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Episode Guide


Episode 4 - first screened 28th July 2002

Written by: ED McCARDIE (NOT AGAIN!)


Sally is making a cup of tea when Frank starts touching her hand, she tells him to get lost. Craig rushes into the mess and knocks Franks tea all over him :) Frank starts shouting but the bells go off. Both appliances rush off. They rush along the motorway with Mick telling them which way to go. Frank (in the other appliance) teels Pearce there is roadworks up that way and they should go a different route. Pearce informs Mick but hes having none of it and orders them to follow. Adam and Frank ask Pearce which way, Pearce tells Charlie to stay behind the PL, but the others decide to go the Frank way.....


The PL finds the roadworks which slows them down as they have to go down a narrow street. The pump has its own problem when a parked car blocks their path, Frank tells Adam to give him a hand and between them they bump the car off the road. George canes the PL over a flyover with Mick telling him to get going as they have a clear road, suddenly a car moves out and George ploughs into piles of rubbish. Mick gets out and checks the damage Ooops!


The PL eventually arrives at the shout mashed. Frank Charlie Adam and Pearce have a good laugh at it. Luckily the shout was a small fire and the pump crew was able to put it out easily. Mick congratulates Frank on a good job with Sally looking on (doesn't she always!). Back at Blackwall Adam and Charlie are in the shower with Frank when they notice he has scratches on his back. They both take the piss out of a "sad bird who hadn't had it for ages doing it to him" while Sally is outside listening! She storms off to her locker, which has now become her home since being thrown out of her flat. Mick goes to see her and tells her he knows about her living arrangements. He tells her to find somewhere else as its his arse on the line. Charlie tells the guys about a new fish deal. Craig whinges about not putting a fire out yet! George looks at the damage and ponders his reflexes. Craig rushes after Frank to apologise, but Frank tells him he doesn't trust him and he wont have him covering his back.


Over at the Twist, Adam asks Frank about more work. He gives him an address for a delivery job. Charlie is still going on about the fish deal when his brother Dom phones and he has to rush off. Frank corners Sally next to the jukebox and tells her their song is "it must be love". "You're so vain" replies Sally's choice. Mick is at home but resists Shaunas advances to be friendly. She tells him that someone is getting to him, Sally or Frank. Lisa talks to Sally about watching out fr herself with Frank but is told to mind her own business. Charlie's brother isn't happy about the new deal.


The next morning, the Grimsby delivery arrives at the station so Charlie has to do some quick thinking. Lisa finds Sally in the locker room and knows about her sleeping there. Adam and Frank arrive and talk about last nights delivery. Mick watches but is interupted by Pearce who is worried about Craig. He suggests he takes him under his wing, but Mick says he'll keep an eye on him. Lisa walks into the kitchen to find the crates of fish scattered over the place! Sally confronts Frank about Lisa knowing but he denies telling her. Mick calls Frank into his office where he gives him a grilling about orders and teamwork. Frank doesn't seem to care. They are interupted by Shauna phoning Mick and then asking to speak to Frank! She invites him to dinner much to Micks bemusement.


George goes to the mess to find his food but is confronted by the fridge stuffed with fish. Charlie starts a fishfight with George and Lisa and Pearce almost gets hit with one as he walks in. The bells go down and Blackwall actually arrive at a shout for a change complete with fake sound effects and fire :( Mick orders Craig and Frank in with Charlie and Adam as backup. Frank leads Craig into the building but Craig is awed by the fire. As he walks in a bit of beam falls down and a dead body drops from the ceiling. Craig at this point freezes and Frank has to call for assistance. Frank can hear the people alive in there but he has to wait. He tells Craig that he will cost people their lives. Charlie and Adam arrive and Craig is taken out by Charlie while Frank and Adam push on.


After the shout (they are over so quickly now!) Frank and Adam has managed to rescue everyone but Frank is mad and punches the appliance. Craig apologises to Frank. The crews are making up when a DI Rosebuck turns up and starts taunting Adam and Frank about lifesaving not being their strong point. Frank tells him to run along and him and Adam almost start a fight between them. Back in the showers (AGAIN!) Adam and Frank talk about Rosebuck and Frank thinks Adam is all mouth. In the locker room, Charlie stores yet more fish with the usual banter between him and George. Craig walks in and asks them how they can talk about fish and birds when a man lost his life. Charlie and Adam burst into "Come on baby light my fire"! Mick tell them to cut it out and tells Charlie to move the fish. He sees Craig in his office and tries to explain that everyone goes through it. Craig says he doesn't need any help and storms off. Mick and Frank go home not before he gives Adam an envelope with a bunch of 20's in. Lisa walks into the mess to find Charlie looking at George's latest prank "Charlie Mead sleeps with the fishes" on the wall :) Lisa starts laughing and calls Charlie sweet.


At the Twist, Craig tells George he isn't cut out for the job. George tells him not to let it affect him. Shauna starts asking Frank about his domestic life. Mick seems confused by the whole situation. Sally asks Adam about Mooney but Adam has to speak to a bloke leaving Sally to get wasted. Shauna and Frank get closer in the kitchen while Mick reads Liam a bedtime story but has to go to bed soon as she cant hold a drink. Mick and Frank chat afterwards about the day. At the Twist Sallys is completely wasted by the time Frank returns. Adam starts having a go since he has had to sit around all night for a piece of paper with an address on! Craig confronts Mooney, asking him what his problem is with him. Frank tells him to get lost and he storms out. Frank and Adam help Sally get into a the station! Charlie and Lisa are loading her brothers van full of Charlies fish and getting on well and they almost kiss as Sally arrives. Lisa suggests Sally stays with her and leaves Charlie with his fish Awwwww!


Mick climbs into bed to find Shauna feeling frisky, but he is having none of it due to a long day. Craig, already had a drink, drives his car at speed through the dark streets but keeps getting flashbacks and manages to crash his car. Frank and a half-cut Adam walk to the address, Frank starts to shove a rag in the vodka bottle Adam is carrying and smashes a car window. Frank tells Adam to send a message to DI Rosebuck and Adam throws the bottle into the car setting it alight.... uh-oh


Next morning, Mick takes Liam to see West Ham while Frank sits outside in his car. As soon as they leave he goes to see Shauna claiming Mick wanted to borrow his toolbox. She invites him in for a cup of tea but he grabs her arm and tells her that if she was his he'd never let her out of his sight and they make out. Mick is at the hospital with DO Ross as Craig lays there after his accident. The DO tells Mick that Craig is dangerous and that he should talk some sense into him. Mick tells Craig to grow up. On shift that evening, Mick and George talk about West Ham while Frank watches. Lisa tells Sally she can sleep at hers for now. Charlie finally gets the courage to ask Lisa out but she doesn't look like she wants to. Sally and Frank are in the gym when Sally tells Frank to forget about what happened between them. George walks into the mess to tell Mick that the dead guys mum has turned up and wants to see someone. Craig goes down instead and has to deal with the mother. Pearce tells Mick that the DIs car was torched. Sally goes outside to see Mick to apologise with Frank watching all the time. Adam follows Frank out and asks him what they should do. Frank tells hm to stop worrying and goes into the locker room. Mick follows him in and asks him if anything is on his mind. Frank turns round and tells Mick he has slept with Sally "a few times"! Mick looks in shock.....


Jimmy Watts - IVAN KAYE
Phil Marshall - STEPHEN DE COSTA