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Episode Guide


Episode 3 - first screened 21st July 2002

Written by: ED McCARDIE (NOT AGAIN!)


The episode begins with the Watch practising hose drills in the yard. Sally and Adam make a huge cock-up and lose. Sally takes losing badly and complains to Mick about Adam. Mick tells her Adam is all over the shop at the minute and that she is responsible. She protests but its no use. In the locker room, Adam tells them about his new part-time job driving a stripper round. Everyone but Adam are off to the Twist. Sally initially says no but after hearing Mick is going, quickly changes her mind. On her way out, Sally bumps into Frank naked!


In the Twist, George tells everyone that the new recruit is DO Ross's son! Adam picks up Karen the stripper and is instantly tongue-tied. Mick asks Sally if she has calmed down but they are interupted by Shauna. Frank moves Sally over to the pool table and asks her what its like to come face to face with her competition. "Piss off" is the reply! Adam is at the strip club with Karen and seems fascinated by her. After her "performance" he goes backstage. Sally goes into the ladies to have a fag and freshen up. Shauna follows a while later and tells Sally that she thinks she is amazing putting up with the blokes and the job. She then leaves.

Karen asks Adam why he hasn't tried it on, he says he is playing hard to get! Shauna is chatting to the lads when Mick pots the black (pool game) on purpose and makes a quick exit with Shauna in tow. Sally by now has met up with her flatmate Debbie and her boyfriend in a club. She gets groped by a stranger and soon flattens him with a right hook! She runs off to the toilets by the time Debbie finds her she is in a right state. She tells her she is in love and infatuated with someone but he is already taken.....

Next morning, Sally is getting followed by a young black guy. She arrives at Blackwall and soon realises he is the new recruit! Charlie is winding up George as his shirt seems to be moving... On role call, Charlie gets a bollocking for his kit being in a state and Mick introduces Craig Ross to the Watch. Mick assigns Sally to show him round. He later asks Sally if she has a problem with it but she says she is "happy to perform any role required by him" (hmmmm). Charlie's chippie has got into the local paper but it seems his brother (Dom aka Batter from last episode) gets all the credit Frank starts to wind up Mick about Shauna. Craig asks George for a "long stand" for the hoses...... After a while Mick asks him what he is doing "How long have you been standing" he asks.... Sally is in the locker room when creepy Frank walks in again. He asks her what she did a runner from last night. He cited Shauna as the reason so she calls him a prick.

Lisa tells the Watch that she does phone sex part time in the evenings. The Watch start to wind up Pearce about it. Mick takes Craig into his office and tells him not to expect any special favours cos he is the DO's boy. George is in the locker room when Charlie sneaks up on him and catches him using a muscle toner under his shirt. Adam is talking to Frank about the job when the bells go off to a tower block in Canary Wharf.

The appliances arrive to find a man dangling half way down a tower block. Mick orders Sally and Frank up to the roof whilst George goes inside with Craig to calm the bloke down from a window. Craig is all excited but George soon cuts him down. Frank is still winding up Sally as they go down the outside of the building in the cleaners hoist. Frank tries to get the an to grab a line, but the bloke (Andy) tries to free his buckle and slides down further.Frank climbs out and swings to grab Andy's cord and pulss him in. Mick, who is watching from ground level, says he hopes Frank isn't doing what he thinks he is doing but Frank getrs away with it and the abseiler is clipped to the hoist, much to the relief of everyone. The banner is untangled to reveal the man was trying to ask his grilfriend to marry him, which she says yes as soon as they get down. The Watch make up and head back.

Back in the mess, Lisa is on the phone pretending to be on the phone having sex when Pearce walks in, but its all a wind-up! Mick collars Sally and asks her what she is up to this evening. She tells him she is having a night in. Frank hears everything (doesn't he always!) and tells her she wont get Mick, he's the loyal type.

The Watch (minus Sally) go to the Twist. Craig tells them he hasn't got a girlfriend, a big no-no by Adam! He suggests he chats up the Twists barmaid but he chickens out. Mick is at home when Shauna arrives back. She has been shopping for stuff they already have. She explains that all she can do is shop. He leaves. Adam is at a gig with Karen when a punter gets too frisky and Adam steps in. He takes her home and they kiss. Frank is with Jimmy talking about Adam working for Jimmy. Frank is hesitant but Colin (the bloke Frank hit) missus turns up and Frank makes an exit. Sally is at home with her flatmates boyfriend watching a video when she kisses him. He leaves after remebering about Sally. Adam is making love to Karen when something makes his eyes water! Again he leaves suddenly. The next morning, Sally is confronted by Debbie about the night before. She throws her out for using her flat as a toilet and for snogging her boyfriend!

Sally takes her possesions to the gym for her "spinning" class but Shauna has come along to try it out. Frank watches Colin's burial from a distance. Shauna talks to Sally about her bad relationship with Mick but she quickly exits. Adam boasts about his "night of passion" and starts winding up Sally but Frank steps in and defends her honour. in the locker room Adam teels Frank about the "incident" but Frank laughs saying it seems Adam isnt the stud he thought he was. Sally is on the roof garden when Mick sees her. She tells him that she feels Shauna was warning her off, Mick cant see why. Sally has to admit defeat.

The Watch is asleep for the night shift when Sally goes for a fag on the roof. Frank joins her.
What happens next is possibly the worst plot in the history of the show. Sorry to my readers but I dont think its appropriate to put here.

The next morning, the bells go off and Sally and Frank are late down to the bays. The crews rush off to a small fire watched by a load of young women. Adam jumps out to impress but the hose wont charge. Frank turns the witch and puts out the fire, much to Adams disgust. Back in the locker room, George asks Pearce about talking dirty as he and Andie are having problems. Pearce starts to repeat some of the things he says but the Watch are listening, another wind-up! Sally has a word with Frank about Adam. Mick calls her away.

George finds Charlie in the gym with his muscle toner on his arse! George is disgusted and rips it off.. ouch! Adam goes to see Karen to apologise, but she is busy with someone, Frank! Sally is sitting in a cafe when Mick arrives. He wants to know why things are bad between them, she asks him if his marriage is a sham he shakes his head and she leaves.


Jimmy Watts - IVAN KAYE
Phil Marshall - STEPHEN DE COSTA