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Station Officer John Coleman (Edward Peel)Sub Officer Geoff "Poison" Pearce (Michael Garner)Leading Firefighter Rob "Hyper" Sharpe (Connor Byrne)Firefighter Adam Benjamin (Sam Callis)Firefighter George Green (Glen Murphy)Firefighter Stewart "Recall" Mackensie (Ben Onwukwe)
Firefighter Sally "Gracie" Fields (Heather Peace)Firefighter Ronnie "Hi-Ho" Silver (Fuman Dar)Other regular charactersPast members of Blue Watch

Maggie (Shirley Greenwood) - Station cook and mother to all, Maggie always finds time to help the Watch where she can
Fiona Pearce (Helen Anderson) - Fiona was a university lecturer until she came down to London to try out some new equipment on Blackwall's appliances. She met Poison and they fell in love and eventually got married. They now have a baby daughter called Eve.
  Elaine Reeve (Sharon Duce) - The local pub landlady, Elaine lives with Adam above the pub. She has recently started to date Recall.
Alison Hemmings (Liz Crowther) - A local councillor, Alison is having an on-off relationship with John Coleman, but its currently off due to their professional lives.
  Ben McKensie (Fraser Ayres) - Recalls son, Ben reappeared during Series 13 and is now working at the Twist.
Pitbull (Al Hunter Ashton) - Big time wind up merchant and part of Red Watch, Pitbull is always taking the mick out of Blue Watch's misfortunes.
DO Griggs (Simon Merrells) - DO Chapmans replacement, Griggs has clashed with Coleman over personnel at the station and the warehouse shout where Joe and Sicknote died.
Steve Prentiss (Scott Lane) - Shadbrook's Blue Watch Commander, Steve is always about on major shouts and seems a strict commander
Melissa Clark (Katy Odey) - A new addition to Shadbrook, Melissa was at Blackwall for a short time as part of her crew commanders course.
Chris Hammond (Jonathan Guy Lewis) - Blackwalls old guv'nor, Chris had to leave when Griggs transferred him out. He was having an affair with George's wife Kelly at the time. Chris returned for Eve's christening, and got punched by George.