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Ask Echo441!

Welcome to the Office, this is where you will find answers to all your questions (I hope!)

Who are you, and when did this website start?

Well, if you didn't realise, my name is Gareth Perkins, 21 years old, and a fan of LB (no really?). This website was started in August 1998 and has been getting better ever since. Originally designed by myself and another person, I took over the full running of it in May 1999. Please remember that all images on this website are mine and should not be used on any other web site or commercially without asking me first.

Can I ask you any questions?

Of course! I am happy to answer any questions. Please bear in mind that I am nothing to do with LWT or the production team so any reply I give will not be endorsed by them. Also, I may not be able to answer all questions due to programme confidentiality between myself and those nice people at LWT (creep mode cancel). To email me just send your comments/questions to

Is there a way of keeping informed of any changes on this website?

Yes, I post a message to the Yahoo! Club "Blackwall's Social Club" every time this website is updated. While the show is being shown, I usually update the page on the Monday after the episode. Also, why not join the mailing list on the front page of this site!

What does ............ mean?

Click here to go to a glossary of technical terms used by London's Burning

Where can I find out if LB is shown in my area?

The best place to look is on your local TV stations website if they have one. In the UK, I will keep the Gossip page updated with any transmission dates here.

Where can I get videos / merchandise about LB?

First, LB videos can be obtained online at places like Of course, I suggest you find an store in your own country before trying the UK suppliers. The videos themseleves are "discontinued" so grab one if you find one!

For London Fire Brigade stuff (T-shirts etc), try writing to:

LFB Welfare Fund
Room 201-204
2nd Floor
Rear Block
Albert Embankment

All monies to the Welfare Fund go to help them support London's Firefighters. A well worth while cause.

Please note that only autographed cards of the cast is available from LWT.

Can I write to the cast?

Yes, fanmail is welcome, but please do not ask for anything from them except autographs. Visits to LB are NOT available, and most other requests (except autographs) will be ignored. The address for fan mail is:

<Cast members REAL NAME!>
c/o London's Burning
London Weekend Television
London Television Centre
Upper Ground

IMPORTANT NOTE: When requesting the series photographs of the characters, PLEASE include a SAE otherwise you get nothing! Only one signed photo per person please.

Be warned that due to the numbers of mail and filming schedules, they may not reply for a couple of weeks. Any offers of marriage will be refused by the cast :)

What happened to the LB Fan Club?

Good question! Somewhere along the line, it disappeared. There is currently no fan club, although there might be one in the future. Watch this space for any news!