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On Location!

At Leyton Fire Station, London E10 March 2001

Unfortunately not an "On Location" with Londons Burning, but here are a few pics of the new Blackwall Fire Station as seen on 1st of March 2001

As you can see, Leyton is an impressive station but is on the junction of two busy roads. The HP has just gone out, but Leytons Volvo is at Workshops so a Dodge is deputising. It took over 10 minutes patient waitng to get this shot!

A close up of the front of the building.

In 1999, when only a few months old, I took this picture of Leyton's Hydraulic Platform (HP24) in the rear yard. This appliance can be called out to anywhere in East London, especially Stratford and Walthamstow, and frequently is. For those appliance buffs out there, it is a Volvo FL6.10 with Saxon and GB Fire bodywork, registered R154 KGH.

No visit to Leyton would be complete without a picture of the Oliver Twist.

A WORD OF WARNING: As you can imagine, Leyton can get busy with the road outside having heavy traffic for most of the day. Its always a good idea to get permission from the Station Commander before visiting the Fire Station. Also, Leyton isn't exactly the "friendliest" place to be if you are on your own or if you look like tourists with cameras. Don't expect the cast to be there as this is a REAL Fire Station.