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Episode Guide


Episode 2 - first screened 14th July 2002

Written by: MARK BURT
Produced by: COLIN TEAGUE

Again we join Blue Watch at the end of a house fire shout. A couple has gone away on holiday and their house has burned down. Charlie is sifting through the debris outside playing with a doll as Adam stares into space. Charlie finds a new smoke alarm still in the packet! Mick orders them to get made up, but Sally protests telling him "Give us a minute!"

Back at Blackwall, Mick orders Sally and Charlie onto BA cleaning. Charlie asks why Adam cant do it. Mick has a go at the Watch, telling them that procedures are the same and that having a bad day risks lives. He adds that the bickering has to stop and they dishonour Recalls memory. The rest of the Watch go for a shower. Adam tells Frank that the pub needs a new roof and that him and Elaine are 5 grand short. Charlie is still winding up people when Sally arrives to tell Callaghan the DO is there for an inquiry into Recalls death.

The Watch are sitting in the mess when they see a pair of knee high leather boots walk in containing Lisa, the new Station Cook! Charlie immediately offers to show Lisa the kitchen and compare "tips".... Callaghan is in with the DO talking about the shout when the smoke alarm goes off, Lisa has set fire to the chip pan! Charlie sweeps her off her feet and away while George douses it with a wet cloth and switches off the gas. Elaine and Ben come into the station so that Ben can see George. Elaine and Callaghan chat about visiting with Sally casting her glaring eye over things. Ben tells George he is leaving the Brigade, and would like him to do Recalls eulogy at the funeral service.

Mick confronts Sally with Frank listening to every word about Recall. Frank follows Mick into his office and says he wont let anything happen to him. Charlie and Pearce tell Mick they are off down Charlie's chippie for their grub! Frank finds Sally and warns her off grassing on Callaghan. At home, Elaine and Adam talk about her moving away. She is worried about Adam being a firefighter, but Adam gets upset and storms off saying he knows his life. George is finding the eulogy really hard to do, but Andie inspires him... Mick arrives home to find wife Shauna and son Liam playing Aliens! Frank goes to see Jimmy, a gangster that he used to work for to look for some extra "work"......

The next morning at Blackwall, Adam is sitting pondering as Sally walks in. He is still worrying about the job and Sally tries to reassure him. She tell him that they will get through it together but Adam's idea of helping each other is not what Sally had in mind as Adam tries to kiss her. Mick walks in and asks if he is interrupting anything? Sally and Adam look at each and say "No Guv". Mick says that DO Ross is here to talk to everyone, one at a time. Mick asks if he could have a quick chat, but Sally automatically assumes that he wants to talk to her but he wants to talk to Adam so Sally leaves the room. Mick asks Adam how Elaine is and how well Adam is bearing up. Mick tells Adam that he has to put him on light duties, Adam thinks he is moved off the heavy stuff but Mick explains that the cover for Recall hasn't come through and that there are not enough people to man the pump.

Frank is with DO Ross but doesn't give the DO a very detailed account. The DO asks Frank to get Sally, but first Frank lets the DO know that he thinks that the investigation is a waste of time and that everyone knows the risks involed with the job. he tells him that the inquiry makes everyone feels that they are to blame for the accident. Sally is next to see the DO and he questions her on how well she knew Recall and did she know if he had any health problems, but she lies. The bells go off and the pump ladder is called out to a person trpped in lift leaving Pearce, Adam and Charlie with Lisa. She asks them why they aren't going, Pearce replies it is standard policy when you are a man down. Lisa asks didn't someone not turn up for work today, Adam explains about Recall, Lisa is obviously stunned and asks if he was one of Blue Watch. Pearce nods his head. Charlie makes a sick joke and Adam goes of at the deep end at him.

They arrive at the shout, Mick sees a kid nearby and asks him whats happened. The kid (Lee Dwyer out of THE BILL) replys that his friend Jaime is stuck in a lift. Mick asks Sally and George to get this done quickly. Sally ask George how the eulogy is going, but George says he wants to get it right for Ben. Back at the station, Pearce is talking to Charlie about memories of Recall. Adam walks out on the roof garden to join them and Charlie jokingly asks him to make him a cup of tea. Adam is in no mood for jokes but Pearce tells him to back off. Adam doesn't and starts having a go at Charlie saying that nothing bothers him, Adam loses it and smacks Charlie which makes him fall in to the door. Pearce tells Adam to get out of his sight , so Adam goes to open the door finding it locked. Back at the shout Sally opens the lift doors on the bottom floor, but then they begin to close she only just manages to keep the doors open but she drops her torch into the lift shaft. Frank and Mick are opening the lift doors on first floor were Jaime is and gets him out, so Mick radios through to Sally asking her to radio for a ambulance but she ignores the request and jumps down to get her torch back. George is up onto the roof and finds that there is a fire in the plant room and asks for a hose. Just then a explosion from the plant room sends George flying and as the explosion went down the lift shaft and blows Mick and Frank off their feet. As the explosion happens the lift cables snap and it moves down with great speed. Sally ducks as it hurtles down towards her..........................

Frank and Mick try to rescue Sally, first Frank gets the speaders to open the lift door, then finds a torch to try and see if Sally is ok. Mick goes over to Jamie while Frank is rescuing Sally by using a hydraulic ram. He manages to sqeeze under the lift and pulls her out unharmed. Back at the station Pearce, Adam and Charlie are still out on the roof garden, they turn around to find Lisa opening the door. Pearce runs quickly to the loo while Charlie flirts with Lisa as always. Charlie tells Adam about a shout that he went to were he lost his best mate and that he had 3 months off work and counselling.

After the shift, George asks Adam if he wants a curry with him and Ben. Adam declines and goes over to Sally to apologise for trying to kiss her earlier. Frank tells Adam that he can get the 5 grand to help Elanie, Adam turns him down. Mick turns up at the Twist to see Elaine asking her if she wants to go to the dogs but she refuses as she said that it was Recall's idea and for the rest of the watch while she is packing her things. Elaine ask Mick to look out for Adam for when she goes away. Mick arrives at the dogs to find Sally by herself. At a pub Frank manages to persuade Adam to take the 5 grand to help Elaine. George, Andie and Ben are sitting down having the curry and Ben tells George what he is going to do in life which is to become a doule glazing window saleman. At the dogs, Sally and Mick have a go at betting on the race, going for "Complete Recall". Adam waffles on about life at the pub, but Frank spots a familiar face and is distracted. He follows the man into the toilets and tells him to pay his debts to Jimmy. He smashes the mans face against the toilet wall three times and leaves him bleeding on the floor. He steps out cooly and suggests they go somewhere more lively.. Complete Recall loses the race but it seems Mick and Sally are getting closer and closer, she even apologises for her behaviour at work. George is having problems with the eulogy, Andie tries to help by telling him it has to come from the heart and that he is a hero, giving food for thought for poor George! Mick offers Sally a lift home, and he admits he should have listened to Sally about Recall. He blames himself for the death. Frank gives Adam the 5 grand in cash, leaving Adam a bit stunned!

The next morning, everyone gets ready for the funeral. Shauna gets ready in a flowery dress, but Mick tells her its inappropriate. She says she hates funerals and he suggests she stays at home. Frank goes to see Jimmy, but Jimmy tells him the man form the pub had died from choking on his own blood. Mick is at Blackwall when he spots Lisa out the back. She says she came to see if they need anything. Mick offers her the station cook job and tells her to come to the funeral even though she didn't know Recall. Pearce gives George a poem to help him with the eulogy, but George has it all worked out luckily! Mick and Sally are standing inside the funeral parlour talking about the night before when Frank walks up and asks where Shauna is. Sally tells him to leave her alone.

Soon its time for them to go. Sally, Charlie, Mick, Pearce, Frank and Adam carry the coffin draped in a Union Jack out onto Shadbrooks TL for Recall's final journey to the cemetary. The crew take their places on the TL with a tearful George driving. The procession including a LFB flagbearer passes through Blackwall and the street outside the cemetary is lined with LFB personnel. At the cemetary, Mick helps Elaine out of the limouscene. Adam tries to apologise to Sally and Frank tells Elaine that he is sorry about Recall. She tells him she knows where the 5 grand came from and who he works for. The Watch carry the coffin into the chapel while Ben follows behind with Recalls helmet. The time comes for George to do his bit and he is very emotional as he delivers his speech. Someone who he was proud to work with a hero....

Outside in the graveyard, Ben tells George he wants to be like Recall and the six coffinbearers lower Recall into his final resting place. Goodbye Recall.


Shauna Callaghan - LIZA WALKER
Dexter Ross - OSCAR JAMES
Jimmy Watts- IVAN KAYE