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"Poison's Gossip"

I will try and let you know as many spoilers and bits of gossip as possible here. If you don't want to know what happens, dont look at this page!

Updated 27th June 2002.

EXCLUSIVE to this site

SERIES 14 Latest Update
(Updated 27th June 2002)

Keep going down for the juicy bits....




The eight episodes that make up Londons Burning Series 14 finished filming in April.

Major scoop spoilers are.....

  • Budget cuts have meant less fire sequences and a more "raw" series

  • Expect a death, a marriage, and a murder!

  • Episode 1 is taken up by one of the most unusual and daring stunts ever on LB and its not a fire...

  • Episode 2 features a massive Fire Brigade funeral

  • Watch George as he goes back in the ring

  • See Sally have more luck in the romance stakes

  • Gasp at the most glamourous cook the LFB has seen! (see below)

  • The eighth episode is feature-length, expect a good shout!


Other bits and pieces

The station is back up to two pumps with the new style fronts.
Shadbrook has a newer TL
The old rank structure is back, so Pearce is Sub
Callaghan's wife is called Shauna and played by Lisa Walker
Favourite between-shoot pastime was Playstation 2 football - best player - Terry Alderton!

At this point I'd like to thank David Newcombe, producer for the past 3 years who has been a valuable source of information for this site.

David has decided to leave the show and LWT for a project at the Beeb, I'm sure I speak for everyone when we wish him well for the future

We have the new Blackwall line-up, this is as follows.....

Acting Station Officer
Mick Callaghan
(Anthoney Green)
Sub Officer
Geoff "Poison" Pearce
(Micheal Garner)
Leading Firefighter
Sally "Gracie" Fields
(Heather Peace)
George Green
(Glen Murphy)

Cheers Kaz!
coming soon!
Charlie Mead
(Terry Alderton)
Frank Mooney
(Tristan Gemmill)
Adam Benjamin
(Sam Callis)
Probationary Firefighter
Craig Ross
(Leon Black)
coming soon!
Stuart "Recall" MacKensie
(Ben Onwukwe)
Divisional Officer
Dexter Ross
(Oscar James)
Ben MacKensie
(Graham Bryan)
Lisa Hill
(Jan Anderson)

And of course Blue!!!!

This years LB marathon team consisted of Edward Peel, Connor Byrne, Tristan Gemmill, Heather Peace Mick Garner and Sam Callis.

Mick came first, follwed by Heather, Sam and Tristan. Much banter was exchanged as the youngsters couldn't get upstairs on the dining bus for three days afterwards and were "pathetic" on set, but Michael kept showing off that he beat them!


There is a new creative team behind this series so expect some fireworks and surprises. ITV are to launch a major poster campaign for the show later next year to try and win some viewers back.

The show will move from its "soft" Sunday spot to a weeknight slot after 9pm. This is to allow it to show more graphic scenes than usual.

Remember where you read it first!

N.B. Fans are asked NOT to visit Leyton on the off-chance LB is being filmed. Most of the scenes are shot at the studios, and you could be delaying the reaction times of the REAL Firefighters at Leyton.

If you know anything not listed here, email me!