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Episode 13 - first screened 4th June 2000

Sorry for the lack of screen caps again, but you can see some
behind the scenes shots of the fairground shout

Coleman and Pearce are busy with some paperwork, when Maggie arrives with a cup of tea and some biscuits for Coleman. It seems Maggie has a soft spot for him! Pitbull also arrives at the station with Bruno, but Pearce is shocked to see that he has changed him into a killer and is now called "Tyson"!! Pitbull tells the Watch that there is a new barmaid at the Ship. The bells then go down, and the ladder is called out to a person trapped in a cabinet. Pearce, Recall, Sicknote, Dan and Hyper go to an old theatre and find the "Amazing Marvo" has trapped himself inside a locked magic cabinet. Pearce tries to get him to tell him how the magic trick work, but he gets nowhere and tells Hyper to sort it out. Pearce phones someone about the dangerous nature of the trick. Spoil Sport! While Dan and Hyper get the bloke out, Sicknote is taken on a guided tour of the old theatre, and finds out about Charlie Chaplin's performance there. He also tells the theatre caretaker about his grandfather's appearance with Chaplin. Sicknote then grabs a cane and a hat, and starts to do a Charlie Chaplin style jig!

Pearce is just about to leave after work, when Sicknote apologises for the joke earlier, Pearce explains that Fiona is still unwell. George gets back to Hyper's, and finds Kelly has left a message. George has a go at Hyper, but is interupted by Kelly phoning again. She asks when he is going to see the kids, and if he will take them to the fair. Sally goes to Andie's kickboxing class, and finds herself in the ring. While in there, she has a flashback to the mugging and goes mental. George has to rush in and stop her. She storms out and George has to calm her down. Andie follows them out and stares after George... Sicknote and Owen surf the net on their latest toy, and find what Fiona has got. He brings it in to work the next day on his new scooter. Pearce is unimpressed. The Watch is taking the mick out of Dan's holiday with Carmen. Joe asks George if kids are hard work, and George goes to get some air. Hyper goes to see if he is alright, and get an apology for George's words the previous night.

At a local funfair, a kid is forced to take some drugs to get his hat back. Meanwhile Kelly and Julie take the kids on several of the rides. The kid then gets on the ferris wheel, and ends up on a support bar, 45 feet in the air. Dans mum phones the station just as the call comes in, Joe is forced to take a message. The crews arrive at the fair, Coleman shouts up to the kid, but he doesn't respond. Pearce tells Coleman the TL will be at least 20 minutes, so they slip the two 135s either side of the wheel and Sally and George climb up. Sally climbs into the car, and ties a line to the kids feet. George is more bothered about what the kid is on, and almost pulls him off the side.

Meanwhile, George's daughter Ruby wanders off towards the fire engines, leaving Kelly frantic. Sicknote replaces George up the ladder. He comforts the kid, but suddenly the kid falls off and dangles from the top of the wheel. The others lower him down to the ambulance. The Watch are putting the ladders away as the police grab the two youths who made the kid take drugs. Julie reports Ruby missing to the other police there. George sees her and rushes over to be told whats happened. Pearce tells him to get back on duty, but Coleman allows him to go off to try and find Ruby. She finds a dog, which wanders under the appliance... George finds Kelly and has a right go at her, and calls her a slapper. So he gets a slap! The pump crew get into the pump and are just about to drive off, when Hyper notices Ruby under the appliance. Phew! Hyper takes Ruby back to Kelly, and she storms off, leaving George to stand there.

Most of the Watch go down to the Ship for a drink and to see the new barmaid. Maggie gets some heavy shopping out of the freezer, and refuses Recall's offer to help. She walks outside past Coleman, and convieniently drops her shopping all over the floor. Coleman offers to take her for a drink. The Watch are all waiting to see the new barmaid, when she appears..... its Dozy Rosie!! Pearce goes home to tell Fiona about the cat theory of Sicknote's. He is horrified to see she has been feeding a stray cat. Bruno is innocent!! Carmen goes to see Dan, but finds his mother has moved in for a while. Joe takes the mick out of Rosie, and the finally gives Dan the message. He rushes home to find Carmen and his mother having "a chat". She seems worried that Carmen has kids. Carmen leaves, and Dan goes after her. Carmen tells Dan that her kids need a permenant father, and she asks him if he's prepared to put in that commitment. So they finish their relationship. But across Blackwall, George goes home to tell Kelly they must sort it out....... through their solicitors.

Episode 14 - first screened 11th June 2000

The ladder crew is at an exercise involving a plane fire. Hyper, Dan and Sally are going through the plane finding any casualties, while George searches Business Class. When the others get outside, they realise that one woman is unaccounted for, this time for real. George finds the woman, and bravely carries her out like a Hollywood hero!

Back at Blackwall, Sicknote is still going on about his play, when Coleman walks out quickly. Joe complains that he won't act with Hyper, but the Watch's attention is quickly turned to a mysterious arrival in the yard. Coleman unveils an old wheelbarrow pump, covered in grime, and treats it like a work of art! The ladder crew eventually arrive back, after being delayed by George being mobbed by female fight attendants, then a traffic jam. Pearce is still at the station when they get back, and tells Pitbull that Fiona isn't allergic to Bruno, so he can come home. Pitbull (real name Raymond!!) says that Bruno (or Tyson) isn't going anywhere. Pearce tries to reason with him, but he's not having any of it. Pearce threatens him with court. The rest of them take the mick out of Sicknote, who is going to learn some routes on his scooter....

Sally and Dan force Joe to ask Hyper along to a 70s night at a local club. While George goes home to find his 20 year long service medal letter. He tells Kelly that he wont involve Chris in the divorce. Dan arrives home to find his mother has cooked him a meal, while Owen blanks Sicknote as he comes past on his scooter. Pearce tells Fiona about Pitbull, and then has a go at Fiona. She storms out, acussing him of thinking of Bruno more than her. Dan's mother gives him £10,000 as long as he thinks about his career in the Brigade. Dan has a go at her for blackmailing him to quit the Brigade, just as the others arrive. Sicknote is stopped by the police driving the wrong way up a one-way street, and is breathalysed.

Sally, Hyper, Joe and Eddie are dressed up as various Glam Rockers, and Dan appears looking like David Bowie! At the Quigleys, Jean and Owen are testing Sicknote in a kind of Mastermind situation, testing him on his taxi driver routes. Jean then finds his fixed penalty fine. Eddie tells Joe to give Hyper a break, telling him that he probably gets enough grief. George arrives at the gym to sleep, but Lenny invites him home. He surprises Andie, and the tension between them is obvious. The glam crew arrive at the nightclub to find no 70s night, and Eddie likes the barmaid. Vicky takes Recall rollerblading along the Thames, but he falls on his arse. Joe and Hyper seem to have sorted themselves out, with them sharing a cocktail. The barmaid is getting some hassle from her ex, and help get the bloke chucked out. Recall asks Vicky to go to Paris, but she says she doesn't want to rush it, and doesn't want to mess up this time. While Joe, Dan, Sally and Hyper go for a kebab, Eddie and the barmaid stay at the club, with her ex watching from a distance

Pearce arrives at work the next day, and apologises for his outburst. George tells Coleman that someone has dumped a pile of junk in the yard, and they should get an earbashing. the others try and signal to him to stop, but its too late. Coleman asks Joe and Dan to go up to his office, and tells them that they are going to get a bravery award for their actions in the Harrow Street seige (see Episode 10). Eddie is still at the nightclub when the barmaids ex comes in and torches the place. They are unaware of the blaze, but Blackwall are sent. On the way, Pearce tells them it is a bar and Joe tries to speed past the pump ladder when he realises Eddie is inside. Coleman tells him to get back. Eddie and the girl are trapped in an upstairs room, but Eddie manages to throw one of his glam boots out, as it almost hits Joe, he realises the worst. Sally and Hyper go in one way, with Joe and Dan another. Dan tells Joe to wait for him, and they find Eddie. Eddie is passed out of the window to Pearce, and led down the ladder. The girls ex, screams she is still in there, and Hyper finds the girl in a bad way. Coleman orders the air ambulance. Eddie has second degree burns, and is put aboard the helicopter. Hyper and Sally find the water goes off, just as they are getting out, due to a faulty pump. They get out a few minutes later but the girl is dead.

Joe and Dan see the ex, and as he makes a run for it, Joe goes after him. They get into a warehouse, where Joe is confronted by a metal pipe, and a fight ensues. Sally realises Joe has gone, and chases after them. Dan gets the police. Sally gets up to Joe just in time and uses her kickboxing to good effect by knocking the ex over.

Episode 15 - first screened 18th June 2000

Blue Watch (and Maggie) are all present at the awards ceremony for George, Dan and Joe. Acting ACO Chapman presents the awards but the Watch are too busy talking between themselves. He presents Dan and Joe with their awards, with Maggie standing up and cheering Joe. George seems worried that someone isn't there. Kelly arrives in the yard, and sees Andie and Lenny going in. They all get in just as George goes up and gets the award. Griggs talks to Coleman about the indiscipline of the Watch, and tells himto enjpoy it while they are still together. Joe overhears two Sub Officers talking about Coleman, and is just about to hear about the "legend" when he stops them. Something about the "luscious Jay".... Kelly has a go at Andie for being there, and asks Recall if there is anything going on.

The Watch then have to leave and go to Owen's school to put on their play. They are still talking about Coleman as they pull up. Owen gets some stick from one of the kids about Sicknote. Joe says he can't find his costume, but Sally says she found it in the BA room, wonder how it got there.... The play starts off well, but the kid who was hassling Owen slips out of the hall, with Owen following. The kid sets fire to an art store room. A teacher comes round the corner and finds Owen outside the store. He runs off, and as the teacher opens the door, some paint explodes. The play turns into a lecture by Coleman. Owen arrives at the back of the hall, with the kid who started it, so Owen is in the clear.

George and Recall organise nearly everyone to go to the Ship to meet Pitbull. Kelly goes to see Fiona about George, but is interupted when Zoe comes back from Thailand. Sally arrives at the gym to find Andie punching a punchbag hard. She jokes that Andie has a crush on George, but Andie snaps and tells her to keep it down! The Watch go to see Pitbull to try to sort out a compromise about Bruno, but he's not having any of it. Rosie tries to sort it out, but Pearce refuses to share him. George goes to Plan B, with most of the Watch's cash....... Joe goes to see Eddie, and tries to help him get over Maria, but the conversation turns to Joe and Sally. Pearce gets a surprise visit from George and Recall, with Bruno in tow! Dan is staying in the Ship as long as possible, and as Coleman arrives he explains about his mothers £10,000 bribe. Sicknote apologises to Owen, and gives him two tickets for a Chelsea vs AC Milan game. Pearce is so happy to see Bruno back, but it is obvious that Fiona and Zoe are up to something. Fiona asks Pearce if Zoe can live with them. Pearce is hesitant, but realises he is fighting a losing battle and gives in.

The next day, the Watch arrive to find Maggie wearing a headscarf concealing a bad hairdo, thanks to Rosie leaving the solution on for too long. Sally and Hyper realise that she did it for Coleman. Joe asks Coleman how easy it is to transfer to another Watch. Maggie is just telling Hyper to shut up when Coleman arrives in the Mess and she goes off embarrased. She later explains to Recall about it, and Recall tells her to remember Derek. Sicknote is till trying to learn routes when Recall interupts. He tries to help him, but Sicknote isn't happy. The bells go off and both appliances are called out to a disused swimming pool.

They enter the building to reset the alarm, and find a body in the empty pool. Recall and Hyper get into the pool area to have a look, when Sally and Joe hear a voice. They find a man with a head wound who seems to want to get out very quickly. A flash car arrives in the pool car park, and the owner says he is there to see some mates, the police are there shortly afterwards and recognise him as a property dealer with fingers in many pies... Just as Sally and Joe are bringing the bloke out an explosion rips through the pool area knocking everyone over. Outside, the bloke who they pulled out (Brett) explains he was just walking past and got jumped. The police realise there is someone else inside. Sally and Joe find the bloke, but set off a booby trap bomb. It explodes just as Sally and Joe are getting out, knocking Sally almost over the edge, but Joe saves her. Recall then explains that it is a property turf war, and Brett had set up booby traps to kill all involved.

Back at Blackwall, Coleman is still having trouble with his pump, so Sally has a go for him. She sorts it out but says it wasn't her doing. Coleman realises what she done though. Maggie has a word with Coleman, but he says he didn't hear anything. George gets back to Andie's, but invites her and Lennie out for a meal. Sally invites Joe to a bar where her and Rob are going to, but Joe says he has to have a drink with Dan. It is clear that Sally feels the same way as Joe. Coleman summons Griggs to his office, and asks what is going on. Griggs explains that they are thinking of relocating and restructuring the Watches. Coleman tells him he realises why he put him there, and says that he will fight against it, and wonders what the Brigade will think about him pushing two station officers out of Blackwall. Dan explains to Joe about his mother leaving. Then joe tells him he thinks Hyper is a good bloke. Dan tells him that Sally has done a real number on him and tells Joe to decide what he wants more, the Watch or Sally. Joe leaves quickly.

Kelly arrives at Andie's just as George arrives back. She accuses him of having an affair with Andie. Sally and Hyper are at the gay bar, and comparing blokes. She tells him he has seemed to mellow since he has come out. Hyper explains that he can't afford his flat, but Sally provides the perfect solution as she wants to move out of her dump into somewhere else, so they agree to share Rob's flat. Joe by now is at Blackwall, dressed in full Brigade ceremonial dress. Pitbull spots him, as does Coleman who is just leaving. Joe asks for a word in his office. Afterwards, Joe heads for the gay bar and as he walks through to find Sally, he gets some funny looks! He finds Sally on the dance floor, gets down on one knee and asks Sally to marry him......

Episode 16 - first screened 9th July 2000

The pump crew of Dan, Sally, George and Pearce are on board one of the fire boats as they are called out to a fire on board a ship. They rescue one man, but he is too concerned with a cashbox on board ship. Dan and Sally take CO2 extinguishers on board and put out the fire, and find the box. The man opens it and there is a lot of ash inside, he explains that they are his wife's remains..... The ladder crew have the lovely job of checking hydrants, in the middle of the red light district. Coleman tells Joe there is a transfer request form awaiting signing back at the station, and it seems Hyper has told everyone about that night. While driving back, Recall spots Vicky and slams on the brakes, nearly sending the crew through the window. She tries to fob him off as she is undercover as a tart. She tells him to pay for a touch, and then swiftly knees him in the balls!!

When they arrive back at Blackwall, the jokes start, but Coleman summons Recall to his office. He explains that he doesn't want anything to go wrong so Griggs can rationalise. As Coleman is in a mood, he orders everything to be washed down and checked. Joe and Sally go up the tower as Joe explains that he wants her to have as much time as she needs. Coleman talks to Maggie about his wife, but its clear Maggie still likes him.

After work, Recall teases George about Andie, when Pitbull calls out to Recall about the tart incident. Dan, Recall and George are still teasing Joe about marriage. Coleman spots Maggie waiting for a bus and offers her a lift. Maggie tells him about a previous boyfriend and the olden days.. Pearce arrives home to find Fiona upset. She shows him a pregnancy test kit, showing positive. He goes to the chemists to get more kits t be sure. Vicky arrives at the pub, and she explains that she was seconded and had some explaining to do. Hyper shows Sally his flat, and she tells him that shes not sure marriage is what she wants at the moment. She says that she loves him, but she definately doesn't want kids at this time, "there are accidents" she says, as it cuts over to Pearce and Fiona.... They now have about 15 kits to test, Fiona is certain she is pregnant though. They test everyone, and they all come up positive, so theres going to be a little Pearce or Fiona, awwww!

Kelly walks into the gym, while George and Andie are having a laugh with Lenny. Kelly accuses them of having an affair again. She tries to slap him, but he stops her. Andie throws her out after she called her a tart. Pearce is still trying to come to terms with the pregnancy. He says he doesn't want her to have an abortion, and is horrified! They tell Zoe, who is also excited by the news. Sal and Hyper are too busy having a good laugh, saying she needs time to see if she wants to move in. She has finally decided what her answer is, but wants to tell Joe first. George tells Andie, that Kelly was out of order, and apologises. He tells her, he doesn't care about Kelly. Andie asks him if he thinks there is any truth in what Kelly said about them, he says she is the biggest affair he never had and kisses her. About time George!!

At Blackwall, George feels guilty, while Sally is keeping everyone in suspense. Pearce announces his new arrival, everyone is happy except Sicknote who walks off. Pearce apologises to him about, but he explains that Pearce will make a great dad.

At a Chinese cash and carry, the night security guard locks up and chucks his fag end away without realising where it has gone. Three kids climb in through a skylight and start to muck about with all the chinese decorations and stuff. The fag end ignites some crap on the floor, and two of the kids are trapped. The two appliances race through London to get there, and as soon as they arrive, Coleman makes pumps 6. Shadbrook are not far behind, and Hi-Ho and Matt Vinyl start the rivalry as soon as they get there! Dan gets one of the boys down from the roof where he escaped. He tells them about the two persons trapped. Hyper, Dan, Sally and Sicknote are sent in to get them. A oil drum leaks and the oil ignites, so Hi-Ho is ordered to get foam on it. At that moment Griggs arrives, he takes over command and tells Coleman to push the crews nearer the building in a pro-active technique. The BA crews are finding it tough to see and ask for ventilation. The escaped kid tries to get back in, and Coleman gets a bollocking for not having the fire ground secure.

Suddenly, fireworks start going off all over the place. Coleman says to get them out, but Griggs says that they hgave to stay in there until they have found the kids. Hyper and Dan find them and drag them through the "warzone" Hyper suggests that they should let it burn, and Coleman is pulling everyone back when Griggs tells him to get the BA crews ready again to go back in. Coleman walks off to carry out the orders, but Griggs accuses him of insubordination as Chapman is just about to take over. Chapman tells Coleman to withdraw his crews. He tells them to get more jets on it from the outside, he doesn't want to risk the teams. Sally, Joe, Dan and Sicknote are standing outside the doors waiting when Sally finally tells Joe she will marry him. Pearce calls to Hyper to stand the crew down, but a huge explosion rips through the building knocking the four to the ground. Its then all slow motion as we see Sally unconsious, Joe with nasty face wounds (he wasn't wearing BA), and Dan with his eyes open in a fixed stare........

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