going back to his real parents, but Pearce declines. Coleman walks in and asks if there isn't anything wrong, and just as he walks out, Bruno whines. Coleman comes back in and Pearce has to explain why Bruno is there. Coleman tells him to shift him out of the station, into the yard. His face is classic! The watch is tucking into Dan's Thai curry when Hyper starts to play pranks on Hi-Ho, who obviously retaliates. Pearce starts to show his honeymoon snaps from Egypt, and as he goes through, suddenly a slide of some nudists is shown! (Joe's doing). Luckily for Pearce, the bells go off and the pump crew is called away to a skip fire, with Coleman replacing Pearce to familiarise himself with the ground. When they arrive, there are two kids nearby who the police are talking to. Sicknote volunteers to have a word and gives them a horror story to get them to think before doing it again, while the rest quickly put out the small fire. As the pump arrives back, they find everybody standing downstairs in a sombre mood. They all go out into the yard and cremate Recall's anorak!!

Meanwhile, in a room above a taxi office, three drug dealers get into a scuffle and one is knocked into a table with loads of drugs and a bunsen burner on it. The man is then set on fire and staggers downstairs setting the whole of the top floor and the stairs on fire. He staggers out of the door and is knocked over by a passing lorry, which then causes two cars following behind to plough into it. The initial call to control indicates a clean up after a RTA, so Blackwall's pump is sent. Just as they are leaving, Griggs arrives to see how Coleman is getting on. As soon as the crew arrive, they realise it is more than just a clean up and make pumps two for full RTA Attendance.

Griggs is just going through the bad points of the watch as the call comes in for the pump ladders attendance at the RTA. Sally meanwhile is looking after the dealer under the lorry, while the other two dealers are trapped upstairs as they went back for the drugs. One woman is trapped in a car and Sicknote climbs in to try and cut her free. Sally has to revive the dealer as he stops breathing. Eventually with the help of a policewoman, they revive him. He is sick and rolls over, so that Sally can see he is badly burnt, so she calls over Pearce. Although they can't see any sign of fire, Dan and Pearce starts to search the shops, but cant find anything due to the fire being behind a steel door.

Sally then sees smoke coming out of the taxi office, so Pearce makes pumps 4. Dan tries to break down the door, but he can't. Sally clears a DIY store next door, but as she does so, the ceiling starts to collapse, and runs out and tells them the place is full of paint and is going to blow. Coleman orders everyone back, and Recall has to sprint away, but the shop front explodes sending Recall flying into the car........

Episode 10 - first screened 30th April 2000

The episode begins where the last left off with Recall sent flying. Luckily he is alright, and the watch quickly put water on the blaze. Jason and Davy the drug dealers sit on the top floor waiting for the fire to be put out. Coleman sends George and Shadbrook around the back to check for any casualties. Sicknote tells Joe to lift Clare out on the car seat due to her injured back, they lift her out and get her to hospital. Hi-Ho gets on the TL and tries to see if anyone else is inside the building while Pearce, Dan, Hyper and Sally get into BA to get through the steel door. The blaze is quickly under control, and the crews start to clear the furniture and debris. Vicky (the policewoman), starts chatting to Recall, who eventually asks her out for a drink. George reports a problem with the pump ladder so Pearce, George, Hyper and Recall head back to Blackwall.

Joe and Dan are sent back in to do a double check. Joe then recieves a call from Eddie about the decorating job on his mobile, then they hear a noise as Jason and Davy fall out of a hatch. Dan tries to take their bag off them, but Jason refuses. Davy falls over spilling cocaine everywhere, Joe asks what the hell is that and Jason pulls a gun out on them! Coleman tries to radio Dan, but gets no response. He sends Sicknote in to check on them, but Jason spots him and starts shooting, Coleman quickly gets everyone back as the shot rings out.

The armed police are soon on the scene with marksmen everywhere. Sicknote is in shock, but then realises about the other two. Dan tries to talk to Jason and calm him down, but he just seems to aggravate things. A police negotiator arrives, and Coleman realises Joe still has his mobile, so they call it. The mobile starts ringing and Joe answers it, Jason takes it off him and asks for a fast car, Dan tells him to get some oxygen for Davy as he is in a bad way. Back at Blackwall, Hi-Ho is annoying Hyper for a game of volleyball, but George is not interested so Recall joins in against Hi-Ho and Carman. Hyper hits the ball and smashes Coleman's wing mirror! Ooops! They try phoning around car parts shops without any luck, but Hi-Ho manages to get one form one of his contacts.

Joe starts talking to Jason, and tries to find out why hes a dealer. The fire suddenly reignites, and a hosereel is sent up. Dan keeps giving first aid to Davy while Joe puts out the fire, Jason is distracted by being on the phone and Joe seizes his opportunity and directs the hose at Jason, knocking him over, so Dan pounces on him. Davy picks up the gun, and points it at Joe, who tries to get him to hand it over. He is just about to when Jason wriggles free of Dan and lunges at Davy and Joe, a shot rings out and the police move in. Sally has to be restrained by Coleman. Jason soon realises that he has shot Davy, and the police pounce on all of them, dragging them all outside. Coleman says that Dan and Joe are who they say they are and are quickly taken away.

The pump arrives back to find Maggie worried about Joe, everyone thinks Dan was the more composed person, with Carmen and Pearce worried about Dan. The pump then gets called out to an AFA, while Sicknote is allowed to go home early to see Owen go. Pitbull arrives and starts teasing George about Kelly going for a larger man, luckily for George, Hyper tells him to cool it just as he is going to swing for Pitbull. Sicknote arrives home to Owen asking about the shooting. By now, the pump and its crew are back and off-duty, so Coleman reprimands Joe about his mobile, but praises him for his actions at the fire. Recall tells George to go next door for a pint, but George is too busy venting his frustrations on the punchbag. Pearce asks Coleman if he wants to go for a drink, but he says he will later. Dan is just about to go to the pub when he realises that Bruno is still in his car, he goes to tell Pearce who tells him to go and talk to him if he has any problems. Dan just gets outside when Coleman asks him exactly the same thing, and tells him about his father's way of dealing with stress. Pearce lets Bruno out and he immediately goes to piss on Colemans hubcap!!

The watch arrive in the pub to find Eddie hailing the hero. Hi-Ho annoys Sally within a few minutes, and Dan tells Joe he doesn't think he is fit to be Leading Hand. George leaves early, just as a game of darts starts. Coleman arrives soon afterwards and takes Recalls place as he is off on his date. Coleman asks if anyone saw his wing mirror has been smashed as it was already cracked.... Coleman then gets an initial score of 60 in the darts! Pearce sits at the waterfront with Bruno thanking him for the good times as he has to give him up because of Fiona's allergies. George arrives home to find Kelly trying to spoil him, but he tells her that he saw her and Chris kissing. Sally tries to get Hyper to take her on a night on the town but he says his mates aren't "her sort of crowd"......... Eddie by this time is completely gone and starts blabbering to Joe and Coleman. Kelly goes to pick up the kids but goes to Fionas first to talk to her about George. Owens social worker calls and tells him that his real parents aren't coming for him, Sicknote says he can stay as long as he likes. Geoff finally says goodbye to Bruno, leaving him in Kennels. Awwwww!

Recall goes on his date with Vicky (the start of a lasting relationship??) while Kelly arrives home to find George has left with his clothes. Geoff gets home, but Fiona feels awful about Bruno. George arrives at the station "hotel" and asks Pitbull for somewhere to kip down, Pitbull is actually nice to George and takes him into the station. Sally leaves Joe and Eddie almost asleep at the pub and starts to walk home, she declines a lift from Coleman and then has her bag snatched and gets punched in the face!

Episode 11 - first screened 7th May 2000

We join the pump ladder as it has been called out to a local park. Two young kids are stuck in some railings, but dont seem to want to be rescued. George is told to talk to them as he is the only father among them. He tries to talk them round, but the kids explain that their dad has gone. This hits a nerve with George, who thinks about his own kids. Coleman then gets Dan to grab the hosereel and tells the kids they will have to be lown out with the jet. Then the kids are able to slip out before Dan turns the water on, and Hyper gets them an ice cream! Coleman explains that the railings were too wide for them to be stuck.

As they arrive back, Coleman tells the watch to polish the appliances. Sicknote walks off complaining and Coleman asks him for a word... Sicknote fears the worst, but Coleman tells him that divsion are doing a fire-safety drama, and thought he would like to sort it out using Blue Watch as actors. Sicknote jumps at the chance to relive his POP's days. Pitbull is hanging around the station (does he ever go home?), and tells Pearce he is looking for a dog. Geogre goes to check his kit in the Station Store, and finds Maggie. He quickly invents a story about decorating. Hyper is teasing George about the West Ham vs Arsenal game, just as Hi-Ho walks into the showers. Being a Man Utd supporter, George and Hyper grab him and throw him in the shower!

After work, Hyper invites George round to watch the match, while Sicknote tries to get Owen interested in West Ham or Arsenal. He has to explain that he supports Chelsea and can't change sides. Pearce returns to Blackwall with Bruno, and puts him in one of the store rooms in the yard. He then goes to check out some people interested in taking Bruno in. They aren't exactly what Geoff had in mind. George and Hyper are really getting into the game, as is Sicknote, but George is unhappy cos West Ham lost! Owen and Jean are too busy to care, as they are baking a carrot and orange cake, Sicknote's favourite, as Owen has decided to give up smoking. Hyper asks George to phone Kelly and George has to expain he has moved out. Hyper offers him the sofa. Just at that moment a man knocks onn Hypers door asking for his money, and tells him he's mad for letting someone stay as he may find out, and Hyper can't run forever.....

The next morning, Hyper is giving George a lift in, and he doesn't look too well... Pitbull tells Pearce that he has been looking after Bruno for him. Sicknote arrives with a Chelsea scarf on, and is set upon by Hyper, George and Recall. Sally arrives after having the day off yesterday wearing a hat. Hyper takes it off and she has to show the Watch her black eye. Naturally the Watch are mad as hell and want to know all the details. Joe wants to go out and smack the bastard who did it then and there. Pearce checks to see if she is up to working. Pitbull gives Bruno some more water and comes out to find Coleman watching him.. Joe asks Sally why she didn't phone him, he says he still cares about her and wants her to talk to him if she needs to. Dan asks Coleman for a word in his office. Sally sits on the back of the appliance, when Carmen asks her if she is allright, she breaks down in tears. Dan tells Coleman that he wants to step down as Leading Hand, and Coleman doesn't stand in his way.

Hi-Ho decides that he will find a nickname for everyone. He annoys Joe and almost starts a fight. Coleman arrives and informs the Watch of Dan's decision. He is interupted by a shout to a pleasure boat. The boat has flipped over and three people are still inside. Pearce and Recall borrow a boat and try to keep the boat afloat. Dan and Hyper are kitted out in BA and jump into the water. They swim through a small hole in the back of the boat, and find one male and one female. The female is completely drunk and unconsious, making it harder for Hyper and Dan to get her out. Sally helps them to pull them out of the water into the waiting boat. Dan and Hyper go back in and find the other woman is stuck in the cabin. Coleman notices that the boat is sinking fast, and orders the crane nearby to try and support the boat, but they are having trouble getting the boat on it off! Dan manages to break the door to the cabin down and finds Kim panicking about wearing a mask and going underwater. Dan tries to talk her round, but the rope supporting the boat snaps and the boat starts to sink. Sally dives down to try and find Dan. He has put the mask on Kim and is now trying to get them both out. Sally finds them and grabs the girl to bring her to the surface. They all wait anxiously until Dan appears on the top.

The appliances arrive back at Blackwall to find Carmen on the TL. Dan apologises for not telling her about his stepping down. Hi-Ho finds a nickname for Joe - "Mensa", Joe takes offence and almost punches him. He then storms up to Coleman's office and asks to be considered for Leading Hand!! How Coleman doesn't laugh is beyond me! Hi-Ho is still annoying the Watch, accusing Sicknote of being past it. So they start to arm-wrestling but luckily for Hi-Ho the Turntable is called out to a vicar on a roof... Suddenly, Bruno starts yelping, and when they all run to find Bruno in the store. Coleman arrives and Pearce tries to explain, but Coleman already knew about Bruno as he has changed his water twice! Coleman then asks Rob for a word in his office. He offers Hyper the temporary Leading Hand job, which he accepts. Coleman announces it to the rest of the watch, Joe is pissed off, and Sally tries to find out why. He asks her out as friends as he misses her.... (Awww!) George and Recall start to take the piss out of Hyper, and Hyper tells George he can stay until he finds somewhere else. Pitbull arrives and Geoff lets him take Bruno home "on a trial basis"

Coleman tells Hyper that his "past wrong doings" are of no concern to him, but he doesn't condone them. Pearce overhears this, and arrives in the Mess just as George is telling the Watch about Hyper's visitor. Pearce says they will find out his secret soon enough. Rob overhears this and looks worried.

Episode 12 - first screened 21st May 2000

Its baking hot at Blackwall this week, as some young children watch the Watch rehearsing for Sicknote's Fire Safety play. Joe is complaining about wearing a dress, which happens to be a battery! Recall, George and Joe start to plan a wheeze on Hi-Ho and his fear of the supernatural. Sally tells Hyper about her fear of walking down the street at night, while Hi-Ho is ordered into the Watch Room by Pearce. Pearce then asks Hyper about a Sub Officer in another station, and Hyper says he had it in for him. Sally tries to tell Pearce to lay off Hyper, just as Kelly arrives. She wants to speak to George, but he doesn't want to. Hyper has to tell Kelly the bad news. Joe asks Hyper whats going on, and Hyper bites his head off.

Dan asks Carman if she wants to go on holiday with him, she seems keen but then he mentions the kids. Recall asks Sicknote whether to take Vicky to Rome or Paris, they suggest Rome. Hi-Ho gives Sally a few self defense tips, while Pearce tells everyone about about Rob hitting another firefighter on the fire ground. Rob himself goes to see Coleman about Pearce's invasion of his privacy, he suggests he tells the watch. Rob then tells Pearce he has the backing of the Guv'nor and the Brigade so Pearce can shove it! Kelly finally speaks to George, but he tells her its over. The Watch tries to get George to sort it out, and he tells them about Kelly and Chris. The Watch are in a state of shock. They are discussing it over the mess table, while Pearce drops a few subtle hints about Rob. Coleman tells George to talk to her as he has kids. He reluctanly agrees and talks to her. Kelly tells George that he should talk to the kids. Joe starts talking about ghosts and poltergeists, the rest of the watch tell him to shut up as its not the time. He then suggests a ouigi board! Coleman proposes a toast to the TL crew as it is their last night before they head back to Shadbrook. Carmen tells Sally that she only wants some fun out of her relationship with Dan, not the whole family thing. Joe and Sicknote start up the "Ghost of Nellie Swain" to tease Hi-Ho, with some of the watch joining in. Coleman asks Rob if there is something he wants to say, but he dodges the issue. The TL is then called out, with the rest of the watch finishing their meal. Rob finally plucks up the courage to say "I'm gay"

Joe thinks its a wind-up, and then stands up and says he's not having it. The watch is stunned, Coleman tries to get everyone back to normal. Rob tells Pearce that he is not being forced out of another station. The bells go off and Coleman tells Pearce that Rob is to ride on the pump, Pearce doesn't look too happy about it. Joe is still complaining as they mount up, with Pearce telling Joe to watch what he says. Sally joins Hyper in the back and asks why he didn't tell her. The four of them in the pump are called out to a lift stuck in a disused building. The security guard seems to be of no help. George and Recall are talking about Rob's bombshell, and George says "He can't be gay - he likes football"!

Hyper finds the lift, and tells Pearce. Pearce asks where Joe is, but Joe is nowhere to be found. Hyper jumps onto the top of the lift and gets his leg stuck, just as the lift doors close.... Pearce tries to radio Rob, but he wont answer. Joe runs up to the floor where Rob was last, but the doors wont open. He has to go up to the floor above. They finally open the doors above Rob, and Joe is told to go and help him. Pearce has to order Joe to do it before he will. Sally lays into Joe, and he reluctantly goes down to get him. Back at Blackwall, a storm is raining down on the station, while Rob tells everyone in the sleeping quarters about a Sub Officer at his old station that picked on him, and when out on a shout wouldn't buddy breathe with him even though he was out of air. He then tells the Watch a few things about himself and his sexuality, to the usual Watch jokes, but this time they're laughing with him, not at him. Joe then tells everyone they are sick, and storms out.

Pearce tries to get Coleman to transfer Hyper, but Coleman tells Pearce he isn't bothered about what he does in his private life. Hyper tries to talk to Joe, and winds him up about him feeling threatened. Pearce interupts them, and Joe asks him whether he had any luck with the Guv. Pearce says that "those sort" stick together, just as Coleman walks into the room. He orders Pearce to get to his office NOW! He tells him that he knows about his reputation, and will not tolerate bigots on his station. He tells him that his wife died 22 years ago, and to get out of his sight before he knocks him flat!

George and Sally decide to go down the gym for a workout, because they couldn't sleep. George tells Sally about a new kickboxing class at the gym. Hi-Ho joins them, just as Joe and Recall come down to start their prank. Hyper talks to Coleman about the reaction in the past, and thanks him for his support. Recall climbs onto the TL while George and Joe start some wierd noises, and Hi-Ho comes out of the Watch Room. He suddenly sees a red eyed shadow and runs into the Watch Room and turns the bells on, then runs upstairs screaming! Sally tells Joe he isn't funny, while Dan tells Pearce to leave Hyper alone. Hi-Ho apologises to Hyper about the limp ankle joke, and tells him about his gay brother. Hyper goes back to his bed and moves his things into the Mess Room to sleep.

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