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Articles and Interviews


The Mirror - 25th February 2001 - No Peace of Mind, Heather Peace talks about her date-rape storyline
Sun TV Mag 20 - 26 January 2001: Red-hot recruit, Sam Callis
Whats on TV 20 - 26 January 2001 - Can't get used to Losing You, Heather Peace
V Times 20 - 16 January 2001 - What a way to go!, Glen Murphy
Inside Soap 20 January - 2 February 2001 - Face of the Fortnight: Sam Callis
Whats on TV 20-26 May 2000: Glad to be Gay, Connor Byrne
The Mirror Mag 2nd May 2000: Stars take on their TV roles, Heather Peace
Whats on TV 29 April - 5th May 2000: Boxing Clever, Heather Peace
TVTimes 8-14 January 2000: London's Crooning, Heather Peace
TVTimes 8-14 January 2000: Playful? No we're just a pair of cuddly toy boys..., Jim Alexander and Brad Gorton
TV Choice 8-14 January 2000: Go to Blazes, Roger Kendall, Technical Advisor
Whats on TV 8-14 January 2000: Flames of Desire, Heather Peace and Jim Alexander
The TV Mag 8-14 January 2000: Hot for Hits, Heather Peace

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